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  1. I could probably help you with Minnesota and Wisconsin. Let me know what you are trading...
  2. I'll add my two cents worth... I agree with many of these above. I've released more than 100 coins and probably 1/3 are out of commission for one reason or another. I think that some DO get stolen, but not all of them. I've had coins that have been missing for nearly two years suddenly re-appear. Once in awhile I'll get an email from someone apologizing and tell me how they found the car in a car seat or at the bottom of a geocaching pack or otherwise just forgotten. I've done the same myself, though not longer than 6 months, generally. I don't release too many coins anymore. $10-$15 to have something go missing/stolen ... not worth it anymore. But I release some just because I enjoy spreading some joy. I wish there was a way to flag those caches where something goes missing all the time. Those are generally the results of someone watching for coins. Personally, I'd like to see Groundspeak change the way coins are logged so that they get logged AFTER picked up and so that finding a coin in a cache is a surprise, rather than having people watch for when they get dropped.
  3. After seeing these responses, I know that the one I was thinking of isn't the biggest, but the biggest that was in my collection (and is now out and about in geocaches) was the Oshndoc South Pole coin.
  4. Thanks for the great cointest! This was fun reading about some of these first coins!
  5. This is pretty easy for me ... I still have such fond memories for my first coin. 1) My first coin released into the caching wild was the Dressel Dragon Geocoin (I named it Dan's Dressel Dragon Geocoin [because I was so original!]). 2) I activated it on September 24, 2006 and I placed it on September 25, 2006 in one of the only 4.5/5 caches I've been to (and this was my second visit to this cache [to drop the coin and to pick up a rare Jeep]). The cache log is: here: Kitchen Cove Cache. 3) The coin visited nine caches (including two events) and traveled from Minnesota to California but has not been reported seen since April of 2007.. stickerooni
  6. I've seen lots of stories here about coins going missing and coin theft (there are people out there who collect travelling coins). I currently have 31 coins that are known to be lost/missing or whose last travel log was in 2007. The number would be significantly higher if I counted the coins that were last logged in 2008 as I released more in 2008. However, I have had coins that I've actually labelled as lost/missing that have been found. In one case, a coin that was lost for a year and a half suddenly reappeared with a note from the cacher who said they were selling their car, had decided to clean it out, and found the coin wedged under the back seat. Another time a cacher logged a lost coin by saying that they found it on a forest floor while searching for a cache that they never found. They do reappear from time to time, but they go missing way too often. I still have coins that I will be releasing over the course of the next few years, but I've stopped buying them the way that I used to. They're too expensive to be putting them in someone else's collection or to be lost so easily.
  7. I was at an event recently and wrote down a coin code apparently incorrectly. Turns out that the coin code I wrote down was an activated coin, in a personal collection in Europe. I logged it as 'discovered' but wrote that apparently I had the wrong code written down. A couple of days later the owner of the coin I had logged deleted my log. It was understandable since I didn't actually discover that coin.
  8. Let's see...it can't be any coin you minted, and it has to be from the list on your profile page. But if your profile page is only listing the coins you minted, does that mean you're sold out already?
  9. I used to think poorly of them, but with the number of coins that I've had go missing (approximately one out of three), I'm reconsidering them. I recently purchased a generic coin from a reputable geocoin dealer ... I write the coin code on the generic coin and the discoverer actually holds an item in their hand and gets the unique icon, but it it not that particular coin. I haven't released this yet, but may do so soon.
  10. Add me to the list of people sad to see this go away. I've just spent hours trying to figure out how to get the GSAK macro to do something similar (finally found it), but would be using yours still if it were available. But...congrats on making tough, wise choices. Family is everything.
  11. For a long time, I used to think of it as theft, but now I feel that many coins simply get forgotten or lost by the cachers who grab them. Some of mine have turned up years after what I thought was lost or stolen. That said, though, I do think that there are 'pockets' or areas in which there is someone or a group of people who collect coins found in caches. If you find a cache or an area where coins routinely go missing (I wonder if you are in the area where two of my travellers have gone missing?) think about leaving a note IN a cache for future finders that coins tend to go missing. You could leave a note on line as well, though many cachers don't read the notes until after they've been to a cache.
  12. I have 104 activated coins. There are exactly 50 that are either known to be lost or have not been moved in over a year. 12 are not in circulation by my choice. Which means that there are 42 still out there somewhere. I suspect that more will pop up as "missing" -- some that are just inside that one year mark of not having been moved. From time to time I get a nice surprise. One coin that I had listed as missing for more than a year was recently discovered in the wrong cache and someone took the time to make note and put it back into circulation.
