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  1. I got all the souvenirs but no email on how to claim. Looks like I don't get one...
  2. Ah yes! It is now. we were having a mad panic as internet access is an issue ATM. Thanks for the reply! Sparkles
  3. I thought there was but after finding a cache nothing appeared. Am I wrong?
  4. The first part of my log tends to be a copy and paste log but I always try to do a unique log for each cache. even if it's one sentence. The thing is, if you are out for a long weekend, you do hundreds of caches and then you have to remember every single one when it comes to getting home and logging them. I make notes but some times they don't help days later. Plus if you only put details about your trip on the first cache and then spend the day finding multiple cache owners caches they don't see the story only on the first cache you found. As for powertrails. when every cache is behind post 161m from each other.... they're going to blur into one and you're not going to get decent logs on those caches.... All I am saying is sometimes those rubbish copy paste logs can't be helped.
  5. The only reason I pay for geocaching is for the notifications. So far I can get notifications for 20+ miles but nothing else this includes owners logs and general emails about what is going on. With the owners logs I don't get them all day and then all of a sudden 30 owner logs on all different caches from different caches come through all at onces... this can go for days too.. As one of the highest members of QA and support for my company I can say that if we had a bug like this and hadn't fixed it within a month we would of cost our customers millions and would be in serious trouble. The email bug is because they've transferred to a new system. (from the other thread I have taken this info) Surely they have a Dev environment as well as a Prod? And all these areas should of been tested on Dev before being rolled out to Prod As for the app. You as a customer will not be listened to it seems. If you're on IOS I suggest you look at the unofficial app for that. Title ends in ly. We all know about the android one.
  6. I know you have asked for no more examples but looking into this it seems to be a distance issue. I have my notifications set to 50 miles. I get notifications for caches above 20 miles but I am not getting local caches. I am also not getting found logs on caches or your update emails
  7. a little late but these are my coins from Essex mega, couple of trades and then some purchases
  8. Here are some of mine from the past few weeks. Sadly it's only a pic of three coins as theres a couple more due (one from germany that was posted a month ago... stupid postal strike! And one from Canada!)
  9. Yay these turned up!!!! mine is the sparkly one. it's called sparkle
  10. I haven't shown you in a while so here are a couple I have got. I am still waiting on my guinea pigs and a cache sabre from america plus some smitten coins so I am getting upset when I don't have a parcel on the doorstep when I get home.
  11. Heres my last couple. Thank you mystery coin giver and NOSNOW for the coins! :) :)
  12. They're talking about a series in England called the Church Micro series. I believe it did start out as just micros hence the name but you can actually have any size container you like when you place your own. Most of mine are small to micro as I live in a town and the smaller the better around the churches.
  13. Both mine and piggies turned up today. Thank you!
  14. Oh my! I just had a delivery at my house and this lovely coin turned up! Wow it truly is a beautiful coin! Thank you sooooooo much for the lovely coin.
  15. Thank you so much. this is awesome!
  16. My friend has been emailing you but hasn't got a reply
  17. Thank you for the cointest! My partner at the time and I helped a TB back to it's final location a couple of years ago but that was all on his profile. I took a friends coin to Mexico as it wanted to get to south America so I am going to use that one. Sadly it was taken back to Germany. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=4609812&page=80
  18. This is the past couple of weeks for me. My easter missions, a super mystery and purchases. I am falling in love with the dragons.... that's not a good thing is it? EDIT: for silliness
  19. I'm sure they're fine! These sparkly fingers are crossed though!
  20. Thank you sooooo much. I love the dragon! Here's my other mission! I love the coin. It's wonderful. Thank you so much. I'm also going to have a great time with my nieces doing our nails! :)
  21. Thank you sooooo much. I love the dragon! Glad you like it! That completes this Easter Mission for me. Thanks for organizing! EMAIL SENT: Feb 23rd NAME RECEIVED: Mar 8th MISSION SENT: Mar 12th Mar 13th MISSION ARRIVED AT DESTINATION: Mar 21st MISSION RECEIVED and FROM WHO: Mar 19th from Ourspolaire&Gemeloj I do! I love the dragons. This is my second one. I normally only get one of each coin but I like the dragons too Much for that so he's staying with me.
  22. Too much chocolate for only one person My nieces and nephews have been helping me as well as my brother who has eaten most the weeks food.... On Saturday.... I swear he has worms....
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