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  1. Okay, I got a little clarification. The tag was in the cache but the Spider-Man figure was missing. Now it makes sense. The lady who found it said her daughter is willing to part with one of her Spidey figures to make my trackable complete again. What a nice gesture! Thanks again for the replies
  2. I was curious about that too. I'm not sure how one would be able to log it if the tag was missing. Here is the note that was left on the trackable page: "Some how spider man got separate from this travel bug. Seeing how my daughter is a big fan of spider man, I think we can wrangle up another one and send it on it's way. I will get it on 95 and hopefully it will make its way to NY." As far as knowing whether or not it was a trackable I assumed he/she saw the inventory has "Spidey TB" and maybe looked at the pic on its page. I'm going to contact him/her and inquire further but I wanted to get some experienced opinions beforehand. Thanks for the advice
  3. Hey guys, I searched the forum but couldn't find an answer for this situation. One of my travelers (Spidey TB) has been picked up by another cacher but he/she informed me the TB tag is missing. Very graciously, this cacher has offered to add a new tag and send Spidey on his way. How will this work with the trackable page? I don't see an option to change to a new tracking code so do I have to essentially start over with a new page? Thanks!
  4. I don't mind long walks for caches. Actually I prefer walking a few miles to get to a cache. I'm starting to dislike caches that require me to drive to a location, walk 10 minutes, then hop back in the car. Rural, long routes are a lot more enjoyable. If the scenery is nice it's a plus but I don't need a cool scenic feature to draw me out.
  5. My wife and I will be spending our 5 year anniversary in Gatlinburg, TN this weekend. We rented a cabin from Greenbrier Valley Vacations, Cobbly Nob Village. If any of you are familiar with the area and can recommend some hiking trails, preferably with good views, I'd appreciate it. When I told my wife I was planning on doing a little geocaching she was not impressed at all so my timetable will be seriously truncated. If the trail has a nice view I can hopefully coax her into coming with me. Any and all suggestions are welcome. I've already created a PQ for the area but I want to narrow it down to a handful of choice caches. Thanks!
  6. I would go after a cache that's religiously themed the same as I would any other cache. Even if there were proselytizing materials inside I would ignore them and continue on my way. As a Christian I understand people of various faiths would like to use the Geocaching platform to spread their message but I think the rules should be respected.
  7. I would be willing to pay a little to help out with those hosting an event. Recently I attended a CITO event and the hosts provided a lot of stuff at their cost - bottled water, trash bags, free cache repair kits for every attendee, and also had a drawing for several custom painted ammo cans that had log books and swag inside. This was my first event so I didn't know what to expect. I estimate they spent nearly $60-80 of their own cash putting this together. Knowing beforehand that the hosts of an event will incur these types of costs would make me okay with paying a small fee to help out.
  8. haha, after that encounter I may have needed to check my pants!
  9. I thought a frog was a cache once. The cache description was very ambiguous and the size of the container wasn't chosen. I checked the logs and there were a lot of compliments on such a creative container. So, I searched around for a while then suddenly I saw a large frog half covered in leaves. I studied it for a few moments and it didn't move at all. The moisture on its skin gave it a plastic look so I started thinking it could be a toy with a micro attached to it. As I reached down, fingers inches away, it jumped! lol, it startled me at first, then I looked around to make sure there were no witnesses before laughing at myself. I never found the cache.
  10. I'd be glad to place one in a cache in Central Virginia, East Coast USA. Email sent
  11. I was hiking along a local mountain trail and saw two ladies in their vehicle getting all grabby. At the top of a local mountain there's a gazebo with a nice view of the city and there are always people hanging around. These ladies were parked in a turnaround spot for utility access about 100 ft. from it. I don't know what they were thinking 1. driving their vehicle on this off-limit access road and 2. planning a whoopee session in broad daylight, 100 ft. from a well traveled spot.
  12. "I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy" That's clever, a little long though I went with "Lobotomize Me"
  13. Manville Possum Hunters I just noticed your forum title...one of my all-time favorite quotes. Good to see another Virginian on the boards.
  14. Unfortuantely that kind of puzzle is against the guidelines. You cannot have a cache where you have to get the coordinates from the owner. They never said you had to get the coords from the CO, they said that THEY politely asked for the coords. The puzzle you had to solve was figuring out that there was no puzzle at all. I've done a couple like this and they can drive you batty until you figure out that it really is simple. Exactly right ngrrfan. The description said there is one easy way to get the coordinates, but it's up to you how easy (or hard) it is. I kept trying to decipher the puzzle, thinking it couldn't be as easy as simply asking. If this is against the rules so be it, but I thought this was a cool puzzle.
