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  1. I am just dealing with "tftc" logs for several caches that I have in one wooded area. The finders swear they found the hides, one ( of the supposed team) even provided general descriptions of the hides ( 4 caches ) , but no individual signed the physical logbook, nor did the supposed team. When I said I could send them photos of the logs they got rude and defensive . I cited the basic " sign the logbook rule" as stated on my cache pages, and deleted their logs. However, the next day they relogged the fake finds under the current date, which I deleted again. *sigh*
  2. as long as I don't have to find your bison tube...
  3. just log it with a . that would be awesome
  4. I have it on good authority that Jeremy is transported across the Pacific in a flying sleigh pulled by eight tiny hamsters. Here he is about to take flight, with some expert assistance from one of his lackeys: --Larry is there a song about that?
  5. Some hamster vids from Groundspeak: what about the poor guy in the hampster wheel? don't you feel bad for him??
  6. Zombies. I kept finding one in a cache for a short time . I think 6 in all. I finally figured out they were from a Bag O Zombies used for some kind of game . I have them lined up in my corner display cabinet . Never did figure out who left them though.
  7. I'd cache a heck of a lot more if the kids and non-geoHusband were even remotely as into it as I am . the kids are still at my command , so away we go half the time , lol. my almost 2 year old son is funny . he knows that when I bring an ammo can from under a log ( or whatever) there will ( hopefully ) be something fun inside . I like it . it gets me out of the house and off my butt when the weather ( hot..... rainy .... etc ) might typically make me want to hole up. I like the finding part of it . I like making and leaving fun swag. I
  8. wow- I also couldn't believe how well everything has held up over the years . so, did you trade for anything in the cache? congratulations - and thanks for sharing !
  9. Glad they didn't try it in winter. Then the Jack London book could have been the classic "To Build a Fire." And for fans of that great story, here's the first paragraph: now I have gone and looked it up - somehow it seems like a sacrilege to read any literature on a smart phone or electronic media. I don't know, it's just a hang up of mine. so I think I will print it out and read it ( a slightly better option) . your opening lines made me think of the poet Robert Service - I've always liked him. and yes , I am becoming a little obsessed with wanting to hear FTF !!!!! I just can't believe anyone would go fir such an enormous adventure and the take so little time at GZ for a DNF. so I'm hoping that they did find something ! I wonder if they will get a laugh reading all of te speculations and comments on this thread.
  10. ok, I'm hooked . I will be watching this one ! good luck- hope it gets a Find!!
  11. 1st RULE: You do not talk about GEOCACHING 2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about GEOCACHING. seriously though. sounds like someone got some thorns stuck ah.... errr.... well.... you know where. I don't actively try to recruit anyone- but I don't try to be "skull and bones" about it either . that's just silly . no one I mention it to ( as in the response to the casual " what did you do this weekend) even knows what I am talking about... or really cares for that matter.
  12. geobucket lets you apply a filter for caches with x+ number of favorites . I haven't used it yet- I mainly use the official $10 paid app ( just sayin')
  13. It was snowing in ohio today- the kids and I went caching. a few into our run my feet got soaked in a very soggy low-lying ground area . once we got back to the car my daughter and I took off our shoes and socks. well, on the way home there was a nice little string of 7 caches aLong an industrial parkway. I figured " what the heck" and decided to go for them- they were basically p&gs . so of course , no cars in sight. I jump out barefoot and go for the finds - no LPCs though, and most required a bery short walk across some grass. wouldn't you know 6 out if 7 times cars drive by right as I am standing along the road with no shoes on. then I realized one of the cars keeps circling around and goes past me at least 4 times at various caches. I'm hoping that they were fellow cachers, but no one stopped to ask so I lucked out I think.
  14. GC498MZ it was exactly one of "those". it's probably a good thing that I was going solo.
  15. well, I'm FROM Maine... but currently in ohio...,
  16. Yes, people justify doing it a lot of different ways. I always thought it was silly. I have one that I can not find... I drive by it every day. I have looked 4 times and still not able to get it closed. so it stays on my map. it is annoying, but I am not going to mark it as found. Later, MrDLG2u you can always add them to your "ignore" list. It doesn't sound like Mrdlg2u wants to ignore that cache. There was one that I used to drive by twice every day while dropping my son off to school. I was the first to DNF it, and searched for it 3 more times, spending over 3 hours at ground zero before I finally found it. I don't have *any* caches on my ignore list. My feeling is that I can remember which caches I don't really care to find. I've seen other suggest ignoring caches that are very difficult to find or have a really difficult puzzle. While putting a "hard" cache on an ignore list might remove it from the map, it's still out there, and I know it's still out there. I see it like taking a test and "ignoring" the question I can't answer then claiming to have achieve a perfect score on the test. MrGLD2u Interesting. I ignore caches that I don't care to find because I don't want them in my PQs and I'd rather they not clutter up the map. Clearing a radius is not one of my goals and hiding an icon and then proclaiming that I cleared my map just seems silly. Do people do that? As far as cheating. I started in May of '05 and last week I finally found the third cache I ever looked for. I figure I have invested a good 6-7 hours looking for this thing over the years while it was racking up plenty of found logs, including one that said, "Our first cache, it was easy". It never occurred to me to log a find because I simply looked in the place where they hid it. Its not the cache that is the problem for me...its the cacher...they do this alot and cause problems by claiming a Note saying lost and saying cache needs maintenance. They unfortunatly live close to me...They must, they find alot of the ones close. I am just venting. I am like MrDGL2u when I can't find it I keep looking...those are the watchlisters. I found one on a Saturday cache run owned by said caher...My mistake saying I found it. Got an email next day grilling me on if it was still at the right coords. Really? Sorry for the vent. are you saying that you're irritated the CO dropped you , the most recent finder, a line to inquire as to the current location of the cache ... to see if its still at the original GZ and hads not migrated elsewhere? if so, I don't see why that's such an annoying thing. or are you pissed about people assuming that since THEY can't find it the cache MUST be missing. ?
  17. the free ones (swag in caches - not TBs!!) ( and yes, I trade up)
  18. I remove mildewed paper, sticks, food, ....
  19. both my daughter and I like the swag- even my 1 1/2 year old son when there are matchbox cars. I keep all my swag in a little box in the cupboard, some is displayed in the same cupboard along with other things. I think the box full of random weird little things is kind of cool to look at... but it appears I am in the minority of adults, lol. regardless, I always carry a pencil box of swag in my backpack. as long as the cache isn't really soggy, etc inside I leave something, even if I take nothing. I have a bunch of sig. items to leave also. if I have extra swag I want to offload I leave more. all my swag is in appropriately sized little ziplocs- so hopefully it won't be dirty by the time someone trades for it.
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