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  1. Per RedTag above... 2. The Iphone Wherigo app also has a problem - using Iphone 6 + the latest IOS, when you pick a window to scroll through items (eg Wherigo platform - colorado/oregon/Pocket PC etc) it does not highlight or tick any when you select them. Does anyone have a workaround for this? I've tried moving cartridges to a public Dropbox, but I just can't find a way to download them on to an iPhone now! Help
  2. Timing is everything - I conveniently mailed myself a Stressed geocoin which arrived on the very day our family was to leave behind 20 years of memories to begin new ones in our new home. Stressed? A wee bit... Many thanks to the mystery coin giver for thinking of me. In the beginning we released several coins which have gone MIA over the years, but I like to think that someday, somewhere they will reappear with some amazing tales to tell. It has been so long since we last released a coin into the wild that the excitement has been renewed. I am hopeful that this coin will travel far and wide and perhaps cross paths with the mystery coin giver on its travels.
  3. Just days before Christmas I sent a package to myself. I have no recollection of this event, but the docs all say that with a little coin therapy I will have a complete recovery; I'm just not sure that I want to. I do apologize for my delay in posting and am very much thankful for the generosity and for the smiles and cheer you've spread. I only wish you had been present for the a-ha moment, it really was priceless.
  4. I didn't have a chance to try out your latest cartridge, but I threw together a sample timer one that I've used on my Oregon before... Timer Start It still asks you if you want to start the timer during the 'On Start' event. It does it via Inputs, and the Input has a 'Choice' value of Yes/No. That might get you going, it works well on the Oregons. The only caveat, if your text selection is too big, I'd suggest the text up top have your selection and a '1' or '2' on the bottom. Yes/No is fine. Hope that helps too. FC
  5. Here's hopefully a quickie... (I did do a topic search first) Does "Ignore Case" on a compare command work? I'm comparing input to a string value. I have a text input to which I save the 'Answer' to a variable 'Answer 1'. I then do a compare. if Answer 1 = 'ABC' then blah blah if Answer 1 #(Not equal) 'ABC' then blah blah other (I don't want to use an else) When I run it, if I put 'ABC' it works, if I put 'abc' it doesn't. I unchecked 'ignore case' and it still doesn't work. I changed it to lower case and then only lowercase worked. While GPS players might have no problem, iOS and Smartphone owners might have mixed case and I wanted to ensure it didn't matter. Any thoughts?
  6. Addendum: (I missed the detailed step request)... 1) Choose 'Find a cache' 2) Pick the cache to find, choose 'Go'. 3) When you found it (didn't find it), go back to your 'Find a cache' option and choose 'Log Attempt' 4) Here you can choose 'Found it' (Or didn't find it and other options). 5) If you want you can add a comment (they will preload if you use Field Notes). 6) Choose 'Done' and your are back to #1 where you can find another cache. If you look at your map, this cache will now have an open treasure box.
  7. If you navigate via the Geocache option, when you log your attempt and mark it as 'Found', it will automatically mark it with a open treasure chest. (Then later you can upload via Field Notes if you wish). All caches will have their original icons, and the found ones the open chest.
  8. Is there anyone who could help me locate a well rounder cacher coin (81 fizzy)? My trades list needs a little tlc but will try and update it shortly.
  9. Haven't forgotten this mission (1)... Will continue to wait patiently with fingers crossed.
  10. FWIW: I added a new cartridge a couple of days ago, and had a similar http error as mentioned up front. The problem for me was the description had HTML codes. I ripped it all out and changed it to straight text, and was able to post the new listing.
  11. Seems that for some reason it's not compatible with the iPad. Was hoping to live with iphone mode, but it seems not! Maybe when iOS 4.2 comes out, I can get it running on the iPad. I'm using a few iOS 4 features that I'd rather not do backflips to get working with 3.2. Here's a Fingers Crossed for that I have several developed cartridges out there to put it through it's paces Thanks.
