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  1. I am traveling to Atlanta in a few weeks and wanted to claim a find on some of the "grandfather caches" there (as in the oldest active caches - see my list here for details). I was curious to see if anyone planned on going after Marooned, or GC20, the weekend after fourth of July, that I might could tag along with. Debating if I have enough "cajones" to go on a solo trek out there, considering it would take some kind of water vessel to get there. Let me know if you are reading this and have any plans to go out that way around that time, or if you have any tips about getting to this cache.
  2. I just got back from the Pacific Northwest for a visit that involved a good bit of caching. Here is the link to My Blog, where I will be sharing my adventures. The most recent entry is our experience at the APE cache, and I'll be updating it every day or two to share my pics and geocaching stories, ending with a stop at the Original Stash Tribute Plaque. It might be helpful or informative for someone coming to the NW for a visit, like we did!
  3. I would put myself at about a 6. I get on the website and my local forums daily, maybe a few times, and this forum roughly once a week. I probably get at least 1-2 caches a week and always scout out caches no matter where I am going (traveling, other hobbies, etc.)
  4. There was some issue renewing my premium membership. I paid last night through PayPal, but it still shows me as a basic member and I don't have access to my bookmoarks. How long does it take for the website to reflect this change?
  5. Here is a link to my blog entry telling about our experience with some pictures. Will post more here later....
  6. Hi! I've been all over the Florida Geocaching clubs websites but forgot to post here. I am going to W. Palm FL in two weeks and I am looking for someone to cache with there. Also, does anyone have recommendations for must-do caches?
  7. I read the whole thing last night, and it was so fascinating. This is cool! Let's see what happens next...
  8. What would be on it? I think about this because I wish I could watch geocaching when I wasn't doing it. These are my ideas: 1) EXTREME caching 2) GC history - first event, first cache, first TB type episodes 3) Where are they now? Trackable stories 4) Oldest caches - history, geography, interviews with cachers who've found them 5) Classic Music hour - scenes from in the field, beautiful cache sites, set to classical music Any ideas out there? What would you want to watch?
  9. El Haggis, What I would go is go to the "hide/seek geocache" area on the gc.com website, enter your zipcode, then choose the right hand corner "map it" option, find the cache on the map that you believe is the right one, click on the cache page, click on the part where it says who the cache owner (hider) is, so that it takes you to their page, and send then a message (contact info on cache page) and tell them what happened, or add a log on the cache page "needs maintenance" and leave specific information on what you are going to do (example - "I took it back to the area but I am not sure exactly where it was, cache owner will want to check on it"). Probably best to contact the cache owner and meet up with them somehow to give them their cache back. Hope this helps.
  10. So someone sold me a coin and otld me I would have to adopt it, tried using the TB#, but it says "you have not been asked to adopt this listing", so what does the past coin owner need to do for me to be able to adopt it? He sent me the adopt link, but apparently it looks like he needs to do another step?
  11. This happened to me yesterday! I was walking with my kids and dog out to replace a cache container on one in the woods, and I saw some people headed down to one of my caches on the way to the woods. I stopped on the way back from my maintenance run and introduced myself, and ended up helping them find it. They were brand new at the game, it was their first cache, and I was glad I was there because otherwise they might have gone home with a DNF and a bad impression of the game. That cache happens to be a well camoed micro that takes even me a few minutes to find! I invited them to one of our local events, which I also would not have had a chance to do personally otherwise because they still haven't logged their find online.
  12. I love it. I can see more cleary where the high density areas that I need to start working through.
  13. Our family just had this idea that we would no longer be newbies after 100 finds. It took us four or five months to get there. There are a lot of high numbers where we live, which is one reason we thought 100, and also that is the first "geoachievement" level in terms of finds they make coins for, right? After 500 we felt like "seasoned veterans", and now we are shooting for 1000 to feel like "old hats".
  14. As far as the idea that "Doing this adds false mileage to the bug history", I actually think dropping them in the archived caches more accurately reflects their history. I say this because the people I know that do this drop them in archived caches that are very close to their houses. Most bugs actually travel more than the map shows, right, because they go home with you, then they go back out into the world. So these drops show the drop at "home base" and then are pulled back out when they go back out into the wild. Sure, it would be best to drop a line to the TB owner to let them know what is going on if they are being held in there longer than the accepted period, but most of the time they are not. The only people I know that do this are caching or going to events a LOT and bugs move freely and quickly through their hands.
  15. I personally LOVE the idea of tagging bugs. I released a bug recently whose GOAL was to be tagged by MaxB. I also ran across a very nice coin type tag by Markie and Joanie that I loved as well, and contemplated making one myself. The expense chased me away, but apparently from reading this thread it would not be a welcome thing. I really like the idea, though, and think it adds to the history and sense of community on the bugs. I think it is awesome when I find a bug with a tag on it. It makes it special. But whatever floats your boat.
