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  1. I would like a list of your coins you're selling. gnomehome13@gmail.com Jug & Roon aka Paul & Karen
  2. Congratulations GATOULIS you done good Thanks for the fun NOSNOW
  3. Today's guess is...............145 Thanks for the fun
  4. We think 123 froggies want out of the jar and one Geocoin wants to leap to CA.
  5. GREAT race, thanks for the fun. Jug & Roon
  6. E-mail sent, wishing and hoping to be included.
  7. If you'd like California added to your states, we'll help. Jug & Roon
  8. We'd like to order one 2010 Washington Quarter Geocoin. Washington is a GREAT state to visit our son and Granddaughter AND a nice Caching place!
  9. We've sent information and looking forward to a Christmas coin exchange.
  10. August of 2003 - Jug was told his birthday gift was hidden and he needed to find it with this lil' yellow device called a GPS. With the coordinates already downloaded he headed out the door, down the street to a local park. He'd never used anything like this device but was told to "follow the needle". He made a nice "Crop Row" in the parks grass. When told to slow down and "walk the needle" he ended up under a pine tree finding a mysterious ammo can, with a smile the can was opened to find many items we're still using to discover, replenish, extract and create our own Geocaches. We are really addicted and enjoy our adventures as a team we call ourselves Jug and Roon. Geocaching is included in any of the trips we take, sometimes it's just to the grocery store. Oh, the places we've been and the friendships we've made, it's not about the numbers.
  11. Congrads pghlooking. Good dog, Tristin. Thanks for the fun.
  12. 12 inches, that's 1 foot of hair, can hair be a foot?
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