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  1. All coins listed this morning have been sold, except for one! The Rainforest Tree Frog is still available! Thank you again to all who have helped me out.
  2. I went through a small box of loose coins I have, and here are a few more I am offering for sale. I am asking $8 each unless noted otherwise. For the Rainforest Tree Frog, I would again like to entertain offers. Please PM me, or email me at emfossler(at)hotmail(dot)com if interested. Thank you! Next Page 1. Dorkfish 2007 tropical fish tank ($12) 2. Antique Bronze Spinning Top ($15) 3. Black nickel Sand Dollar ($10) 4. Piranha 5. Antique Bronze Astrolab ($15) 6. Moustik Butterfly 7. Rainforest Tree Frog by tsunrisebey - Please email offers 8. Foggy Gold Sand Dollar ($12) 9. GCC Monopoly 10. Washington State 11. Lewis and Clark Benchmark 12. Foggy Gold Arrowhead Sand Dollar ($12) Last 3 1. Whale Trail ($12) 2. Jangor Caching Canada 3. 2005 Alabama And, I still have some of my personal Florida Native Cacher coins available in all 3 finishes. $7 each or $18 for all 3. Thank you!
  3. Thank you to everyone who has helped me out! All coins purchased yesterday have been packaged, and will be put in the mail on my lunch break today! The Delfts Blue coins have sold, and a big thank you to all who made such generous offers! Following are the remaining available coins. I am dropping my asking price to $7 each, or make an offer if you are interested in several. Page 1 7. GCC Pearl Page 3 8. Geotoids red and copper Page 4 1. How Does Santa Find His Way? 2. Christmas Present – Cachin’ in the Holidays 3. Red Christmas Ornament Page 5 7. Cystic Fibrosis 8. Signal’s Cache In Trash Out 11. Canoe Place, Pennsylvania Not in album 1. GPS Gold Spinning Florida Native Cachers ($7 each or all 3 finishes for $18) Also, I went through a small box of loose coins I have, and will be posting them shortly, too. There are a couple of really good ones in there, too! Thank you again!
  4. Thank you to everyone who has sent offers! I have updated the list.
  5. Thank you all for your quick responses! Yes, all coins are TRACKABLE and all are UNACTIVATED! I apologize for forgetting to include that important point!
  6. Financial difficulties are forcing me to sell a large portion of my geocoin collection. I'm hoping to avoid the hassles and expense of the e-place, and sell most of them here. PayPal is preferred. To start with, I have the first 2 of the Delfts Blauw series by Landcruiser Team, ZAteam and Frank Ottink. They are the Klomp and Windmolen series. Klomp is #57 of 125 produced, and Windmolen is #58 of 125 produced. I'm sure most of you know, these coins are handmade porcelain coins. I believe there were to be 4 coins in the series, but I don't know if the last 2 have been produced yet. Rather than set a price, I would like to entertain offers for the set. Please PM me if interested, or email me at emfossler(at)hotmail(dot)com. Delfts picture 1 Delfts picture 2 I also have 3 of Coins and Pins Quadrant coins, one in antique silver and 2 in antique bronze. The bronze are still available on their site for $17.49, so I will ask for $13 each. Shipping will be $1 extra, since they're heavy coins (see shipping prices below). I also have The Caching Place’s Pocket Decoder in antique gold, and the Poker Wheel to go with it. The 2 would cost $23 on their site, so I’m asking $16. Pocket Decoder Unless otherwise noted, I am asking $8 per coin ($3 shipping US, 50 cents each additional, $4.50 shipping international, 50 cents each additional). Please feel free to email offers if you are interested in several coins. I have taken pictures of the album pages, and will reference coins by page and position (reading left to right, top to bottom). You will notice some coins appear in the album, but not on the list. I let the kids go through and pick out a few of their favorites to keep. Also, I still have several of my family's personal geocoin available for $7 each, or $18 for the set of all 3 finishes (antique silver, antique gold, antique copper). Florida Native Cachers Click on the Page numbers below to see a picture of the album page. (Note: the referenced page is on the right side of the picture. The previous page is on the left, so you can see the backs of the coins, too.) Page 1 2. Dorkfish fishbowl ($12) 3. Starfish ($6) 4. Piranha 5. Nudibranch 6. Whale Trail ($12) 7. GCC Pearl 8. ToadZ Decipher 10. Moustik butterfly 11. Crake’s Monarch 12. Crake’s Swallowtail (2 coins) Page 2 1. Steve Irwin antique copper 2. Koala 3. Grey cat 6. Pencil micro ($6) 9. Daisy micro ($6) 10. Hibiscus flower micro ($6) 12. Antique silver sand dollar Page 3 2. Celtic Cross ($12) 5. Antique copper dragon spinner ($12) 6. Antique copper cactus 8. Geotoids red and copper 10. Blueberry Pi ($12) Page 4 1. How Does Santa Find His Way? 2. Christmas Present – Cachin’ in the Holidays 3. Red Christmas Ornament 4. Texas event coin - Makin' Tracks 5. 2007 April Fools 6. Easter Naveggation 8. Mail Truck 12. Magic 8 Ball Blue Page 5 2. Anthus laptop black nickel ($12) 3. Firefighter Helmet 5. 2006 Compass Rose Gold ($15) 6. Kiwi (Team Chelmo?) 7. Cystic Fibrosis 8. Signal’s Cache In Trash Out 10. Arctic Nomad 11. Canoe Place, Pennsylvania Page 6 1. Pirate Treasure 4. Ball thru the maze ($15) 8. Two Bugs Washington State 9. Killer Whale by Dorkfish Not in album 1. GPS Gold Spinning 2. Snowman – Let it Snow 3. Magic 8 Ball 4. Laptop – antique silver with blue lid ($15) 5. LE Koala #S-42 ($12) 6. Antique Silver Quadrant ($13) 7. Antique Bronze Quadrant ($13) Pocket Decoder plus Poker Wheel ($16) Florida Native Cachers ($7 each or all 3 finishes for $18) Thank you!
