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  1. U krijgt waarschijnlijk een betere respons in de Nederlands sprekende forum op http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showforum=122 ...no I don't speak Dutch!
  2. Got an analogy for UK geocachers...? I have no idea what TurboTax is!
  3. In the android version which is probably the same... In 'navigate to geocache' choose compass or map... from the menu there you can choose destination or add waypoint which allows you to input coordinates.
  4. Does the iPhone give you an estimated error in the position? My handheld Garmin etrex will usually come down to about 10ft accuracy. My galaxy s3 (android) isn't nearly as accurate. If it's more than 20ft estimated error then I wouldn't trust the coordinates too much. However you say they are way off... I'd still expect the iPhone to be within 20-30ft if it has a decent lock. Are you under a lot of tree cover or in a valley'? I always take an average of several measurements which is made easy by the waypoint averaging feature on my etrex (but you can still do this manually) and several loggers have commented on the accuracy of my coordinates. I've also found that the coordinates can be slightly different at different times of day and will often take a second set of averages on another day and average them and update the coordinates on the cache page. I don't know anything about the apps for the iPhone but some may be more accurate than others, I don't know, but I wouldn't expect any of them to be way off. Finally don't rely on Google maps to check... it's usually several feet out and can be up to a few hundred out.
  5. I have the Etrex 10 and assume it's the same, but the easiest way is to hook up the GPS to your computer using the USB cable and then use it like a USB drive (this should be automatic). Open the GPS drive and copy/paste, drag and drop the .gpx files into the Garmin > GPX folder. That's it. Restart the GPS and they magically appear.
  6. Review forum signature will only show your current signature. If you haven't set one it will be blank. In your Account details, Your Profile, you need to click "edit" and from there you can change your forum signature. Use review forum signature to review the changes. Once that's done you will need to log out of the forum and then sign back in to see the changes on the forums.
  7. Hi, I'm Dave, I've been lurking for a long time now, but feel I've learnt enough from everyone here to stop lurking and start contributing.
  8. I'm a Christian geocacher and I compile word puzzles based around the Bible. Philologus is a combination of two Greek words "philo" and "logos" meaning lover of (phIlo) the word (logos) and is the pseudonym I compile under. I simply carried it over when I started geocaching.
  9. My list is at http://cacheinhand.co.uk/whats-in-your-geocaching-bag/...
  10. I have an Android phone and certainly second Chief301s recommendation of the offical Geocaching app. It's well worth the money and I use it as a backup to my GPSr allowing me to get extra logs, info, pictures etc, from the field and allows me to log trackables immediately to reduce the delay. The mapping features are fantastic for finding nearby geocaches while out and about, something that my GPSr lacks being a basic model. It wouldn't replace my GPSr but compliments it beautifully.
  11. In the UK we expect nettles. A geocaching trip without a nettle sting just isn't the same. I always have gloves in the bag and wear long trousers so I can trample them down. What amazes me is how fast they grow. I hid a cache back in March and there was no growth on the verge whatsoever. Four months later it's at least four foot high with a little geocachers' trail through the middle to GZ. It is very seasonal and sometimes you just aren't aware of them if you place hides in the colder months. Last week I found a cache down a footpath where the nettles left barely enough width to walk and at least 5ft high. It was tricky getting through there in bare arms I can tell you. No mention of them in the cache description but I wouldn't expect there to be. It's an accepted hazard of UK geocaching and they have the added bonus of providing protection from muggles. Still hurts though!
  12. Just started a new blog (Cache in Hand) recently. Still early days as I'm building up a base of information. I shall be adding some of the blogs featured in this thread to my links.
  13. Thanks very much! All your answers are very helpful.
  14. I've tried searching through all the help pages, forums etc, but not quite sure what the option of "Add a waypoint to the log" actually does or for what purpose it might be used.
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