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  1. You're dying of thirst. Someone offers you a tasty bottled beverage. Success! You finally have something to quench that thirst. But oh no - it's not a twist off bottle cap, and you have no bottle openers on you. What now?! This geocoin is the answer to your problem. The Hopfengarten Sherpa Geocoin is a handy bottle opener, geocoin, and tag transporter ALL IN ONE! This sherpa comes with it's own custom tag only available with this coin. It can easily be removed to place your favorite tag for travelling/display. So stay hydrated, collect geocoins, and display your tags. All at once. Get yours now at The Geocoin Store! Available in 3 finishes - Antique Nickel, Antique Gold, and Shiny Gold, all trackable on geocaching.com.
  2. I just sent an email, one of my coins was missing
  3. I sent an email the other day with my info to be added to the list, but I haven't gotten a reply yet.
  4. We're also still signing people up for Geocoin Poker at MWGB!. MWGB Poker Signup
  5. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far, we've received some great stuff!
  6. We have the schedule posted on the website: www.mwgb.org Be sure to register and order swag before the cutoff dates!
  7. More than 500 people registered already! Don't forget, registration is free and helps us plan quantities for the event
  8. Don't forget registration starts on March 1st! Visit www.mwgb.org to register for the event!
  9. I have to disagree with #7. Unless it's the top ten pirate geocachers of the decade.
  10. Hi, I noticed your note on the cache page for Midwest Geobash as well as on here. Your best means of contacting us is through email: info@mwgb.org That also goes for anyone else interested in suggesting future locations, or any other communication about the event. Thanks for the interest
  11. The event page is up! GC209KQ See you there
  12. Hmm.. I think I have that one too
  13. How was your room and the hotel in general? Is it updated? Was your room as nice as the one in the picture? How was the food? I'm just leery because the last time I stayed in a "remodeled" Holiday Inn, it was a disaster! Well, that night was the end of the first day on a 3500 mile road trip, so the room itself was a small portion of what was on my mind But if I do remember correctly, the hotel was nice. It is a bigger hotel, with lots of space and conf. rooms. The picture of the room on the website looks quite familiar, so I'd say we stayed in one of those rooms. It was fairly updated, yes. We ate at the Mall, so no food at the hotel, sorry. The only thing that stuck in my mind was thinking "drop the luggage at the front desk next time, goofball". Parking is a good hike, with stairs included if you do it wrong, to the room. But its free I remember the bar was nice and I had a good martini And looking at the pictures, I think we had that exact type of room.
  14. The Geocoin Store has a number of coins for sale between $5-$7 The Geocoin Store
  15. It turns out that TMA and I will not be able to attend this event this weekend, and therefore won't be needing our cabin reservation for Friday night. If anyone is interested in it, it was about $50 for the cabin, just send me an email or PM. Thanks
  16. So how many submissions are there so far?
  17. Hmm.. maybe your negativity is stemming from your own experience when you came to the forums under less than honest pretenses? I'm sure you would have lots of advice to give to the OP on how to change your screenname after a first coin attempt receives outrage from the geocoin community.
  18. I would like to make a suggestion for your future business endeavors: http://tinyurl.com/5bunb2
  19. I received a Geocacher's Luck and Protection geocoin in the mail for the silent auction! Thanks for the donation!
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