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  1. Anybody know if there is an easy way to delete the preloaded caches that come on the 64ST? Just got a new one and only want to see the geocaches I load on the unit.
  2. Looking to replace my old DeLorme PN-40 and want something I can load PQ's into along with the ability to track my hikes and upload those tracks to mapping software. Is the Etrex30 or 30T a good receiver or should I be looking at something else? Not looking to drop $500 on a receiver. Also does the "Send To My GPS" on the website work for these units? Thanks in advance for any input!
  3. found some help. I ended up opening up IE11 and accessing the geocaching website through that browser instead of the Edge and I was able to Send To GPS from all the caches I wanted to load. Try this and see if it works for you: Open IE11 ( Start => All apps => Windows Acessories => Internet Explorer ) then browse to geocaching.com and sign in and give it a go!
  4. sounds familiar. I think I had to do this somewhere in the past. Thanks for the info. got the .gpx loaded but can't figure out how to get both the .gpx and the waypoints loaded at the same time.
  5. Just discovered this tonight. Looks like a problem with Windows 10's new browser and of course Chrome doesn't support the plug in either so I think I am screwed with this thing and I had caches I wanted to load tonight GGGRRRRRR
  6. Looked for a common GEowoodstock IX thread but found none so starting this new topic. I just heard from a local to the area that there was a huge building at the fairgrounds that was being used for winter storage of cars and RV's etc. for the locals that collapsed under the weight of snow. Just wondering if this will impact Geowoodstock at all?
  7. We just booked a site at the Dew Drop Campground. About 30 minutes or so away. Buckaloons looked to be full. Whoever schedules these events on a Federal Holiday weekend should be shot!
  8. sticker or stamp wit a single group name not each individual signing with pen or pencil. happens all the time when groups cache together.
  9. More Northern Virginia than central but look at Sky Meadows State Park. The have loads of caches and primitive campsites only with a 3/4 mile walk into the sites. Good hiking in the area with great views and some fun caches!
  10. if its not too late you could look into the Rockbridge County geocoin trail. Stop at the visitors center in Lexington or Buena Vista and get a passport and go find the 10 caches in the county. bring the passport back and get a real nice coin!
  11. no fees in Virginia. They understand the income potential to their parks from cachers. In fact a few of my local parks have even hosted M&G events to bring in local cachers to their parks! They do have a 3 year rule on caches in the same spot but you can just move them and update the coordinates when the time comes.
  12. I just looked back at our first find (November of 2007)and was surprised to see it is still active. It was archived a while back due to construction but then after about 6 months it was reactivated!
  13. Only 1. The velcro that held the cache was still in place but the cache was gone. According to the owner it had disappeared several times and he was just going to archive it after confirming with me that it was indeed gone again. He then offered me the LTF on the cache.
  14. my field notes on the Delorme PN-40 keep things in order so I don't have to remember. As to the question, I have only logged 1 cache out of order. It was the final for the New Englands Oldest Caches Challenge. The final was along my way to the rest of the caches so I found it and post dated the log in the cache. I then logged the find after finding the rest of the ccahes in the Challenge. BTW, I requested CO permission to do it this way before attempting the challenge.
  15. Vote for F and got this return. When you get the final coordinates be sure to comeback here and share them with all your helpers! A 19 B 18 C 19 D 16 E 21 F 8 G 2 H 21
  16. I need to photoshop my head onto his body in the photo and then post it as a find also. makes me there just as much as he was. No find, but still fun to talk about.
  17. we don't have any wildcards yet but have found 6 caches so far but don't want to list them. Others could figure out which parks we have been to and attempt to bypass the caches to get the awards. That being said, it's a great idea and we are thankful the the Virginia State Parks are so open to geocaching!
  18. 40 mile round trip for 1 cache. should see about 1 or 2 vistors...ever, possibly more depending on the location.
  19. Exactly. I recently found a cache which had a NM (broken container) posted in February '09 and the owner posted that he'd get a new container out a week or two later. Didn't post a maintenance log, so the NM remained flagged. Another NM in November '09 for the same type of problem. More NM logs posted throughout 2010, with no activity on the cache seen from the CO. I posted an NA on it, the local reviewer disabled it, and the CO finally archived a few days later. Which probably means the cache owner just abandoned it and now there is geotrash left behind...be a Good Sam and go collect that container!
  20. Got VIP tickets through Grayline Tours...if all goes well we will be watching the launch from the Causeway!
  21. No, and the original question was looking for an event based on the launch. Too hard to comprehend? There is a Virtual at the Kennedy Space Center so that may be my option for a 1500 milestone while at the launch.
  22. Always wondered about this and now that we have hosted an event I still don't know the answer.
  23. going to work on the lower portion of this during Geowoodstock!
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