  7. That Christmas Recipe list was from a contest on THIS forum. The recipes were all contributed by GEOCOIN COLLECTORS. You're right. No actual geocoins were sold, or used in the recipes. Just hope those who might be interested will see it before the post ends up on page 31. That's a big part of the reason I quit coming to these forums. Guess I'm just not part of the clique. So, go ahead and close this one, too. I'm outta here. Ho ho ho.
  8. Last year someone in the geocoin forums (sorry I don't remember who) ran a contest for Christmas recipes. Lots of folks submitted their favorite recipes. I collected them all and put them in one fairly nicely formatted document. I was cleaning up some stuff on my computer the other day, and found the document. I converted it to pdf, so everyone can read it (I've included a link to get Adobe Reader, if you don't already have it - it's free). The contributor of each recipe is listed at the bottom of each page. I know it's a little early, but it'll give everyone plenty of time to collect ingredients and try out some of these recipes! Enjoy! Geocoin Collectors' Christmas Recipes
  9. Uh, wrong direction! Edited to say: Oops! Steph beat me to the punch!
  10. Tsun, your generosity never ceases to amaze me. This wonderful little coin will be in my collection forever. Thank you so much!
  11. Wow! Beautiful! Sign me up for that matte silver one in the lower left corner (best color for the dolphins)!
  12. Ditto... Yep, yep. DITTO Ditto, ditto. I'd love to be able to pick up a few extra, too, as they make great swag. I have the 2007 ET pin, used to wear it on my jacket, till the backing somehow got lost. Now the little cutie is "stuck" in my car, and goes everywhere with me!
  13. Oh, this sounds like fun! I think you'll need some nice pictures of Florida beaches!
  14. Thanks for the updated information! Definitely like the antique finish for an old key!
  15. Ok, here's my post, or two, or three ......
  16. Do you have pictures of the antique gold or antique silver? Shiney silver isn't mentioned on the presale page, but that picture above looks awfully shiney. Is there an antique silver, or is it shiney? Sorry, just a little confused here.
  17. Thanks, Sparticus! I never looked really closely at it, because it's hard to read on the computer. But, I squinted my eyes, and cocked my head sideways, and was able to read the silver version! I might get one of those, too!
  18. I just ordered this coin a couple of weeks ago in the "Autumn" version which is gold. ~Karen Ah, yes, I remember that one. Too bad they're out. What site were they at? I can send you one of mine MommyFinder PM your snailmail to me. I'm a big fan of CITO action!! Thank you so much, Chris. I hope you'll accept my of my personals in trade! I've posted a note to the event page about the coin!
  19. Yep, that worked! I don't see a "Sold Out" coins link, guess that's why I didn't find the coin. Maybe I'll just have to settle for a repeat of the 2007. Thanks, you two, for the info!
  20. I just ordered this coin a couple of weeks ago in the "Autumn" version which is gold. ~Karen Ah, yes, I remember that one. Too bad they're out. What site were they at?
  21. Thanks, gardengorilla. I saw those, too. I donated several of those for an event last year. Was hoping for something new this year!
  22. I'm attending a CITO event on June 28th, and I'd like to toss in a CITO coin or two for prizes. But, I looked around the shops and can't find any. Were any made this year? Are there any still available? Thanks for any info!
  23. Wow, there are some incredibly gorgeous pictures out there, so many places I would just love to visit. As for my gallery, so many pictures, so few without the kids in them! But here are a few: Picture of a crab taken by ToriExplorer while at a CITO on an island in the Indian River Lagoon: Kayak Joe Bender TB overlooking Turkey Creek Sanctuary in Palm Bay, Florida: Turtles sunning in Turkey Creek in Palm Bay, Florida: Kayak Joe Bender TB at Satellite Beach, Florida: Fast Freddy visiting a memorial at Launch Complex 34, Kennedy Space Center, Florida:
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