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  1. That one looks BEAUTIFUL. Very nice. ONly coin I have seen in a while that really peaked my interest.
  2. Had to post that I recived my coin. Very nice. Thanks!!!
  3. Very nice looking coin. Congradulations to all the getters and THANKS to the giver! Later all!!!
  4. VIAGRA!!! Thanks for the cointest
  5. Thanks for making me tear up there Rockin'!!!!! I know that no matter how short a ride may be, you'll NEVER catch me without a helmet on!!! "Watch out for me and I'll watch out for you."
  6. Well. I finally got my new Motorcycle home today. Its' a 2009 Honda Shadow Spirit 750. I went on a short 43 mile ride this afternoon with her. And I decided to name her "Betty". The picture is of me on the bike, that is not how I ride though. Helmet and Jacket for me are a must. I was just sitting on it for the picture. Lots of motorcycles on the road today, and alot more will soon be hitting the roads with the beautiful weather we are having here lately. So.....here is the picture, just wanted to share!!!
  7. I got this coin from chur. Who I believe said they got it from WRITE SHOP ROBERT. I do not know much about how to enter it in the race so here is the number: TB2QA90 I'll read a little more into the race in a bit. Thanks for the coin and I connot wait to see its travels. On a side note. I currently ride a 2008 Honda Rebel 250. I got the go ahead on getting a new bike within' a month or so. I am getting a 2009 Honda Shadow Spirit 750. I'll post a pic of it here when I get. It should be plenty bike for me as I am only 5'6" and weigh in at 165-170 lbs. The one thing I have learned about riding is that Roads can take you anywhere you wanna go, you do not always have to know where you are going to have a good ride. Sometimes that is why I ride, just to go where the road takes me. May the next road you ride on be the best ride yet!! Ride safe, stay alert, and enjoy the road!! -Dardevle
  8. Well you can probably tell this is not my bike. Mine is a 2008 Honda Rebel 250cc. This one is a Harley from a display window at Orlando Harley Davidson. My wife and I took our daughters to Florida and to Disney for the week. This was our first time as a family in Florida. As a matter a fact we are still here but are flying out tomorrow. This was mine and my daughters first time on a Harley. She just loved it!!! Now she thinks that when we get home to Minnesota I should start riding mine again. I had to say no, something about riding in 17 degree weather does not sound appealing. Thanks for the cointest. It would be fun to have one entered in Todie's Wild Ride. Thanks for the look at some nice bikes and the cointest. -Dardevle & LULU J
  9. Just thought I'd give this one a bump! My wife, two daughters and I along with GSA Agent #145 are of to Disney World today in Florida. Have not seen The Geocoin Secret Agent around. I hope all is well with you. I'll post pics of the coin on the coins homepage when we get back in a week. -Dardevle
  10. Hey there Andbabymakesthree, It is nice to see you gave geocaching another go round. Like alot of cachers have said. Not all caches are "out in the boon docks". There are alot of them in cities. Me personally I like the ones that are "Off the Beaten Path". Our family really likes geocaching on our road trips up north. We can stop and stretch our legs finding a cache. It seems no matter where you are planning on going there is always a cache not to far away. Keep it simple at first, go caching where you are familar with the area and then venture out. Just getting out and being more active is what it is about. As for it being a "geek sport", nah I do not think it is. I think it is for anyone who enjoys being outdoors. Unless you consider cachers who range from being Docters, Truck Drivers (thats me) to hamburger flippers geeks, well, you guessed it right. LOL!!! Have fun with it!! -Dardevle-
  11. HE-HE!!!! BIG-HOPPER, TWITCH, SPOOK, TORPEDO, LUCKY 13, OLD #7, COOTER, BOOYAH, WRONG-WAY, TREMOR, X-CALIBUR, BOMBER, PIGSKIN, ROGUE, DOOZEE, BOOGEE, CORTEZ, KNUCKLE-HEAD, HOUDINI, SAMURIA, and TEENY-WEE. Do not take your dog catching the winter, you might loose it in the snow. TIP: Put blaze orange on in the winter.
