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  1. It may be popular in some circles but it's not legit. You wouldn't log a cache find to a cache you'd never been to so why log a discovery to a coin you've never seen? Fortunately as coin owner you have the mechanism and right to delete these virtual logs should you choose to. Just because it's popular doesn't make it right. On the other hand if you did attend an event and brought your coin there you'd be hard pressed to know who logged a discovery that hadn't actually seen it. But if your coin is in your hand and no one else has seen it in a while you can be pretty sure it's a cheater looking to gain another icon without leaving the comfort of their computer. You see... all they have to is come up with the right tracking number, any random number generator will do, to log into it. It's called virtual logging and used to be heavily frowned on but it's unclear whether Groundspeak will actually freeze the travel page of any traveler that's getting logged virtually.
  2. You're making a lot of assumptions concerning the owner's interest in his coin. I have not logged a cache find in many years but I still delete virtual discoveries and read all logs from existing caches and travelers that might still be out there. And coins that disappear without a trace after being picked up by someone are re-titled STOLEN. Please don't worry so much what other people may or may not be intending to do with their property and just do what is yours to do... move it along. Thank you.
  3. "Collectible" just means you're okay if your coin is taken and added to the finder's collection. 995 times out of 1000 you wouldn't want to do that but for the 5 coins out there that are collectible it serves a purpose.
  4. These were made a long time ago so the only source is the re-sale market - hence fleabay.
  5. IIRC there is no such thing. Your only recourse is to delete the logs.
  6. Yeah.... pathtags are not trackable on geocaching.com, much like personal coins, and as such using the geocaching.com forum to discuss/trade/sell them is frowned on. But to your question on valuation of certain coins.... your guess is as good as anyones. If it's Ebay that you're looking at it may depend on the seller. Some use beautiful photography and demand exorbitant prices while others want their stuff to move quickly and are more reasonable down to the production value of their auction pages. Don't mistake a bidding war for actual value for a coin.... that's just ego between two contenders. But that's for older coins that are no longer available from the original coin designer/maker. Brand new coins pretty much cost the same, depending on where the design originated from and their cost of production. For example european coins tend to be more expensive, 20-50% more, than US coins because shipping is more costly and tax considerations such as VAT. Also coins produced in very large numbers tend to be less expensive. Makers want to recoup their costs so selling out means a quick return on investment. Whereas a large run can take longer to sell in enough quantity to recoup costs. So a lot depends what you're comparing prices to.
  7. Droo

    GW14er coin

    I'm willing to bet that between a shiny nickel finish and an antique nickel finish the antique on is the LE.
  8. The tracking # engraved on the coin is not the same as the TB number listed on the coin page. The TB # is for public use, if you need to reference it or link to the coin page without using the tracking # that is only to be available and used by those who have come in physical contact with the coin and can therefore log discovery, pick up, grab or drop. If you are looking to log the coin use the tracking # and examine the digits carefully.... 8s can look like Bs, Is can look like 1s, don't mistake an 0 for an O etc.
  9. When geocaching is touted as a treasure hunt game folks come to expect treasure. Nothing more treasure like than geocoins ripe for the taking. People don't seem to care, or have the ability to care, that it's not corporations or rich philanthropists releasing all this booty for our enjoyment but normal folks with normal lives struggling to get by like anyone else. And parents are the worst allowing their children to take whatever they want without putting something back of equal or greater value for the next person. Rocks and feathers found on the ground are not swag and it's the parents' job to educate their kids rather than pass on the consequence to strangers.... I mean who gives a $#!t about strangers!! #welcometothehelicopterparentnation
  10. Looks like a personal coin. Probably a home made one of maybe 12 or 20 made. How much is it worth? Well it was made for anyone to grab from a geocache so it's free.... don't even have to trade for it. But look around the website here and explore the game where millions of people worldwide hide caches and trade swag items placed in them. Don't expect to get rich, though.
  11. Droo


