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  1. I agree with nevadanick.... the beginnings of geocoins, some obscure tokens as all this was forming, personal sig items some as rare as hounds teeth all still surfacing from time to time. I have always relied on those who went before us for the connection and the meaning of these early coins. Do stop in, say hi..... there is some encyclopedic knowledge not to be found elsewhere and a huge base of new collectors that would benefit. +1 Will do I still have a bunch I'm not planning on parting with Like my turtles, tsuns and my loggerheads. I LOVE my baby loggerhead. Coins from challenges and generous mystery coiners. Most of what I saved are the handmade tokens from other cachers and friends. The community here is the best part of coining
  2. Me too. LOL I didn't remember ordering anything. Awesome coin! Thanks so much for your generosity!! Glad they arrived and that you like them You're welcome! and thank YOU Beverly for the tag That's going in the keeper box (I do still have an ammo can of special coins and handmade sig items )
  3. Wow that took longer than I expected to get to #5 If anyone still wants the CF coin, feel free to email me in the next couple days! Otherwise the number's getting scratched of and its going into a cache! Was hoping somebody might like it though Claimed! Thanks!!!
  4. Sure do Edit: And it's looking like that's what I'll do with it, thanks
  5. You're welcome I haven't been around the forums in awhile, but people used to do cointests all the time! Don't know if that's still common.
  6. Two left and no ones claimed the CF coin! I don't blame you though, I'm not sure what to do with it myself. Maybe scratch off the number and leave it in a cache?
  7. Harry Dolphin!!! Miss ya too! One of my favorite NJ hiders Hope all is well! Edit: Just saying hi or you want one? Email me your address!
  8. So in the past few weeks I've been selling a lot of my older (2006-07 mostly) coins on the much loved/hated/drama-inducing e-place. No crisis to pay for, I just lost interest awhile ago and they've been collecting dust in my closet. It feels good sending them off to new homes, if a little sad. ..and I know I just faded away. Everything is great with me though, I just lost interest. I do miss this community though, I've met a lot of really really wonderful people in this forum! But anyway, the point of this thread is, there's one coin I'm really not sure what to do about. It's a "Breath of Life - Fighting Cystic Fibrosis" coin from 2007. It seems to somehow have been issued a duplicate tracking number, as it's number has already been activated. The owner of the other coin uses it to dip in and out of caches (and so very clearly still has it in her possession - I did NOT steal a traveler!). I think I recall CastleMan is no longer making coins, and it's probably well well past the point of bothering him about it anyway... So, if there's anybody who wants it for their collection with the understanding the tracking number is useless.... It'll be in the mail monday to the first person who emails me their address through my profile! It's free, I'm just looking to move it to a home where it'll be appreciated This is the original thread http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=161300 The one in question is two-tone gold on top of antique silver (I'd ask if you're outside of the US to please cover shipping though, w/in the US don't worry about shipping it'd only be $2) hmm... and I'm in a good mood (but not a complicated cointest mood ), first five to reply to this post can have a free copy of my personal coin too. Please reply to the thread so others can see when five have been claimed and then email me your address through my profile! Specify Antique Silver or Antique Copper. Original thread: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=230654
  9. Might've missed it, but if you need a ROT-13 Dragon Spinner, I've got an AS I can spare
  10. I had one on my last car for three or four years and the only time anyone discovered it was at an event cache. When I traded cars I didn't even bother putting it back in the window. It's funny, it's hit or miss whether anybody notices mine, I've parked right next to the entrance of an event cache and got not a single log, but I've been spotted on the highway and they followed me to scribble it down. Over the years though, it's built up quite a bit of logs http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=661535 I spotted one just today, in a spot I completely didn't expect to see a TB, giddy I made my coworker go back to I could get the number. It's always fun to notice one when you're not thinking about caching. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?guid=1f7d249d-d232-4aa5-afe8-da5a98cbd510
  11. Hi, I'm in the Las Cruces, New Mexico area for work the next two weeks. I'm *hoping* to have a weekend day off this coming weekend but I don't know yet which day, or if I'll even get a day, but I'm crossing my fingers. I'd guess most likely it will be Sunday. If I do, I'm planning on an ascent of Organ Needle to grab this cache: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC128K7 This http://www.cohp.org/nm/Dona_Ana_5.html is a pretty good source. I am not planning on bringing a rope for the "crux" section, mostly because I didn't bring one. Looking at the photos, it looks like an area that won't be too tricky free, but I'm not opposed to rope, if it'll convince someone to join me When I know which day, I'll be planning on starting early early, maybe 4ish? Anyone in the area (with flexible weekend plans) interested in joining me?
  12. Been awhile since this thread has been bumped, but I wanted to share the news that my coin made it to me! 3.5 years and 17 pages of logs, and I picked it up from my cache during lunch today http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?guid=a37b2998-e298-41b7-a13b-ac41b4a2cdbb Thanks to everyone who helped it on it's journey!
  13. Probably not since I won't be there. (getting sent back to California on Monday; sad I have to miss it again!)
  14. Anza Borrego is great (but watch out for mountain lions ) or Joshua Tree. The Cleveland National Forest is a bit closer and also very pretty.
  15. mine came in around 2 pm while i was out caching w/out hints and previous logs, like the old days
  16. Mine are not coming in either
  17. ooh those came out nice! I'll probably miss the sale since I'm headed out soon until tomorrow night, if anyone wants to trade a purple/bn for my personal, shoot me an email!
  18. oh for cute. the new color combos! especially the white ones of course i didn't check in on the forums till reservations were closed, but that's probably better for my wallet since i secured some Paxes in the first run.
  19. 2012 is a ways off, but if the vacation time is available and i can find an affordable flight, i'd love to go back to Montana, probably take at least a week off and make a vacation of it Edit to add: I agree with the September sentiment Snowstorms scare me!
  20. Sorry to see you go, and sorry to hear the bad news about your divorce I hope things are looking up soon!
  21. Years? Really? "Joined: 18-October 09" The Folgers containers have a tendency to disintegrate quite suddenly, and the lids are crap. And why anyone would buy Folgers is beyond me. I don't even drink coffee and I know better than to inflict that on anybody. He didn't say they were his caches. They could've been placed years ago by someone else and found recently in good shape. I agree with the folgers sentiment. I am a coffee fiend and even if I believed the cans made decent containers, a free container would not be worth drinking that! I aim for the lock-n-lock aisle and buy clean ones that won't attract animals (even so, I've had a bear munch on a lock-n-lock) or plan a day at the shore and head down to the englishtown (nj) fleamarket for cheap ammo cans.
  22. Sounds like a bad infomercial Just attempting to explain the perspective of someone who likes being able to post a log from the field. Sorry if you've got a problem with people who happen to have a different kind of phone than you, and happen to like it. Hey hey hey...easy, there. He was just having fun with your writing style, not with what you said. I got a kick out of it, too. Sounded like "Before I got MY Lifeline..." Besides, not one poster here has issues with people writing good logs from an iPhone or whatever device they chose to use. The issue is whether or not the apps and the devices tend to lead toward short, lame logs. In many cases, it would appear that they do. In your case, apparently not. didn't mean to sound like an infomercial just the way I write I guess, I get rambly. I figured his comment was about the content based on previous posts that were somewhat hostile toward iphone users.
  23. Sounds like a bad infomercial Just attempting to explain the perspective of someone who likes being able to post a log from the field. Sorry if you've got a problem with people who happen to have a different kind of phone than you, and happen to like it.
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