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  1. Archived cache: GCP7V5 - The Great Molasses Cache
  2. Ha! Next thing, you'll tell me there are services that'll come to your house to pick up the dog poop from your lawn.
  3. There's no Cheers or cheese counting on the OpenCaching.com website. It's doomed to fail!
  4. Bear Grylls because he has beaucoup rewards points at the Hyatt, and we could celebrate in high style after finding (or not finding) the cache.
  5. Awesome! I hope cachers use this in a way that doesn't get blowed up by an over zealous bomb squad. The "Exploded View" title on the first diagram could be a self-fulfilling prophesy.
  6. Is there anyone out there who could turn a YouTube clip into an animated gif? I'd like to use it for another site that allows animated avatars. If you can crop the video to center the action, that would be even better! Thanks in advance.
  7. So, what happens now? Do you travel to Europe to take on the European geocacher of the year in a steel cage match? Five stage multicache race using Cobra GPSrs?
  8. x6 for K&J Magnetics. I check their clearance section once in a while for bargains.
  9. I like the variant "mugu", which is used by internet spammers/scammers in Africa. It is a Nigerian Pidgin term which means 'fool'.
  10. A few gallons of liquid nitrogen should freeze the mud up solid enough to drive out of there.
  11. Place an imaginary bet here at Hubdub regarding when the one-millionth cache will be listed. See the signature on this post for more info about joining Hubdub.
  12. My agent advises me to wait until the negotiations for the book and movie rights are finalized before I say anything.
  13. I think it's up to morons to judge whether those images are merely "goofy" or truly offensive. Morons, how do you feel?
  14. Crim, I look forward to the next months' reviews of dried banana peels and whip cream cannisters.
  15. Don't geocachers also use cars and cellphones? ...just like meth dealers do!
  16. Lithium ion batteries pose a fire hazard when combined with dihydrogen monoxide. There's a good chance that the cops have lithium batteries in some of their electronics... which could be linked to the production of methamphetamine.
  17. WOW! I loved the guinness one!!! The token is the black round coin in the glass (acryllic)?? Do you know were I can see it more clearly? I love and collect coins, banknotes, medals, tokens (and militaria things, but that is an other story...), so I would love to see it! Oh... you only get it when you visit the Guinness Brewery in Dublin??? huh... And Guinness is such a nice beer!!!! It is not a black round token sealed in acrylic. It is a black round drop of Guiness sealed in acrylic!
  18. Do you have any extra $30 lying around? USB Memory Brick Thumbdrive Make a robot out of these and you've got all your bases covered!
  19. What target? It's that exhaust port about two meters wide. I used to bullseye womp rats in my T-16 back home. They weren't much bigger than this topic.
  20. I found geocaching.com after reading a news article about the Degree Confluence project. I didn't buy a GPSr until after I had lurked on the website for a couple of months. I would credit my personal experience with getting started in geocaching to an interest in geography and not necessarily in gadgets.
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