  13. Do you have a list of coins you are looking for?
  14. Yes, it has happened to me. I've seen maybe 1/5 of my released coins go missing -- that would be about 20 coins to date. The most painful one was the first one that I released. However, I have learned since that sometimes the coins get legitimately lost in a cachers bag, or, as others have said here, simply get picked up by someone who isn't able to log their caching for some time. I had a coinc that I was sure was lost or stolen suddenly turn up a year and a half later. And another one turned up after a year with a nice note from the cacher who said they found it in the crack of the car seats when they were cleaning. It may turn up, it may stay lost, keep letting them go and you'll enjoy some great journeys. I have also learned that my coins that go to Europe tend to travel a lot more and don't get stolen/lost nearly as much as my US traveling coins. Happy caching!
  15. Caches. That's what they're for, right?
  16. I have no clue as to how many coins I own -- maybe 400. I have about 100 in circulation (if you count those missing and stolen as being in circulation). I think that ultimately every coin I own will be in circulation. I don't think of the non-circulated coins as my collection, but coins that aren't activated and traveling yet. Occasionally I hang on to one because it looks so great and I don't want it stolen, but really, it doesn't do any good sitting around my desk. I often buy duplicate or triplicate copies of coins, but I do it more for future trade rather than to keep one in a collection. And on a side note...I've found that the European cachers are much better about circulating coins than U.S. cachers. I've never had a coin over-seas get lost.
  17. I think, for me, it's the art. Seeing the handiwork of an artist, minted and shared, is really exciting to me. I'd be designing my own coins, but just can't afford it. But I love the creativity and I enjoy sharing it. I used to belong to all the geoicoin clubs out there, but dropped two of them when I felt that their designs stopped being artistic. I've somewhat gotten out of coins. I've never been big into collecting for myself, but activate and release the ones I buy. The economy going the way it's going, the number of released coins that have gone missing, has had me rethinking the whole coin-buying thing. Once in awhile I visit a seller's web sight and get really excited about the designs, but a look at my PayPal account stops me from placing an order. Lots of neat coins out there, but just as many that mean nothing to me. And if doesn't have a meaning to me, why spend the bucks?
  18. My feeling is that if you've contacted them and they said they'd move it, leave it at that. They haven't moved it quickly, but as others have said, there could be reasons not known to you, and really, they shouldn't have to explain their personal problems to someone they don't know, even if they have a coin that you voluntarily placed in a cache. I've released nearly 100 coins and plenty have gone missing. I ususally send one note and leave it at that. Some of my coins have moved more than a year after being 'missing.' I don't usually label the coins as STOLEN but choose LOST/MISSING instead.
  19. How about two versions (M/F) of Geocaching Nudists geocoin? Though I think the best worst coin is the Hitler/Stalin coin.
  20. Hi Chapskis1! I think I know where you found that coin! I've released about 100 coins. Maybe 1/5th of those have been lost/stolen/missing. It's a gamble. One thing you could do -- I've done this for a favorite coin -- activate the coin and use it to 'dip' in all your caches as you travel. You could also activate it and bring it with you to events and lets others 'discover' it without having to take it. Or you could just buy it, own it, display it (activated or not). It's your coin, once you pay for it, so do with it as you please!
  21. Thoughts, prayers, and well wishes out your way. Email sent.
  22. I want to thank you all for the tips. I've done some investigating based on what you've provided and I am absolutely THRILLED! I learned that I can create my own icons for the Garmin Vista. I've done that (I'm fairly handy with the graphics programs) and loaded them to the GPS. With the help of Geocaching Swiss Army Knife, I've been able to set it up so that the appropriate icon appears on my GPSr screen. AND...when I log the find, I've set it so that it will always show the same "found" icon. I did not have to create any unique macros, but was able to modify what was already in the system. I've also got a great little Skull and Crossbones icon that appears for any cache that's unavailable or archived -- I don't need to waste my time looking for a cache that I won't find! Very easy. But because of the great features with GSAK, I've also set it up so that the identifying name on the screen starts with one letter identifying the type (Small, Micro, Regular, Unknown, etc), followed by a digit indicating the difficulty (1=1, 1.5=A, 2=2, 2.5=B, etc), followed by the GC#. I know that some of you had mentioned doing this, but I actually thought you went through and did it for each one. I didn't realize that GSAK had a macro set up to do it for you! Now...when I'm out and about, I can tell at a very quick glance (based on the icon and the first two digits) everything I need to know to decide if it's a cache that I can/should go search for. What wouldn't I go for? Well, if it's a puzzle cache or earthcache where you need to know more information, now I won't waste my time searching an area (which I've done). Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  23. I have the Garmin Vista HCx. At a recent event I was bemoaning the fact that when I'm in the wild with only my GPSr, I can't tell when a cache is a multi, Earthcache, or puzzle cache because the icon is always the same little closed treasure chest (open, when I log it as found). Someone said that you can get different icons and showed me his icons for a nearby multi, which was different from a nearby standard. He said you just need to set it up that way. I've explored my Vista and I can only see how to set up the different looks between a cache and a found cache. Am I missing something? Is this just not possible on a Vista? I use MapSource, but couldn't find a way to set it up there, either. Thanks
  24. The Hobbit's Trail: The Lair of Smaug
  25. Waitin' On A Sunny Day by Bruce Springsteen
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