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  1. I believe that is a signature item for Corp Of Discovery.
  2. Any of hipogrif, harpie (may not get approved), lion, tiger, cougar, Ostrich, giraffe, dragon, or whatever carousel creatures that ma be thought of should be awesome. I anxiously await the next release of the series.
  3. Missed out on the silver/yellow but got an order in for a couple of the purple ones. Guess that just means I'm meant to try for an AE version.
  4. I just saw this after getting back from vacation. I had wondered about the difference in currency but didn't follow up. Thanks for taking care of this. Email sent.
  5. I just wanted to say that I think the charcoal & glow horses look fantastic too. Great Job!
  6. Lovely coin. I think I'll need to get at least one.
  7. Oh I see..... If your not in your little inner circle of friends your chances of purchasing a complete set is slim to none......... Since some are only minted in a VERY small numbers..... I believe everyone is free (and welcome) to join the GeocoinDesign chat room at any time. There is no inner circle other than the group of people who regularly visit (which anyone can be part of). Think of it similar to frequently visiting this forum; if you're here often enough, you'll likely be around in time to partake in a cointest or coin sale before things end up on eBay. IMO, regardless of how many coins are minted for any run, it is the coin producer's option to sell their coins however they want. I personally have missed out on some designs I wanted to have. I just accept the fact that I'll have to trade for or find some other way to come by the version(s) I want. Regarding the fact that certain versions of a coin "are only minted in a VERY small numbers", that is the very definition of a LIMITED EDITION (LE) coin. Many people may want that version but only a few will be able to obtain it.
  8. Do you know your geocoin list takes me to my profile details meaning my personal profile not yours? No - and my sincere apology - I don't know how that happened but will delete it right away. Very sorry...obviously I am techno challenged. The link you have to your signarture is a generic link that will take anyone clicking on it to their own profile. (i.e. it's currently set to http://www.geocaching.com/my/details.aspx) I'm guessing this is a common mistake since it's the link given when someone goes to their GC.com page. An accurate link to hollora's profile would be http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?id=506328
  9. Edit: Never mind. CinemaBoxers answered it better than I could.
  10. These coins go on sale shortly at the GeocoinDesign store. A link will be posted to here on this thread when they are available.
  11. These look great. I'll definitely need to order one (or more).
  12. I saw these in person today and they look fantastic.
  13. i checked it out. are they going to be available for single purchases...not multi? I'm sort of confused about the details they have posted. The goal for the geoguitar coin is to allow people to customize a version of the coin. That being the case, they are only selling them in a minimum of 20 coins. You might be able to buy a single coin from someone that purchases their own batch though.
  14. I found this site That implies that intellectual property is copyrighted once it is created. While not a legal source, it does reflect other copyright positions I've read at other sites. Basically, once a design, photo, song, etc. is created, it is automatically copyrighted. There are ways to register the copyright but are not required; they just make enforcement easier.
  15. Mystery coin givers are just that, a mystery. Few may think they know who they are but one can never be certain. People lucky enough to find a mystery coin are welcome to keep them. I believe if they are found in a cache, they should be traded for equal or better value just like other swag. The people who distribute them do leave clues to where someone may find a treat but you need to know where to look. Don't be surprised where a mystery cacher travels; they have magical powers to visit pretty much anywhere on the planet in a moment's time to leave their gifts.
  16. Oops, noticed I grabbed the wrong person so am guessing again with William Howard Taft September 15, 1857
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