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I had to SL with a _______.


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I forgot my pen back in the car and came upon a micro with no writing utensil. Fortunately, I was able to gnaw the wood down on this pencil stub far enough to sign the log:




Last week, I had to snap the eraser off a pencil that I donated to someone else's micro so that it would fit. I crammed it in my pocket to avoid littering and didn't have a chance to toss it.


What have you used to sign the log when you discovered the absence of a pen or pencil?

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Charcoal (good news, the area had burned, the ammo can hadn't - ammo can with NO PEN! dang), blood (stupidly clipped pen into pocket, then proceeded on .4 mile bushwhack - arrived at cache penless, but plenty of skeeter bodies available to drag an IK onto the log) and leaf juice, easily my worst effort, barely readable, not permanent and nobody but myself to blame for not having a writing implement.

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In the past I've managed to gnaw back the odd pencil as well. However I came accross a cache that had a pencil but used waterproof paper which wouldn't accept the pencil! I had to get out my trusty pen for that one.


A couple of times I've sent the kids back to the car for a pen because "they had it last" and left it there. If a cache is missing a writting implement and there is room I have been known to leave a pen or pencil.


What annoyed me most was finding a nano and the log had had a piece torn out of it seriously weakening the tightly rolled log.





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A reliable pen is a caching tool just like my GPSr. However, once my son and I had ridden the jetski out to an island in the Tennessee River to find a cache. We found the cache pretty quickly, when I realized I didn't have a pen. :mad: A nearby campfire ring provided the charcoal to blacken the end of a sharp stick which saved me. We stopped off at the dock to get a pen before riding to the next island cache. <_<

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In over 530 finds, I've never had an occurrence of "geeez! No pen". I carry a very small pen refill in my wallet. Fits nice, no bumps, and available. I only had to use it twice. I have a pocket full of pens always when caching... cargo pants loaded.


Now, just to show you that I'm not the brightest bulb on the string, I've lost two cell phones in the woods. I would have recovered one of them, but it fell right under the truck wheel. CRUNCH! TOAST! Last night I wandered about 8 tenths of a mile on two caches through thorns thick as thieves in the dark. Yup, one of those thorny thieves ripped it out of its holder. I only discovered this as I was pulling in the home at last driveway. Somewhere in that dark and foreboding bramble patch 10 miles away was my $300 cell phone! I grabbed my wife's phone and back I went. I found it by dialing it repeatedly. Good thing it was not too far in and not on just vibrate! Ring Ring!



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Somewhere in that dark and foreboding bramble patch 10 miles away was my $300 cell phone! I grabbed my wife's phone and back I went. I found it by dialing it repeatedly.
Glad you recovered your phone!!


I had to do the same thing when I discovered that my phone had gotten lost in the snow one night. It must have wiggled out of my pocket while shoveling, because later that night, I called it and found it lying in the alley. I was thankful it hadn't been run over by a vehicle in the meantime!!


By the way, you'll all be glad to know that I bought a mini pen tonight so I'll have one on me the next time I go caching!!

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I've only had to trip back to the cachemobile for a scribe once and since then, the first thing I do is make sure I have something with me when I mark my waypoint at the car.


I did however STF a cache which the FTF had to sign with a dandilion stem! I could actually read it too! Funny stuff there...

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We were doing a river cache by kayak. The cache was a micro -- a fish on a fishing line tied to a tree. On the way to the cache, I had picked up a bobber that was on the island. When we realized that the pen was in the Jeep, I attached the bobber to the fishing line holding the cache up. Put that in my log. (The owner later signed in for us when on a maintenance visit.)

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Green leaf and stylus - I McGyver it.


I take my PDA stylus and a nice leaf and then I take the log on top of the 60csx then the lead on top of that and then I scribe my name like gentle tracing and it leaves the date and my initials nicely there... I have gone back to check and it turns from green to a nice brown and has stayed permanently. I like that trick a lot.


I know, who brings their pda but not a pen... I do all the time.

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Signed log with stick we burnt with a lighter.


Wet logs are a problem now and then, when the paper wants to tear from the pen.


Always have a pocket knife with me to sharpen pencils in cache.


I think the excitement of the hunt and getting close makes us forget the writing instrument.


The other thing is when you find a cache, and there is no room on the log to sign, of course you do not have paper either. I usually find something in my wallet to leave even if it is a corner of a business card.

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After reading many topics like this one in this forum, I was determined to always have a pen with me..this past Saturday that determination was obviously not present, as I found myself at a woodland film canaster with no writing utensil in sight just this past Thursday.


So..after reading many of the suggestions on here, I decided to pick up a twig, dab it in mud, and sign my name. I managed to get "~Hylife~", tildas and all, along with the date, on the minature log! Will it last? Who knows..but at least I didn't have to draw blood! :D

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Once while caching with hookis817, we only had 1 pencil and 1 pen. Before logging even one find, I managed to lose the pencil. So, I got out the pen. THE PEN HAD EXPLODED! Ink was dripping out the back end of the ink tube thing.


So, naturally, we used the exploded end of the ink tube to sign all of our caches that day. It was frustrating, but necessary. I haven't become so extreme that I would resort to using my own blood...yet.

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