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  1. Yes, I have a geocaching blog. It can be found at the following address. http://www.geocaching4.blogspot.com
  2. I am planning on revisiting a cache that I found over a year ago. How should I log my visit? Should I log it as another find or should I simply post a note? Seems to me that it wouldn't be appropriate to log it as a find because then I could hypothetically inflate my stats by logging finds at the same cache over and over. I should clarify that I am visiting the cache for the purpose of picking up a travel bug which I plan to move when I travel across the country this month. So, I think I know the answer to this question, but I thought I would pose it to the community so that I can hear what others do in this situation. Thanks!
  3. I am always reading the forums while at work. I'm not always posting, but I love popping in to see what the latest "buzz" is. I gotta be careful though. My company doesn't like it when people use the internet excessively. So, I'd better send this reply and close this window! []
  4. I hid a cache with an FTF prize of old sports trading cards that I found. Being a Chicagoland native, the players on the cards were all associated with a Chicago team.
  5. Good luck being FTF on this one, everybody. Count me out.
  6. J'apprends parler le francais et j'ai besoin de la pratique. Nous pouvons utiliser ce forum pour ça. Comment est-ce que vous le trouvez?
  7. My dates are greener than your dates. So pbthpbthpbthpbthpbth
  8. Hmm...I forsee considerable difficulty with "space cache" maintenance and upkeep. That one may be a few centuries away yet. What about caching on the moon? Lunacaching?
  9. If a bomb goes off in the middle of the woods, but no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
  10. I think it would be cool if you could somehow view other peoples' finds in Google Maps. We can all see which caches we have and have not found on Google Maps, but what if you could track others' progress on Google Maps also? Everyone's profile could include a link that opened up Google Maps, and you could see which ones they've found and not found. This tool could be useful when planning cache hunts. Those who plan the hunts or choose the routes would be able to see if their fellow caching partners had already found any of the caches on that route, and therefore elect not to visit them (or maybe they would still visit them, who knows?). It seems like it would be a lot less cumbersome than having to do a search of "Caches Found By Username" on GC.com or by having to scroll through a user's find list. It would add a handy, geographic view of different players' caching preferences. For cachers who have cached in multiple states or countries, you could view which regions of those states and countries they've cached in. I realize that you can simply look up different players' finds and see their locations that way, but I think this feature would give you a great view of the "big picture". Does anyone else think this feature could add a nice geographic element to the game?
  11. I'm trying to assemble some cache containers for my next few hides, but I've encountered a problem. By asking this, I know my noob will be showing, but I'm asking it anyway. What is the best glue for caches? More precisely, what is the best way to permanently attach things like magnets, velcro, miscellaneous camo, etc. to cache containers for hiding purposes? I've tried rubber cement, a glue gun, and crazy glue. I've even tried melting surfaces together. However, after letting the caches dry, they do not hold together after I "test" them. By "test" I mean "give it a few shakes and light whacks. Usually, the magnets I attach to the caches (which aren't THAT strong) are able to rip themselves free of the adhesive holding them to the cache container whenever I stick the magnet on a magnetic surface. So what's out there that works well?
  12. To the tune of "O Holy Night" O holy night My GPS is shining It is the night Of a nearby cache's birth Long lay this place Without a cache hide, pine trees 'Til it appeared In my search on Google Earth A thrill of hope Will I be first to find it? 'Cause over there is An oddly shaped pine cone I fall on my knees And see the cache before me Oh first to find! Oh night the cache was born Oh first to find! Looks like, coordinates are fine.
  13. Nobody likes you when you're 23. What's my age again? What's my age again?
  14. "Found the cache. The soul inside was wet, so I replaced it with a new one."
  15. INFP for me. I read about this a long time ago, I determined back then that I was INFP. Took that quiz and ended up being INFP. Looks like I know myself pretty well. Is that a characteristic of INFPs? How does that translate into caching, you ask? Well, I'm the type of cacher who goes after a cache not only to find the cache, but also to just enjoy my surroundings. I'm not at all picky when it comes to what "type" of cache I'm going after. I like caching because it gives me great stories to tell. Geocaching--for me--is an excuse for me to be outdoors. It is an excuse to be alone. To think, to "regroup". I feel closer to God when I'm out in the midst of nature. I think geocaching promotes good health. When I'm caching in an urban environment, I like to people-watch. I like geocaching because I feel like it makes me unique among my friends. Most of my friends have never even heard of geocaching, and if they have, they wouldn't think of actually DOING it. Geocaching makes my life just a little more interesting and exciting. I like it when my life can be interesting and exciting. Anything to escape the boring monotony of everyday living. I enjoy caching the most when I can do it with one or two other people. Its fun to be able to share an adventure with others.