  15. @Armorsmith - That is awesome. I would pay a pretty penny to have one of those made as a keepsake box. Your friend did a great job! I was in Michael's craft store the other day and saw this Halloween decoration that would make an interesting container. Nothing spectacular but I thought it would be pretty cool. I haven't decided on the name yet, but it will have "Lobotomy" in the title.
  16. I've emailed cache owners on a few occasions such as when I'm totally stumped with a puzzle or can't find a cache after several searches. Some don't respond, others are very helpful. Funny enough, one of the local puzzles I've been stumped on for a while was only solve-able when emailing the owner and asking for the coordinates politely. There is a riddle and PGP puzzle in the cache description. After a couple emails and reading between the lines of the description (and his responses) it became clear the puzzle is just smoke and mirrors. Moral of the story is you should not hesitate to ask for help if you need it, it may be the only way to find the cache!
  17. Hunting season is part of the reason I archived one of my hides recently. Permission was the main issue but hunting was also a concern as the area supposedly is used for bowhunting tours/lessons. I put a warning in the description but after thinking about it, I know of people who glance at descriptions on their GPSr without fully reading the listing. I'd hate for someone to be mistakenly injured or killed even though we play this game at our own risk.
  18. I was thinking the same thing. I can see many unoriginal, poor caches being placed simply to up a stat count or "earn" a badge of some sort. I've been playing video games since I was a child (31 now). With the advent of Xbox Live came achievements and gamerscore. Achievements are earned for things like "defeat X number of enemies with X weapon" or "complete the game on X difficulty" and come with their own gamerscore value. It was really cool at first, and offered incentive to play games in a different manner to unlock achievements on your profile. After a while the bad side reared its head - hacks to increase score, players cheating for score, players offering to increase other's score for money...you get the drift. The love of the game disappeared and many players become obsessed with solely upping their score. I can see the same sort of pattern evolving from the OP's idea. I'm not bashing your idea, just offering another side of the same coin. I'm relatively new to this game so my opinion on geocaching may not be worth much to some of you vets but the real joy of this game is getting out there and enjoying the hunt. Sometimes the location and container are great, sometimes not so great, but for me the joy of the hunt is always there. Getting out from in front of a TV screen (to be in front of a much smaller one ), enjoying nature, enjoying exercise are all the achievements I could ask for.
  19. I prefer to cache alone. It's my time to unwind, to think and to clear my head. I've never had a caching partner until this past weekend. Some of the local geocachers put together a CITO event and afterwards one of the guys asked if I wanted to hit up a new park with a few caches. We spent a few hours together and it was cool to chat with someone who can relate because my family and friends don't play the game. Having a second set of eyes definitely helped out but it was a little less peaceful because of the chatter. I think we may tag-team some trails again in the future, and it's cool to know I have a friend to call for the more dangerous caches.
  20. There's a hiking trail that they don't want people hiking on? From what I've learned the area is used for bowhunting tours or classes so that's why they don't want people hiking there. It's a shame hiking isn't allowed when hunting season is over because it's a nice area but it's their land, they make the rules.
  21. I retrieved the cache today and am in the process of looking for a new hiding spot. I talked with the other cachers at the CITO event today and will let them decide how they'd like to move forward with their own hides. They were cool about it and understood my concerns. Thanks again for the input everyone
  22. That's the truth. Trust me, I won't make the same mistake twice. The way I look at it, I want people respecting my property so I should return the favor. Even though I can hike there for miles undetected and we can play the game there without anyone knowing it doesn't feel right without permission.
  23. Thanks for the replies everyone. The trail system is managed by a local university and while exploring their site I found a general email address that covers their outdoor activities. An unidentified person replied and told me one section of the trails is cool, the other section is off limits. So, I don't have a name to fall back on for proof, just a copy of the email.
  24. Long story short, I recently found out one of my hides is in part of a local trail system that the land manager doesn't want people hiking in. I made the mistake of assuming permission was granted because there are a handful of caches already out there. Now that I know we actually do not have the okay I'm going to archive the listing and redo the hide somewhere else. I have no problem with this, I want to comply with the rules. When I archive this listing the reviewer will probably take action against the other caches there right? Even though I and the others who have hid caches there are in the wrong I don't want to create conflict with two very active cachers in my area. I can imagine some people would be upset if their caches were archived regardless of them being against policy. Have any of you been in a similar situation? Do you think I should give them a heads up (I'll be seeing them at a CITO event tomorrow) or just go forward and let the reviewer do what he/she deems necessary?
  25. Well, it looks like one of my hiking trail caches is okay but the other is in an area the land manager doesn't want people hiking in. Knowing this now, I'm planning on archiving the listing and removing the container very soon. I don't know if the reviewer will take action on the other caches in the area or not as there are at least four more that I'm aware of.
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