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  1. Looks like there's a pinterest page filled with trackables with unhidden codes.
  2. Having just adopted Brave as my new primary browser, I discovered that if you click on the link, the new tab pops up and is immediately closed again. To download the file, you have to right click on the link, and click "save link as." It will pop up at the bottom and you have to allow it to download insecurely. (This step may not be required more than once, while testing this again, it opened right up to the folder where I downloaded the files, without bothering me about downloading insecurely).
  3. We used to have a forum thread in the PNW forum about locals being on the banner. Personally, I would rather not go to some external site to view them.
  4. I think it would make premium renewals easier if Shop Geocaching's stored payment details were able to be linked with the main Geocaching website.
  5. I'm wondering how they get such things (this one is not mine, just one I happen to be watching)? Brute forcing?
  6. Judging by this log, we've got another online database of trackable codes: https://www.geocaching.com/track/log.aspx?LogReferenceCode=TL1BA9442 "Discovered while online searching."
  7. Same here. None received yesterday (Sunday) or today via Yahoo.
  8. And it happened again today, NONE were received at all.
  9. It looks like the original issue has shown back up. All of today's pocket queries have been generated, but only just under half of my pocket queries showed up this morning via email.
  10. It seems to be an intermittent issue with filtering in general:
  11. I wonder if that would undermine some picture based puzzles, though?
  12. I just took a look, they were all normal for me.
  13. When I attempt to edit a log when using the "legacy" logging system, it clears the log type and text of the log, like I'm writing a brand new log:
  14. Oddly, I noticed this recently myself, except it was just for the Colosseum.
  15. Yesterday, someone sent me a message through the message center, but I never received any sort of email about it, and there's nothing in the spam folder. Usually, emails about message center messages come fairly quickly after the message has been received in the message center.
  16. I know I've seen some delays in the find count getting updated (I'm still using the old "your profile" page, because I don't like the feel of the new one). It usually updates eventually.
  17. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to resolve my problem.
  18. It seems like it would be helpful for the cache editing page to mention that.
  19. I've tried to update the background on two different caches of mine, and they won't update. I'm not getting any error message, but the image stays the same. Perhaps this problem is connected? The file sizes are under the 5mb limit.
  20. Would it possible to have this new discussion split off to another thread? It seems to have gone into "Pocket Queries aren't running at all," away from "I'm not receiving PQ emails."
  21. That's what's happening here, they are being generated, I can download them from the list of available pocket queries on the website, but they don't show up via email until well after they are supposed to arrive.
  22. Today, we were once again three short, only five of the eight showed up via email.
  23. Yahoo. All of them finally showed up, kinda slowly trickling in.
  24. If you take a photo of a TB and the code shows, use Photoshop or another photo editing software to blur the code.
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