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  1. So, you have a virtual stalker, so what? What's the problem in people seeing that you went to cache a then cache b...? If you are so concerned that everyone is looking at every word that you say, then make all your logs TFTC or something similarily bland. Any cache page log can be found just using google, so nothing that geocaching.com could do (and I'm certain that they will do nothing), could ever stop your online activities from being viewed by us NSA people (oops did I just say that?). This is the modern era, if you can't participate in online actvities, then don't. Everything is under constant scrutiny, everywhere. 1984 wasn't just 25 years ago.
  2. briansnat is right, but you don't have to do an advanced search unless you want to do further limiting by cache type. A regular search by state will bring up newest caches, in that state, on the first few pages. headhardhat is also right. PQ's can be good for you. And if you become a PM in order to get Pocket Queries's then you should also look at Notifications. There you can get emailed notices when a cache is published, or enabled or any number of other categories. In a very narrow (50 mile) circle around whereever you want.
  3. The error message that I got about an hour ago was more like "The forums servers are down, please come back later" That tellls me exactly why there was a problem this afternoon.
  4. And just because a particular account has not been logged into in a long time, do not think that perhaps that person doesn't have several other accoutns which he uses much more frequently. I know cachers who after hitting 1000 caches, start a new account and do everything new with that one, leaving the old one alone...then 2000 (well the next 1000), then 3000 (well you get the picture).
  5. You won't get the coodds, since it's required to read a cache page to see the coords. There liability reasons for not allowing someone to blindly go to any location. You need to know the hazards, any parking coords, where it it private property and where to go to avoid that if necessary and just about a thopusand other reasons. Let alone the fact that 150 characters shows nothing. Get a cell phone that has internet access, and go to the wap.geocaching.com site the instant you get a text notification. Or have WiFi...
  6. And did you get a load of all those apes on the Mall just a few weeks ago.
  7. Why not? Cause those pencil sharpeners, especially the ones that also can do crayons, are such nice SWAG.
  8. This should work find for any username that has no spaces or special characters in it, otherwise the URL gets messed up, but with judicious usage of HTML entities one can overcome that. Of course they can't see cache pages for Premium Members Only caches, and they can't see coordinates. But I think you really just want to show them your stats. Go to your account and click on the 'View My Stats' button, then put that link anywhere you want.
  9. OK, I'll bite. How could you get to stand on top of a specific cache and have your GPS tell you it was actually 15 miles away?
  10. But even though there was an email server issue today, it could be that all 5 of those people logged your caches using the one method that does not generate emails to the cache owners and the cache watchers, Well, one or two would be possible, but five is unlikely.
  11. You could even load then to the geocaching image server by uploading them as a forum avatar or a profile photo. But make sure you get the correct URL when you post it here, because exactly everyone else here is NOT YOU, so it has to be the public URL.
  12. Only if you know what the original coordinates were, and who knows this out in the field? There's no way to even know that you moved the icon at all.
  13. Most GPS's have what's called Waypoint Projection so a compass is almost never necessary. And one could do this offset cache in either True or Magnetic North Reference and let the cacher figure out what it is supposed to be, but only for relatively short distances < about a mile.
  14. It would be interesting to know if your GPS will show you your groundspeed since many commercial units are limited to displaying something like 200MPH. But yes, a metal tube is a Faraday Cage and even windows are well recessed into the body of a large place so much less than half a sky is visible, usually.
  15. I'll elaborate. One travel bug number at a time is OK, just like software licenses. But using the same number in more than one location at a time will result in that bug number being forever locked out and unloggable.
  16. If you waited and waited for your email account to get the validation code sent, and were impatient and clicked the validate button again, then be patient and WAIT for the latest most recent email to come. Then validate. If you are in too much of a hurry then you will be using invalid validation codes.
  17. If the GPS already had that same waypoint on it, and if that waypoint has changed from something in the past to something new, then your GPS will most likely have the old coordinates. I.E. It might becide to not load that waypoint again. But perhaps I'm backwards in my thinking.
  18. Just electronically retrieve it from that cache again. Then when you do physically place it into another cache, in your cache log you click the travel bug which are listed below your log and drop it into the cache. A travel bug retrieve log brings you to the travel bug page, but a drop does not, so if you want to put a story with the 'drop off' that's separate from the cache log itself then go to the travel bug page and edit that drop off log. Keep a record of the travel bugs serial number since once you no longer have physicall access to it, you can't log it, or fix it, or anything other than a note log. the following are good to read: http://www.geocaching.com/track/travelbugfaq.aspx http://www.geocaching.com/track/howto.aspx
  19. When PDA's or Pocket PC's have battery lives anywhere near 10+ hours i'll consider using them. But to answer your questions, "What program would accomplish this?" Probably whatever software came with the Bluetooth GPS device itself. But to expound on that. I know that Delorme software has PDA and PocketPC versions and they have a BT GPS so try them perhaps. Maybe Microsoft Streets or MapPoint also can since at least one of them has a PDA export. Edited to add: The Bluetooth device you mention seems to have a NMEA compatable output emulation so I'd say that any PDA or PocketPC GPS software will work with it.
  20. This happens, alot, on these forums. It seems to come and go with the tide. But here are some hints: 1. Do not use Fast Reply. 2. Use Add Reply instead. 3. If you do use Fast Reply, then be very patient and DO NOT ever click the Submit button more than once. 4. When creating a post, also be very patient. 5. It's also a good idea to copy and paste the contents of what you are writing, just in case the servers digest it completely. It happens. 6. Open a new Internet Explorer window right after you post and use that to see if your topic or reply got into the place you were sending it. 7. JUST BE PATIENT. Pressing the buttons more than once will not make it happen 'faster', it will only make multiple duplications. Edited to add, The moderators can and do remove duplicate posts, occasionally, and they might remove duplicate replies in rare situations. But they have a life and are not constantly monitoring everything.
  21. No, it's a GPS unit capability thing, not him being a PM and you not being one. The notes section of your waypoints or geocaches on the 60CSx can hold something like 30 characters. The Colorado can hold almost exactly the complete contents of a cache page. You can imporve upon it a little by using POILoader I think.
  22. Actually it's the first Premium Members that matters. The Group: only allows one to know that you had at some time in the past been a Premium Member. Just like mine. Now I'm not sure if becoming a PM will or will not happen if you are unverified. To see if you are verified, go to a cache page, any cache page, do you see coordinates or N?? ??.??? W??? ??.???, or go to a map page, any map page. Do you see cache containers? If so for either, then you are verified wether or not you got the email. If not then you have to have that email and go to http://www.geocaching.com/v/ edited to add: P.S. I thought validation only needs to happen if you change your email, not for when you join!
  23. There seem to be many 'flavours' of the GPX file 'standard'. Maybe you should try an unmolested file directly from geocaching.com into your GPS. If that doesn't work, import that into GSAK, and export as a separate GPX file and try to send that to your GPS. Can't think of anything else right now. But, you are not trying to send the ZIP of the GPX to your GPS right?
  24. I agree with the stats. And add that mine get skewed since I've gone to so many events, and all of those are archived (well all should be by now). Now your other, unasked, question, how many unpublished caches are there? I'd say perhaps just about as many as currently are available, 721,840 or more.
  25. Like the song, "Every cache is a different story." so why would you want to automate or otherwise deprive the community of your stories?
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