  12. Here is a few more: PUPPET, SWAMP DONKEY, OZMO, VENUM, GAMBLER, THORNE, THISTLE, SOCK MONKEY, MONSTER, BIONIC, FORAGE, SCUD, WIGGLER, and THE ILLUMINATOR. I think I would train the dog to track the smell of #2 lead pencils. Unless it is a "Micro" then thats when having a kid with helps because they always see things from a different angle.
  13. Last time then I'll let the cointest play out! NUCLEUS, MARMOOSKA, GEM-N-EYE, BUCK-SHOT, GUPPEE, WILLY, NUGGIE, WEDGEE, SLAMMER, CHUBBY DARTER, HAWGER, or MIMMIC to name a few. Yes they are all jigs or lures!!! I cannot help myself. TIP: When dog is bigger tie him to your kids leg! I do not have a dog so I am not sure how I would handle the situation. Love dogs, I just feel they need more space than I have. I guess growing up on 40+acres will do that. If you ask me a dog needs its space. Not to be stuffed in a house or left inside a kennel ALL day. Any way, Geocaching with him should be fun and gives him some of the exercise he needs. Plus I really cannot stand all the fur everywhere, is there such a thing as a hairless dog that likes to be outside in the Minnesota Winters???
  14. How about the name FILTER. Hmmm? Or how about, POPPEE, FRISBEE, RUNT ROCKER, RATSO,FINKEE, SHRIMPO, DEMON GLOW, VIRTIGLOW or QUASIMODO. I like them because they are names of Ice Fishing Jigs!!! If I every get a dog, thats where I will start for a name. TIP: tie dog and kid to your back!!!
  15. Hey there DJ.J.ROCK, your wooden nickel is in the mailbox waiting for pick-up. So...It should get to you soon. The Weasel, let me know when you get yours. Like I said it went out on the 20th so it should be there in a couple days!! Thanks again for the trade and sorry I am a little slow at getting it out to you.
  16. DJ.J.ROCK, I have yours ready also. But....I just used my last stamp for The Weasel. I'll have yours out as soon as I get more stamps. Have a good one!!!! -Dardevle-
  17. When they have allowed their photo to be used for the other person to make a profit, then the payment is hardly a "Gift" in fact, that shouldn't even be considered a Cointest, when it's really a disguised solicitation of artwork submissions. The host has made money on the sale of these photos with the agreement of paying for their use. Just to add...Legal Issue, probably not...Breech of trust, certainly. Point made. I hope things get worked out for the best for everyone involved!!
  18. Hey The Weasel, I got your nickels. Sorry I am late but yours are going out in the mail today. My house was taken over by little green memory gremlins????? -Dardevle
  19. It looks as if you both have done all you can to get "your" coin. I do not think there is a need to bash people. If you are that unhappy with how things are going...Do not do any type of transactions with this person. Do not buy the coins either. It is their loose. Just don't participate in anything they put on. Easy peasy!!!!! I am sorry though that you both have not recieved your"gifts". -Dardevle
  20. I like the name "Snow Trucker". Why I do not know. Seems to be a good Geo-dog name!
  21. Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! I hope you have a wonderfull day. My first concert I went to was Metallica. I was 14 and I cannot believe my folks let me go. That was 22 yrs ago. Have a great day and thanks for the cointest!!! -Dardevle
  22. Hey DJ.J.ROCK - Anyone else? Send me your address thru my profile e-mail and I'll send you one. Ditto, I'll shoot ya one if you'd like also. OK, VERY COOL I DID NOT KNOW MANY COLLECTED THE WOODEN NICKLES I JUST THOUGHT I WAS WEIRD, THO I HAVENT MADE ONE OF MY OWN YET,,,WE MAKE PERSONALS FOR THE CACHES ...ILL SEND YA ALL AN E-MAIL TONIGHT AFTER WORK,,,THANK YOU !! What the heck. I'll jump on the wagon. Send me your address and I'll get on out to you also.
  23. E-Mail sent. Looks like cool nickel!
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