  12. Seems that for some reason it's not compatible with the iPad. Was hoping to live with iphone mode, but it seems not!
  13. Have you tried reinstalling the .net framework? (It is necessary to have .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 installed. ) Here's a link - http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/deta...;displaylang=en
  14. Done. Interac I thought could be good for teens etc. While their parents may have paypal, and credit cards, they would be able to sign up themselves.
  15. Yes, this kind of event would be allowed, you will need to be careful not to mention too much of a commercial nature of the location. You would probably want to mention that it will cost people to play. If we were in the area, we'd be interested.
  16. True, but I guess if I started reading it and it said "How do I solve puzzle GC12345 which is a X type of puzzle", then I'd probably stop reading it if I didn't want the answer/clue. With a number of puzzles, once you google how to solve it, it's almost the same thing. Eg: If they say take a*b*c*d+e, that's what you'll do too. If you look how to solve a sudoku puzzle, you will need to read the solution. Is it because they named the cache specifically? It would be ironic as I never google a waypoint name Maybe I should bear that in mind The last point is that a massive amount of cachers don't solve the puzzles, somebody else in a group did and the rest were told or they were there at the time. We've had people ask for 'clues' as well as just coordinates. We will give them a clue to get them on their way usually.
  17. Anyone have an Original Can of Beans geocoin in hand for trade?
  18. Webupdater won't run if there is no internet connection. Info for downgrading is here... WikiSpaces "Each Software Version below is linked to that version's gcd file. Normally I would recommend upgrading through Webupdater but if for some reason you can't (e.g. you are trying to downgrade) then you can update using the following procedure: - Use the links below under "Software Version" to download the gcd file for the version you want to use - Change the name of the file you just download to gupdate.gcd - Attach the Oregon to your computer and verify that it is in USB Mass storage mode - Copy gupdate.gcd to [OR drive]:\Garmin\gupdate.gcd - Restart the Oregon " Is that what you're after?
  19. URWigo doesn't, but you could do what was suggested, and save the code in the GSBuilder. Then just import it into URWigo and carry on.
  20. Sure it's possible, just create yourself a variable, then add something like... If flag =false then message "Walk West" set flag = true else message "Walk West" end if So, you just change the value the first time you walk in. As for the 'artwork' question, wouldn't a standard message box do? You have to press OK to continue anyway. FC
  21. You could use your counter variable. Eg: If Counter=1 then Ask Question 1 and compare answer 1. If Counter = 2.... So it's just a bunch of 'If/Else' statements. FC
  22. If you want to ask some questions, then you will need to create some 'Inputs'. Once you create one, for example 'Question 1', you can click 'On Get Input' on the bottom right window. Then you can add your input checks. Here's a sample screen shot of the activities... When correct, you can set flags, enable zones etc. To use the input, you can create for example a character, then add 'Ask Question' as a command, and choose 'Input' as your action, and 'Question 1' as the object. The rest should work then. Hope that didn't confuse you too much. Fingers Crossed.
  23. Yup, it shows as Builder Which is OK as long as your name is Bob
  24. With the touch (and iphone), you can download your pocket queries to the unit (before you leave home). Once there, the iphone works better as it should figure out where you are. The touch you may want to look for a nearby one you just found. From here, it's probably easier to manually enter the extras on the etrex. Other GPS'rs let you hold a fair number of caches. The Garmin 60 series holds 1000 waypoints, and the newer Oregon/Dakota's hold 2000+ I'd recommend running GSAK and pocket queries, and keeping yourself up to date in your local area best you can. I ran navigator on an older BB a while back without issue, I just didn't want to pay the monthly cost. I think they may have gone single price now, but not sure. If you have a iphone or touch, you can download the PQ's now and it's a start (as well as having a lot of paperless info) FC
  25. The fact that it's pure HTML, tags and all makes it tough to read Since it's the GC Bio, I just ignore it and go to GC.com to read em.
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