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  1. Yep. It felt like cheating just a bit... Cheating? Not at all! Creating geocaching containers is the perfect application for 3D printing.
  2. It might be a spoiler if the cache is a multi or mystery cache.
  3. Great for leftovers in the 'fridge. No so good for geocaching. This one has crossed over into "so bad you should just throw the whole thing in the trash" territory.
  4. I see you have a RifleMan81 signature shell casing. He is a local cacher and friend here in Central Ohio. I wonder where you found his sig item?
  5. Why? Because you associate it with some activity? It offends you? If that's the case, I think your username should be "illegal" because eight people were killed by a bomb in Istanbul on August 20th. Some people might be offended by that... A number is a number and nothing more. Exactly. The rather blatant "420" marijuana users reference is part of that cacher's geo-nickname. Outlaw it, and you prevent them from properly labeling their caches. Don't let a number bother you. But is advertising the usage of illegal drugs family friendly? The number "420" does not, in and of itself, advertise illegal drugs. It certainly doesn't mean that to me.
  6. I would love to find a source of these in small quantities
  7. glass, a terrible, terrible choice for a caching container.
  8. Your theory doesn't hold up to my experience. Peanut butter jars are arguably the single most common cache container in my area (Minnesota. We have raccoons) . I have found thousands of them and I can only think of maybe two of them that have been damaged by animals when I found them. In my experience, though, PB jars don't seal out moisture very well, and tend to get damp/moldy inside.
  9. Well done, but how do you plan to hide it? Will it be in the water at a fishing hole?
  10. I was definitely NOT being sarcastic. I would much rather climb a tree to find a cache than look under a lamp post skirt. The hook is certainly a better idea than attaching with zip-ties, except that the hook can be dislodged and the cache can fall. I don't think that the zip-ties will hurt the tree. I have seen signs and even bicycles embedded into trees that just keep on growing.
  11. Were you the FTF? I thought I'd try my hand at camouflage today and this is what came out. What do you guys think? Tremendous. Soda bottle preforms are nice and watertight, and you can generally get the log out of them easily. I recommend zip-tying it to a tree branch about 30 feet up for a perfect hide.
  12. Yes. Try using GeoHunter. It is also "free" and doesn't violate the Groundspeak TOU.
  13. Oh please don't use pill bottles! They are not watertight - the contents always get wet.
  14. In Central Ohio, cache is named Motorcycle Mania
  15. Doh! I meant to add this to an existing topic...
  16. The cache is named Motorcycle Mania.
  17. To see how close that estimate is, while viewing someone's pathtag collection, point to one you like and offer a dollar for it. +1 My avatar on this post is my pathtag design, and not only did they cost me more than a buck each, they are worth more than that to me...
  18. These are common around here in Central Ohio - we call the extra containers "decoys".
  19. I have used it successfully to find a "Wherigo" cache.
  20. I can't figure out why some icons in the new Android app are gold & round for some caches. Does anyone know why?
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