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  1. Yes, they are, because they are considered in the site's streak module.
  2. Your thread will likely be merged with the several others on this topic in the Website forum. https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/topic/385889-find-nearby-caches-that-i-havent-found-not-working-correctly/ HQ is aware and looking at a fix
  3. My recall is that ignored caches are, "excluded from all your searches", which includes PQ. If you're convinced there's been a change recently, you might want to report this in the thread on the API changes to pocket queries. https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/topic/382502-release-notes-website-pocket-query-api-october-18-2022/
  4. Let's see, site improvements for hiders 1) allow corrected coords to stay on site maps, as requested in the opening post 2) make the planning actually do what it says, " "The map below displays visible locations that are already taken by existing geocaches. The map does not display hidden waypoints..." What it actually does is show the visible posted coords of Trads and Multi-caches, ignores posted of Mystery and LBH, and shows visible stage coords of any type.
  5. because of the amount of scaling that people do with zoom.
  6. As you know, per the listing guidelines, "long term" = at least 3 months ;-) https://www.geocaching.com/play/guidelines#accessible This dates from long long ago, when people submitted and had published temporary caches for events. Quite common in the USA mid west. This was pre-cache saturation rule, so these were often quite close together,. as well. A waste of site resources to get these published for a day or two, so "long term" language was born. Anyway, hide for season is fine Also, you can hide, submit, get published, then archive immediately. Any reason that = 'I don't want to own this now" is fine. If you do archive before 3 months, you won't be allowed to hide another cache at the same location for a while, at least until that original 3 month time is over. I've archived shortly after publish when a bird nested just above my hide. Never did bring a cache back there.
  7. You can set to a day of the week, but it doesn't have to be "the next day". https://www.geocaching.com/pocket/ you could just go play with this. Image below of the "when to run" module. If I wanted info soon, fast, now, I'd set my parameters, and either check Friday, because server time is indicated as Friday. Or run once and then delete. Neither of those is available for MyFinds. You just "add to queue" and it runs. Generally quickly. There are some things you can do with PQs that you cannot do with search. I don't think I'll get into that now.
  8. Sure, it might take 2 or 3 minutes to get a MyFinds query. Curious, I added the MyFinds query to the queue at 6:25 am local. I downloaded it at 6:26 am, local. For other queries, if I want them "right now" as opposed to waiting 1 - 3 minutes, I use, "run this query once then delete it" this is nearly instantaneous. Mostly, i use, Uncheck the day of the week after the query runs". This saves the query parameters, and generates the info in 1-3 minutes. Edited to add that I see people complaining about the wait "for the email". Don't wait for an email, download from the PQ page.
  9. Hmm, no? it has merely been suggested that benchmarks can be created and/or logged on Waymarking.
  10. What's "at least geocaches"? Your assigned values don't seem "bigger better" to me, they seem arbitrary. If you assigned values based on rarity, sizes looks like this as of a few weeks back: 1,529,117 micro 1,104,570 small 371,493 regular 204,196 other 122,705 not chosen/unknown/none unknown is the PQ term, and on search, none 28,546 large So order, based on availability would be: 1. micro 2. small 3. regular 4. other 5. not chosen none (on Search) 6. large If you want, "bigger" I'd go 1. micro 2. other 3. not chosen 4. small 5. regular 6 large other and not chosen are essentially the same thing, and both are 99% micro. Aside, not chosen is one the the original cache sizes, and pre-dates small. I don't know when "other" happened, or why. Types: 2,485,916 trad 544,322 mystery 171,260 multi 35,429 LBH 23,704 Wherigo Your assignment of values suggests (to me) that you jiggered them to qualify? I'd reassign values by rarity, and state as A set of 20 caches where at least one value: type, size, D or T increases with each cache, and no value can go lower. Period. Why state, "For size we need to exclude the virtual size caches"? Just do it. You haven't listed the 14 cache types you're excluding. As challenge, it's still complex. If you qualify, fine, but , working out what to do about not qualifying is tough . Also, can you make it clear without a picture? Aside number two, for both T 4.5 and D 4.5, they're actually rarer than T 5 or D 5. That said, I'd ignore reality and go with D T ratings as assigned by the site. 1=1 2.5= 2.5 etc.
  11. It fits the challenge guidelines. You'd need some qualifiers or near qualifiers, and you'd need plenty of counties with 1000+ active caches.
  12. overall distribution of virts in Sweden seems okay to me? Round 2 went pretty heavy to Stockholm area, see image:
  13. I suggest you find a D5 before hiding one. The 2 D5 finds you have are clearly mis-rated. The earthcache is just silly in its ratings, and the old trad, the original CO seems to have over-rated the terrain, and then grossly over rated the difficulty. Boy, a long history of throwdown finds on that one. Me, i fail to find a D5, I log a DNF. Don't conflate hard to get to with hard to find. Thanks
  14. Try reading the opening post of this thread. The answers to some of your other questions are on page 1 and 2 this thread. Responses by Bl4ckH4wkGER Moun10Bike Frau Potter identified as admin
  15. Georgia USA I found a ticks attribute Challenge in Tick City USA. Seriously, cache owner warned ticks are bad and cache owner wasn't joking ;-) I've seen High T challenges up in trees, and a number on islands. JL_HSTRE owns a Florida State Parks challenge with final in a state park, (requires explicit permission) rather than the far commoner hide a key on a guardrail. GC4TTYW My own West Central Golden Oldies, GC1A4MT I went for a rough geographic center of required hide distribution, and an average of T ratings and styles.
