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  1. I got the update; it's back in Tennessee. (Project-GC lists me with 2 caches in Sullivan County.) I don't think I'm going to renumber my list, though.
  2. Update: On a cross-country drive a couple weeks ago, I found the virtual at Bristol Motor Speedway, which gave me the Sullivan County, Tennessee on my list of counties. (Would have been County 63 if GC7F4YJ counted, County 124 since it didn't.) I saw today that Project-GC is updating their maps. I'll be interested to see if GC7F4YJ moves back to Tennessee.
  3. I would hold off on posting your logs. I used my 2G service in Ireland recently, and neither of my pictures on virtuals posted. I didn't discover this until one of my logs was deleted a few days later.
  4. Here is an English-language story: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5826963/Woman-27-drowns-Prague-sewer-floods-hit-geocaching-treasure-hunt-game.html
  5. I think I will follow Project-GC, just because it is my favorite stats site, and I don't want to keep track of an exception. I would also though be curious about calculating from benchmarks to find the "right" answer. I would be surprised if it were as much as 147', though, as that would put much more of the welcome center in Virginia.
  6. On a trip to Tennessee last weekend, I logged GC7F4YJ in the Tennessee welcome center. My Geocaching Profile shows it as my first cache in Sullivan County, Tennessee. Project-GC, on the other hand, lists it as my second cache in Washington County, Virginia. When I was closing in on the cache, it looked like I was only a few feet away from the border. So which state is it really in? The Project-GC documentation seems to say that they are more likely correct than whatever the cache hider listed, but in any case they aren't changing regions manually. I would think that since it's in the Tennessee welcome center, it's in Tennessee, but maybe it's one of these unknowable things? (I care because I keep a list of counties cached in, and I'm not going back to Tennessee any time soon.) (But I don't care *a lot*.)
  7. 7. I took the Metro into DC and found 7 virtuals. I've thought about breaking it, but usually after finding somewhere between one and three caches I think, "OK, that was a nice addition to my day, let's do something else."
  8. One of the main characters in Empire Games by Charlie Stross is a geocacher. It's set in an alternate-history 2020, so there are some weird things about geocaching there that I'm not sure entirely make sense. (Something about cachers competing to muggle each other's caches.)
  9. I had this problem yesterday. I ended up logging from my desktop. Then, when I logged a different cache today without a photo, it posted the original log, so I ended up deleting my desktop log.
  10. Someone who's never visited the cache might file an NM because no one who has visited the cache did. If we had that other discussion about who should have posted an NM after visiting the cache, we would sometimes conclude from the information in the logs that there is one visitor that should have filed the NM but didn't. If we could come to that conclusion in our philosophical analysis here in the forums, I see no reason why someone in the normal course of events couldn't reach that same reasonable conclusion and, hence, file an NM in order to correct that previous seeker's mistake without feeling a need for yet another visit. Indeed, I have filed at least one NM on a cache I never visited. Was looking for a cache to visit and noticed the most recent log said the cache was in a nearby homeowner's garage. (Not that anything happened after I filed the NM, mind you.) That seems NM-worthy without having to visit.
  11. I reported the issue with the wrong date for the Puerto Rico souvenir, and got a message that they were looking into it, then another that they were running a script to fix it. And it's fixed! That went well.
  12. I find it useful to read the description, but also the logs. The description might say, "cache is a lock-n-lock container", but then an owner maintenance might say, "replaced with bison tube", or another cacher might have done a throwdown.
  13. I know I'm nitpicking here, but other souvenirs are listed on my profile with the date based on when I found the geocache (even if that predated the existence of the souvenir), but the Puerto Rico one is listed as having been acquired yesterday, despite it being based on a 2007 find. Will this fix itself, or am I going to twitch a little bit when I check my souvenirs?
  14. Looks like more are coming out soon: https://www.geocaching.com/blog/2016/11/nouveaux-souvenirs-de-pays-cest-pour-bientot/ I couldn't find this announcement in English; presumably that will be posted soon?
  15. This was fixed for me in the latest release. Thanks.
  16. Well, unless you are logistically unable to set up a renewing membership, it's the same as manual renewal. It's a little bit annoying, but for me it does to the trick to make sure I won't be on the hook for years of membership fees if I lose the geocaching bug again.
  17. I canceled my auto-renew today. (My intention is to switch from quarterly to annual.) When I did so, it let me know that my premium membership was still valid until it expires. So hopefully that will relieve some people's worry that the "renew and cancel" strategy would cause the premium membership to go away.
  18. Before I was having the latter problem, I was having the former. Samsung Galaxy S4, in case that matters.
  19. I have been having a problem where the coordinates jump to all zeroes in compass view, but strangely I am shown as 1.2 miles away from the cache. It is not a problem in map view, or other apps. Image of problem
  20. It is weird that Groundspeak hasn't incorporated more of the features into geocaching.com. Or made it so you don't have to upload the pocket query.
  21. I uploaded twice within the past week without any problems.
  22. The container was in fact rusted, but it was an Altoids tin of a nonstandard type (not sure they make them any more, but for a while they were selling paper-thin Altoids), so it was not immediately obvious how to open. It opened just fine.
  23. Today I found one with a condom inside. I would have taken it and tossed it, but I probably would have forgotten about it, and ended up in a weird conversation with my wife when she found it.
  24. Then a picture of a lock. I'm not sure what the cache actually is, since it was muggled this weekend and disabled today, but the lock is still there, so I'm guessing it's not the lock.
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