  16. When I am planning a caching outing, I usually make my choices on which caches to grab based on trackables. If I am visiting a different town, those caches are on the top of my list. I always look online first to make sure the TB goal is compatible with my travel plans, and read the logs to make sure it is still there. Even locally, I have a running PQ for unfound caches with trackables and make those my priority when caching. I also have a few caches that I watch to see if any cool trackables are in them and grab them if I can help them with their goal. I am a TB junky, I will admit it. I get sentimentally attached to some of them and like to see where they have traveled once they left my hands, and wish them the best of luck in their goals. I also can't seem to get enough TBs on my account -it is always on my wish list for gifts!
  17. I would love to include horseback riding in my cache hunt experiences. I know it can be done. I have thought about doing it myself, but I sold my horse years ago. I am hoping to borrow my in-laws to go into the mountains caching next time I am there. Betcha you could even form a club for horseback riding cachers!
  18. See what your manual says about entering waypoints and then using the GOTO function, but I can tell you that I did find my first 100 or more caches by using just the coordinate readout. You just have to have a good idea of where the cache is based on the map and the clues, and then when you get close, move straight directionally and see how the numbers change, then adjust accordingly. Don't forget that most GPSr are only accurate up to 30 ft and also those things are hidden really well. Don't worry, the more you find the easier it gets, and also it is a lot more fun using the GO TO function and following the arrow.
  19. My friend dotdork proposed to his woman on a geocaching outing. He went beforehand and hide the ring in the cache, and had it set up with cahmpagne and everything, and then when they opened the cache he was like, "oh, look at this! See if it fits!" They are happily married now I thik the cache was called "BeeViewtiful", it was on a hillside in Austin with a great view
  20. I've seen some of my friends do this, and usally what they are doing is moving them out of the inventory while they are continuing to hold the bug until they go caching again or go to the next event and trade bugs with another cacher. My friends that do this have a lot of personal bugs as well, or geocoins collections, that they let "rest" in the archived caches so that they don't have tons of bugs on their inventory when they go to do a log and have to wade through it all.
  21. Our first TB, Our Family, just met its goal, after 1.5 years on the road and 6094 miles. I am debating between leaving it there for a while or having it head towards home. I eventually would love to see them all come back again. Since that first TB, we have released TBs in groups. Of the first group that we released, one is almost at its goal, after about eleven months. It is in the hands of a cacher who is going to deliver it soon. We haven't lost any of our TBs yet, thankfully, but some have made lots of detours. One of our Tbs, American Heroes has been getting some great pics so far. It is one of my husband's military medals. We haven't had any bad experiences with our TBs, but we have lost a few geocoins out there.
  22. I think it is worth the risk. I would rather think about all the cool things that happen to travel bugs. It is amazing that you could release an object and watch it travel all over, that we have this global online community that they move through. Of my 46 trackables, about half are travel bugs. One has not moved since the first cacher picked it up ten months ago, but the rest of them have traveled far and wide. I think it is interesting that four of our TBs are within 60 miles of each other about 1200 miles away from us. I love the pictures people post. I love to take pictures of travel bugs and have a few TBs I picked up on a watch list. I can't wait to see if they ever make it down here. The other half of my trackables are geocoins that I mostly just take to events for my friends to discover. I released about six geocoins in the wild and three of those are still in circulation. One was picked up by a new cacher about a week into the wild about two years ago and as far as I know he still has it. He had contact with me at first but hasn't been online in about a year and a half and does not respond to the emails I sent inviting him to local events so he can give me the coin, or even drop it anonymously. One disappeared from the first cache I dropped it in, never to be seen again. Another disappeared after moving for about four months, has been about a year since the last log. These three experiences happened early on when I got into coins. At first I didn't want to put anymore coins out, but I do get so much enjoyment out of relseasing them, so I ordered twin sets of coins I liked and released a twin in the wild. That way I can have the best of both worlds.
  23. I just had one come back into circulation after eight months. It was picked up right after I released it, and the people hadn't been caching. I had released three one day, and two of them haven't moved since being picked up. I wrote both holders after several months went by, and the holder of the one brought back into circulation explained what was going on with it, and released it in London yesterday. Still haven't heard back about the other missing TB....but I have several out in the world, and have learned...be patient...even when you think it is missing...they show up where and when you least expect it...
  24. Had to use a mascara wand once. I thought I had a pen, but couldn't find it....I was desperate...makeup was all I had. Later down the road, though, I DID find my pen after all. Now some of the local cachers like to tease me about how they are going to buy me a pen....
  25. Here are some of my favorites Gotta Go! J Hustle Chub City Inca Gold
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