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  1. We have really enjoyed the August Challenge. It has been interesting to say the least finding caches that didn't require a lot of physical exertion. (it is VERY hot here in TX) We don't typically do urban caches (especially in August!)but this challenge they are a must. I will say that it renewed our interest in finding the city caches though. There are quite a few great and fun hides that are challenging as well. I discovered a nice TB motel within 1/2 mile from our house. LOVED it! We are heading up to the home of Geocashing (Washington/Oregon) tomorrow and we look forward to getting some awesome caches!
  2. I agree. Things can get VERY overgrown here in the summer. Not fun. We prefer caching in the winter when the jungle overgrowth is beat back a little bit.
  3. We've been using Garmins for many years now and we are familar with the interface. Very user friendly.
  4. I've been using Firefly on several other forums for various reasons. When I tried to sign up here using it said it was already taken. I added 911 at the end because I work at the local PD.
  5. Not really an unusual item but recently I started carrying a walking stick (actually one of those collapsable treking poles). I have found it very useful for knocking the spider webs out of the way, pushing the thorny vines back and looking for the caches in the leaves etc. I have been surprised how helpful it has been.
  6. We carry a small backpack. It works great...holds everything we need yet it's not too heavy.
  7. I have an Oregon and it's a very quick process. I just hook it up to the computer and delete the gpx files I no longer want. Takes all of 10 seconds...if that.
  8. Garmin Oregon. Easiest GPS I've ever used and the touch screen makes it so much easier too.
  9. We've got a lot of thorny vines around here and I have found my walking stick to be great for moving them out of the way. (hands/arms don't work very well unless you like being stuck). If there are no thorny vines I just use pretty much every part of my body. We HAVE actually thought about a machete before....but we don't actually own one....
  10. I don't think it should be counted as a find. Half of the battle is actually "touching the cache AND signing it". I found a cache last week that was hidden in a tree. I was able to move and touch the container but was unable to actually retrieve it or sign the log. I wrote a note but did not log it as a find. I think that's part of the challenge and the history.
  11. Now THAT is funny......and a little bit mean too...
  12. I've used that pocket query on several occasions. (from the map) Works great!
  13. Sounds like it needs to be calibrated.
  14. We've been getting 10-15 a week in a 10 mile radius.
  15. I've been having the same problem now for a couple of weeks. The date is off by a day.
  16. Last weekend we did some caching on our mountain bikes. We were on some bike trails, some dirt etc. It was alot of fun and we got a lot of smileys. We've done it on a few occasions and I'm sure we will go again. Good stuff.
  17. We've found 7 of them over the past year. They are pretty cool I think and a nice sight when you worked hard to score a smiley. We are looking at getting some ourselves soon. They are kind of pricey so we defintely won't be leaving them in every cache.
  18. Had a friend tell me about it and after doing a little research we decided to try it. The first time out we had no luck and decided it wasn't for us. A few years later someone mentioned geocaching again and we decided to give it another go. We prepared ourselves a little better this time (read logs, looked at pictures of different containers) and we finally found a few. We haven't stopped since!
  19. Welcome!! Your going to have a blast!!
  20. That's a great story jbar! I'm glad to hear your feeling better now too! Geocaching is life!
  21. Maybe it's suppose to be "walking stick". Never heard of a talking stick before. Oh and....WELCOME to the obsession!
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