  16. One time, I took a little "egg" of silly putty and left a punchcard for a free haircut from Cost Cutters. It was the first time I ever traded. It was lame, I know.
  17. Yes, I think there's something to that. I like that because it is very similar to my original idea, but more manageable. For the sake of simplicity, I think it would be a good idea to do without the whole "e-mail me" thing. Having cachers e-mail me just makes the cache unnecessarily complicated. It may even discourage potential cachers from hunting the cache. I mean, what do I care if they're posting the correct grades or not? It's all just for fun anyway.
  18. Good. That's very encouraging. Wow, everyone has given me some very good ideas for this. The whole "no e-mail" thing kind of limits me, but that's okay. So, according to the rules, I'm basically going to have to post the questions for this cache on a website or on the cache page itself so that it is available online, correct? I guess that makes it better. Then people won't be out in the middle of the woods finding that they must turn back and revisit their computers before continuing the cache hunt.
  19. Yeah, I could go one of a bunch of different ways with this. It depends on how I want to reward my geocachers. For getting better grades, I could choose to take them a longer hike with much cooler sites. This would mean that I believe the average geocacher enjoys longer, more engaging hunts. Then again, I could reward cachers who do well with a shorter hike. This would mean that I believe the average geocacher takes pleasure in expendiency. He/She is someone who wants to get the find and move on to the next cache. ^^^Forgive me, I got my B.S. in Economics. I'm a total nerd for this type of stuff. I don't think that the e-mail idea would be too bad. I mean, since it would be a puzzle cache, it's not as if my e-mail account would be overflowing with log entries. Here's an idea. Stage 1 - Contains a work sheet that has all the questions. Meaning that it has Math, Science, History, English, and Physical Education questions for all grade levels A, B, C, D, F, and Kids. You can choose to complete any grade level and receive the coordinates. I would hide a total of 7 caches. #1 - initial cache #2-6 - extra caches #7 - final cache Completing "A" takes you to 1 extra cache and then the final. Completing "B" takes you to 2 extra caches and then the final Completing "C" takes you to 3 extra caches and then the final. Completing "D" takes you to 4 extra caches and then the final. Completing "F" takes you to 5 extra caches and then the final. And I don't know what I'd do for "Kids".
  20. I had this idea for a multi-cache the other day, but I wanted to bounce it off some fellow geocachers first. It's pretty complex. I've never hidden a multi before and I want to make sure its done right. The cache would be called "Report Card". It is a multi cache with a "school" theme. Each stage of the cache would represent a different school subject. I was thinking 5 subjects (more than 5 could be too much). Stages 1. Math 2. Science 3. History 4. English 5. Physical Education These cache containers would have to be fairly large (probably .50 cal ammo cans or larger) for reasons I am about to explain. Now, inside each stage, there will be 6 smaller containers labeled "A", "B", "C", "D", "F", and "Kids". Inside each of these containers will be a puzzle that, when solved, will reveal the coordinates to the next stage. All of the puzzles will be based on the school subject in which it is hidden. However, if you're going to try to solve the puzzle in the "A" container, it's going to be considerably more difficult to solve than the puzzle in the "F" container. Catch my drift? So, one might ask, why not just take the easy way out and solve the "F" puzzle for each of the stages? Well, there's the thing. THE IDEA OF THE CACHE IS TO TRY AND GET THE BEST REPORT CARD THAT YOU CAN. So, upon completing the final stage, you will have to post your "grades" in the log book and the online log for everyone to see. And, as the hider of this cache, I would need to check your grades to make sure you aren't cheating. So, to log the find, you would need to e-mail me the answers to the questions I ask so that you don't log an "A" when you really got a "C". The "Kids" container would be in place so that children (who obviously can't do calculus, read shakespeare, or balance a chemical equation) could complete the cache without having to FLUNK every time. That's not much of a confidence booster. At the end, I was thinking of rewarding my good little "students" with some sort of prize for their efforts. Maybe even offering a secret "Extra Credit" cache along the way. Also, this cache would obviously NOT be hidden anywhere near a school. So, WHAT DO YOU THINK?
  21. I do about 80% of my caching during my lunch breaks, so I have been targeting caches that are close to my workplace. I'm not very picky at all when it comes to cache types and sizes. However, I will sometimes take a break from hunting and use some days to "scope" out caches. Knowing about cache terrains ahead of time helps me prepare, and allows me to make the most of my cache hunt. After all, I only get 1 hour to grab as many as I can and still make it back in time! When I'm not working, I'm usually busy finding caches that are hidden closer to home or along my drive home from work. The inevitable question is, what will happen when I run out of caches near my workplace? Well, that's when I'll start hiding!
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