    Yes, as coin owner you get additional screens to edit name, description, mission or add images.
  12. As stated above you need the tracking number to grab it back to drop into the cache it actually sits in. If you did not write down that tracking number somewhere the only way to get it is to reach out to the owner who can then either do it for you or send it to you to do yourself. With the owner unresponsive all you can do is wait for someone to grab it from where it lies and re-enter it into the tracking system correctly.
  13. Yes, you can list your trackable coins here with prices you'd expect for them but don't include the non trackables as they will get your post deleted.
  14. Wait... it's not even the official Geowoodstock coin. But given that the event is taking place in Denver where pot has been legalized why get upset if someone wants to make their own coin to celebrate that fact?
  15. I have coin sitting in my drawer that gets virtually discovered like gangbusters 'coz the tracking code is one of the easiest to crack. I'm constanly deleting logs in spite of the fact the coin page lists the coin in my hands, sitting in my collection at home and that virtual logs will be deleted. But the logs keep coming... maybe it's something lost in translation 'coz the logs are typically in German. Anyway I noticed that in the actions menu that included "mark as missing" is the action to Lock. Is this anything like the locking by GS volunteers, Lackies and moderators in that it can't be reversed or is reversible since it's owner driven? I'd hate to risk it and find out the hard way there is no return. TIA
  16. The idea was to GIVE and inspire others to be equally generous. It kinda sparked the placement of unactivated coins in caches which I'm sure is still done by some folks but not with the "Pay It Forward" intent that included a printed card describing what the coin was for or what to do with it. It seems unactivated coins, when found, cause more confusion than generosity since more people come out asking where they can get theirs.
  17. I seriously doubt itls longtime premium members. Anyone going to the effort of siging up to pay for a membership when it's strictly voluntary is not shying away from "directions". Of course it's newbs. When geocaching is only a click away on your smartphone you're not going to dig deeper into the website to find out what's going on. And how many sign up for a dozen finds and walk away with a pocketful of travellers? It's hard to say. But it's not just newbs ... newbs implies unintentional errors; clueless mistakes if you will... out of ignorance. There are those who intentionally take travellers with malicious intent; maybe those are the premium members mentioned above. Remember the old adage, though... never leave anything in the woods you don't expect to lose. Finding a $15 shiny trinket is just too cool to keep than play it forward.
  18. To be a proper geocoin it must say "Trackable on Geocaching.com" or something close to that effect. You may have stumbled on a personal coin or token which is swag.
  19. Since you're leaving the coin/gift/prize in your own cache you will know when the cache was FTF and assume the coin was taken. At that point you can wait until the coin is activated and discover the coin or send the new owner an email requesting their approval. It's rare that someone who gets a free coin will balk at the original owner wishing to discover it but be prepared for some twisted feelings if they are not sure who you are when you make the discovery. On the other if you activate it and then adopt it away the new owner will know who you are and not get their undies knotted up over you wishing to discover it. I would make one suggestion if you are going to leave the coin unactivated in the cache.... --- Put a note in the coin sleeve with the activation code or a link to the website to get the activation code and an explanation on how to activate this prize you are giving away. Many new cachers are confused enough about geocoins that should they come across one that is not activated and what they are to do with it throws them into a tailspin of further confusion. Your gift is appreciated all the more if the person understands what just happened and where to go next with it.
  20. The 50 minimum you're referring to has to do with the production of your own geocoin. For more info from the Geocaching.com homepage Click on LEARN, then GEOCACHING 101 then look for the Help Center link in the top paragraph. Although the FAQ page of Geocaching 101 is useful the Help Center is a more direct way to access specific information you might be looking for.
  21. What's next? Logging finds to physical caches from one's couch without ever stepping outside? Still, news that owners can lock their trackables is a positive change 'coz deleting discoveries to coins on my shelf from half way 'round the world is getting old.
  22. You've just started so no point in getting too jaded just yet. Enjoy your enthusiasm, idealism and blind faith in human nature. It will be rewarded and you'll have loads of smiles to show for it. Oh, but when something goes wrong don't look at the forum with suspicion, non-owners rarely perouse thorugh here except to figure out how stuff works. Enjoy.
  23. Check with Green Man about transfer of ownership. I could be mistaken but it's possible Green Man retains ownership of his coins that are collectible by others, much like Moun10Bike.
  24. That's amazing that you've been caching for 10 days and found a unactivated geocoin. Congratulations, these things are extremely rare... a bit like finding a $20 bill at a bus stop. But you're right about needing an activation code. I'm surprised the owner didn't include it if it was intended as a gift 'coz it can be a chore to track it down. If you could post a photo (cover the tracking number though) maybe someone can recognize it and know where to go to get the activation code.
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