  16. Quote, "the number of caches is constantly increasing" Some areas are stable, some are losing, and some are gaining. My area, locally (within 60km) is in decline. Statewide (Florida, USA) hit the highest number in 2018, and now is stable at about 10% below that number. Active caches on Geocaching.com 0,000,000 March 2000 ;-) 0,500,000 Jan 2008 1,000,000 March 2009 2,000,000 Feb 23, 2013 3,000,000 April 18, 2017 3,151,415 March 23, 2019 3,198,358 Oct 03, 2019 3,179,029 Feb 24, 2020 <--- worldwide, a decline 3,337,499 Oct 08, 2021 3,362,350 Sept 29, 2022 3,361,352 Oct 28, 2022 <--- worldwide, a decline from the previous month Yes, increase, but look at the rate - 9 years to get to one million, ~ 4 to get to 2 million, another 4 years to get to 3 million. and now 5 and half years later, 3.3 million. Quote, "quality has been falling steadily" hmm? no? 1) the only "quality' that can be enforced on Geocaching.com is the quality of meeting the guidelines. New caches are just new. 2) like Jeff I've seen improvement in container choices since I started. No big flat plastic boxes, wrapped in garbage bags, no film cans. No taped baggies. After some pretty poor coords for a time early in the phone cache era, that's improved too. 3) see CAVinoGal's post above, the Heath Score has helped thin the abandoned. Log DNFs , Log NM, and sometimes log NA This would archive any hide not found for a year. That's many caches, US state of California, there are 1000 caches not found since 2014. Utah has 1000 not found since 2015. The work it would take to determine how many unfound in the last year in total exceeds my interest, but you are talking about a LOT of caches. I've owned caches unfound for 5 years. Indeed, my two personal favorites of the caches I've hidden tend to very very low find rates. I just picked up an 18.5 year old ammo can cache, about 1km down an easy trail. In those years, it got 2 Favorite points, and 107 finds. Nearby a 2 year old line of low D/T hides on the side of a residential road, 50 finds in 2 years, and each with 1 - 3 favorites. This is what your notion will create. An experiment was run in 2019 in two US States, caches with no cache owner logs, edits, or logon to geocaching.com for at least 5 years were disabled. Cache owner was to log on and enable, or the cache would be archived. Mostly these went to archive. It did prove that 5 years of no activity means no active owner. Those archives did not cause new caches to appear. <----- There may be some cache saturated locations, Prague comes to mind, but for the most part, archiving caches does not cause new caches.
  17. Site is run by user Lil Devil. I'd start there.
  18. I'm seeing logs of any age that are my own. I'm seeing 5 logs + mine. The logic as described by Bl4ckH4wkGER is not quite what I'm seeing, one cache came with a single log, from 2014, but it's close enough. And those who care can find another way.
  19. Thanks, knowing this makes workaround doable. Either direct download from the page, which will come with the last 20 logs, or GSAK 'refresh data' will grab more logs.
  20. Confirmed. guid of PQ 2e358e2e-8fc4-4e5c-a437-73fa9d707e55 caches within 1 mile of GC48QED returns 1 log the most recent found it on that cache, from 2014, and no logs at from a couple of others, with more recent finds. Most recent 5 logs of any date would be nice to get back.
  21. Attribute handling seems to have changed. I saw a thread in the Website forum on this https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/topic/382583-pocket-query-attribute-handling-changed/ So I tried it myself, PQ for traditional caches 10 miles home coords with attributes 2 attributes: Thorns Snakes. Instead of returning caches with BOTH, PQ now returns caches with either. I'm 99.99% certain that this is new. Search is returning caches with both - 13 caches PQ is returning caches with either - 32 caches
  22. I've confirmed this result, and reported it in the appropriate thread, linked by Hügh above.
  23. Two reasons: 1) if you don't already qualify, you never can 2) only benchmark challenges that are purely, Log some number of benchmarks, could be monitored by the CO - you log the challenge, CO looks at the only remaining benchmark stat on the site -> count. My Benchmark challenge called for 13 different types. Some require X number of types, or elevation, or within state, or in X number of states, there are other requirements. None verifiable.
  24. They had already grabbed it. They dropped it, expecting to be able to log the drop out of their inventory. You removed it from their inventory. They had no notice of that. By the time they'd found a cache, and dropped it, the tracking number was in the cache with the bug. They were home (or somewhere, not the cache).
  25. Finding your own. Very cool. O Once you Marked it Missing, it wasn't in their inventory to drop. I doubt they knew this until after the action, ie, they went to log the find and the drop. By that time, the only way they could have logged it properly was to have written down the code. Which I assume they hadn't.
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