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  1. The following was received by me today: I have archived Fredur's cache, which is sad, as he put a lot of work into creating it. The map of the final location did not show it as being near a roadway, so I don't know what is going on here. There is no practical way I can look for caches "located on the territory of the luxemburgish motorways" but I ask you to voluntarily be self-policing in this regard. If you know of any caches that violate this please post a "needs archived" note. I'll disable the cache pending permission being obtained or the cache moved. All the best, erik - volunteer cache reviewer
  2. I've been honored to review caches in the Middle East for the last 12 years or so, but it's time to hand off the job to someone with local experience. I won't tell you who it is, but he's in training now, will be using the geonick "Xanthe Terra" for reviewing when he's completed his studies and feels ready to handle the awesome responsibility. Until he's ready, I'll continue to publish your cache listings, and continue to enjoy interacting with you all. ~erik~ > > erik88L-R
  3. Ok, the solution is in your hands now. I mean your girlfriend's hands! I look forward to publishing your cache. We need more in Turkey to attract more local players to our sport. Best regards, ~erik~
  4. I'm still at work, so can't spend a whole lot of time on this, but as the reviewer for Greece and Turkey I often get vacation cache submissions placed by northern Europeans on vacation in those countries. If they don't volunteer information about who will maintain the cache I have to ask. After doing this for a dozen years I've learned to be leary of of local maintainers who just happen to have a free gmail or hotmail account instead of one from their local ISP. If truly concerned about what I'm being told I will ask for a photo of the local maintainer with the cache to prove that they indeed exist. That is done politely to the e-mail address supplied by the cache hider. That process quickly shows which are fictitious maintainers if the cache hider is back at home and away from the cache and I get no reply. In other cases I've had nice e-mails from Greek or Turkish local maintainers verifying the arrangements, and I'm delighted to publish the cache knowing it meets our maintenance guidelines. In this case the reply came very quickly from the girlfriend's e-mail account, but written by the cache ownen, not the girlfriend. He apparently misunderstood the request and accused me of asking his girlfriend to expose herself in a photo. I replied via another posting to the cache page: Sorry if this seems unreasonable but I've had to archive too many caches to count that were placed on vacation when the promised maintenance did not happen. Those archivals follow many DNFs by disappointed players who wasted their valuable vacation time looking for missing or trashed caches. ~erik~
  5. I have a new HTC Touch Pro 2 and could not find a "system" section under "settings", or anywhere else where I could perform GPS settings. Anyone else get beyond this problem and have Wherigo work on this device? Thanks! ~erik~
  6. erik88l-r


    Please participate in this survey: http://feedback.geocaching.com/geocaching/...preference_poll Thanks! ~erik~
  7. OpinioNate is my hero. ~erik~
  8. I'm getting the same errors. Ditto for the caches I published that have a link to my profile, ~erik~
  9. Welcome to the fun, but be careful. I hear it can become addictive, though I know I can stop anytime I want. Really. ~erik~
  10. The reviewers had a period of about a week following the last update to the geocaching.com site in which we did not get the usual "needs archived" logs. This one may have fallen through the cracks for that reason. Or I could have been asleep. ~erik~
  11. Please be sure to complete and return your survey. It's only done every ten years to help determine how many cache reviewers are sent to Washington to represent you in the House of Geocaching. ~erik~
  12. To reiterate what MooseMob wrote, if you post a "Needs Archived" log the reviewer should get a notification, as will the cache owner and anyone who has the cache on their watch list If you post a "Needs Maintenance" log the cache reviewer will not get that notification. They only get the "Needs Archived" ones unless the cache happens to be on their watch list, in which case they get all logs. ~erik~
  13. I have a 1973 Land-Rover Series III 88 inch wheelbase truck (see avatar to the left). These are normally called just "Land-Rover 88s", as opposed to the longer wheelbase four door 109s. Anyway, I established the erik88L-R Ebay account name 15 years ago to buy Land-Rover parts from that site. When I signed up on the geocaching site I hadn't given any thought to a geonick, and thought it would be a short lived interest. So I gave it about as much thought as if I were creating another throw-away hotmail account and reused "erik88L-R". Now I'm stuck with having to explain it, and at times defend it to those who think the "88" is a neo-Nazi thing. ~erik~
  14. Andy forgets that being a cache reviewer is like being in the Hotel California. You can check out but you can never leave. Thanks for your support, Andy! ~erik~
  15. Welcome to the new post! It seems like only yesterday that I handed over the job to Fish Eagle, but I guess it's been two years. Glad to see the sport grow to the extent that Andy would like a break. Andy has set the bar high, but I'm sure you'll do well. Just take a good look at any new cache submissions from Nelspruit, as there is someone there who can be devious. ~erik~
  16. Sorry to chime in late as the "local reviewer". We discourage caches on base in countries that have civilian geocachers, as they would be unable to access them. It's not a problem in Iraq and Afghanistan, but would be in the UAE. We realize there are situations in which a soldier would not be allowed to leave base to get to caches outside the fence that civilians can get too, but that seems to be pretty rare. For all caches on base you would have to get the permission of base security or the commanding officer. US Air Force and Joint Command bases in Iraq currently do not allow geocaches for security reasons. It is possible that Air Force bases in other middle eastern countries may also have bans. With civilian geocachers out there encouraging military geocachers to go out and join them I'd say "go for it, and forgo hiding anything on base". ~erik~
  17. Please keep in mind that if a geocachers caches are adopted out to others they disappear from his profile page, as if he never contributed any hides to the community at all. For that reason, when a geocacher in our area passed away they stayed listed under his name, and friends informally continued to maintain them in his memory. ~erik~
  18. OK, let me be first. We joke that anyone who wants the job probably has something wrong with them. Wait, I am one! ~erik~ Edited to add: Yes, it is nice of you to volunteer. Have a happy 2010!
  19. I'll add my welcome to the newbies. Be careful though, I hear it can get addictive. ~erik~
  20. Was down for me, now working fine. I guess some got more coal for Christmas than others. ~erik~
  21. A Merry Christmas and a Happy 2010 to all my friends in South Africa. ~erik~
  22. Hi mobellino, Twenty days is not normal. Although I'm not your reviewer I can view your four unpublished caches. Two of them (Centrum and Straight) are not active so won't be seen by your reviewer in the normal course of cache reviews. The other two can be seen. I don't know if your reviewer is on holiday somewhere without internet access, but trust that the situation will be resolved soon. Thanks for your patience, ~erik~
  23. My condolences as well. It's always sad to hear of the loss of a fellow geocacher, though it is some consolation to see that he went doing what he loved. May we all be so fortunate. ~erik~
  24. At the risk of offending those who love urban micros, it appears that the micro-spew plague has made it to SA. In their defense; for handicapped geocachers, or someone on a business trip without time or gear to go into the wild, it makes it possible to find a cache. Their place is certainly not in places where a larger cache is possible. I've seen some sad environmental damage caused by people looking for a micro hidden in the woods. One of the nice features of becoming a premium member is the ability to do pocket queries that filter out caches you don't want to hunt - be they 1/1 micros or 5/5 toughies. Cheers, ~erik~
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