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Another coin contest: How cold will it be?

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The prize: one of the newest Hobo coins from last Saturday's event GC170JZ


The question: What will be the Fahrenheit temperature inside my truck when I get off work tonight? (sometime between 2100 and 2400 hrs. mountain time)


A few rules:

1. temp must be in Fahrenheit degrees to one decimal point. ex: xx.x °F

2. closest guess without going over will be the winner (my decision)

3. only one guess per GC account holder.

4. contest will end, and no more guesses accepted, when I post "I'm home" or midnight (mountain time) whichever comes first.


That's should be it. Pretty easy.


A few helpful items:

It would help to know where I live (not too hard). My work is less than 5 miles from home.

The truck will be parked in an open, uncovered, parking lot, away from any building.

I'll take the temp reading before starting the truck when I get off. (sometime between 9 PM and midnight)

It's a typical December day, right now at 0945 the outside temp is 29.7 °F


Any questions?

I don't leave for a little while.

After that, you're on your own and we'll just see how it goes.

Good luck and I hope the truck starts. :blink:


**Quick edit: to be fair to everyone, please don't edit to change answers.

If there is a tie, the earlier post will be my pick.


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Unless your including windchill... ?

temp will be inside the truck so no windchill, unless someone breaks a window to steal my AM radio :D


For cars windchill will not effect temperature readings like for this contest. It adds to thermal loss faster not the overall temperature.

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