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  1. Our longest streak prior to August was 10 (up to 15 as of today!). We are trying to get all of the days but the weekdays are tougher. Between work, my fiancee's volunteering, and rain, some of the days have been challenging. We had some P&Gs nearby that we have been doing on the days where we can't get out until after dark. Nothing too exciting yet but I can see where the challenging days will be once we use up the P&Gs around the corner for the days we can't start until 8-9pm. So far so good though! While a lot think the souvenirs are silly we're having fun trying to streak so far. I don't know how some of you have thousands of days in a row - I'm already getting a little burnt out!
  2. Sheesh. They're not necessarily bogus logs if an unsuspecting cacher found a throwdown. Oh well. Some people take things more seriously than others I suppose.
  3. Looks great! Big improvement... I like it a lot.
  4. I really enjoy series in a nice loop-type hike with a final at the end. My favorite!
  5. I have never cached alone. I have only gone with my girlfriend. She has gone without me while visiting family, etc, which is the only reason I ever even set up my own account.
  6. Oh come on it's a bonus cache not a challenge! If cachers can find some other way it and it's not specifically a challenge cache you're out of luck. Accept it and move on.
  7. How about collars? Or leashes? Or like others mentioned, rubber chew balls, etc?
  8. Wow!! Awesome!! I got to say I am utterly shocked with how well that cache is holding up. Major props to you guys! Congratulations!!
  9. Tried one once that was via the car and we quit after 7 or so. It was very dull to us. However, near us there's a 6 mile walk down Patriot's Path in NJ that we did where we got 25 in one day. That was much more fun even though the hides were all very similar. I think it's the whole being in the car thing for me. Not into that at all. Would rather go for a walk.
  10. When I was in 4th grade I was in the YMCA. We had a camping trip to Maine. We were walking around a lake and about 100-200 feet in front of me there were some kids harassing a snake they saw on the trail. Of course, when I walked by the spot the snake was in about 10 seconds later, the thing lurched out of the bushes and bit my ankle. Luckily, it was not venomous. However, I had a HUGE welt on my ankle and a snake-bite scar right in the middle of it for the entire summer. Pretty B.A.
  11. There's a local cacher who I think signs the logs as 'rebelwithoutaclue' or something of the like. He never ever ever logs online but I always see the name in the logbooks.
  12. I've been hit in the face with branches/etc. Had a few near misses. Never occurred to me to consider safety glasses. I think I just figured it's part of the risk! Obviously eyes/vision are not anything you ever want to mess with, so I may consider it in the future..
  13. I figured that was the case about ten seconds after I posted it. Thanks.
  14. Common sense will tell you that looking suspicious/placing small objects on busy city streets will likely get you questioned by many different people right now, whether or not they know about geocaching. Just be smart and maybe take a small break from the urban finds for a week or two.
  15. 401 caches and no experiences with the police to date. I'd imagine that will change eventually but so far no issues!
  16. Our car's GPS routinely likes to try to get us to make turns onto what appears to be fields or houses or roads that look like they've been overgrown and abandoned since 1925. Definitely head-scratching sometimes!
  17. What a strange turn of events. As a one-time basic member, I logged a PMO cache with no issues. Why would they go back on their own policy on this?
  18. Agreed. Tigervhaga and I used to cache under one account. She visited family in CO without me and logged some caches out there so we split the accounts. Didn't think I'd care but apparently I did. Could be something like that!
  19. Found a cache this weekend whose hint was "the cache is NOT located in the hollowed out root of the nearby tree near GZ"... that's exactly where the cache was found after 15 mins of searching. Probably migration but still... annoying!
  20. Cool! I'll be in the Denver area late May. Might have to stop by...
  21. Maybe return after a few finds are logged and drop in it the cache after the fact - to avoid the confusion.. if you want to own it that is.
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