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  1. Geocache pages and trackables are transferred to new owners on the adoption page. ONLY the owner of the item can make this transfer. It's easy and automated www.geocaching.com/adopt/ See the help center article on this for caches HERE
  2. multi-cache as defined in the guidelines Linky says of stages, " At each stage, the geocacher gathers information ". If you don't need to visit, it's not a "stage". There can be a projection within a multi-cache. Go here, read sign, take number X from sign, go X feet due north for the next stage/final.
  3. I'd expect your flag to be fine. Your multi-caches must actually be multi-caches. That means that a visit to the posted coords is necessary to working out the final. Not a projection or a puzzle cache mis-characterized as multi. LINKY
  4. CO making it sequential for no apparent reason! AL nearest my home, sequential, forced me to drive by a location, go 4 miles up badly washboard dirt road, (me and all the lumber trucks) do Locations 1 and 2, then drive BACK down the 4 miles, then drive back UP the 4 miles for the last two locations near 1 and 2. Oh, and then back down and by a location again going home. And had the AL not been sequential, the guy with me, who lost cell reception between locations, could have "visited" and gotten Q&A later. But he just lost out. Similar issue with one in the still small rural county seat. Had the CO let me just do it, I'd have parked once, walked around town for 4 locations, and hit the last furthest one on going home. Instead CO forced a sequence. Driving, parking, back and forth. My own experience with AL is so weak that I simply don't open the app.
  5. On the website, in the upper right pane of any cache I see log geocache View all logs View gallery Watch Add to List Ignore and this page still exists https://www.geocaching.com/my/watchlist.aspx
  6. Pocket Query, you'd have to select each state/country where you have finds. Select from the drop down list, hold control, select the next. You might want to save a PQ for all Canadian provinces. Once saved, you can modify for other uses. Other than a My Finds query Pocket query will NOT return archived! Isonzo Karst found, in Florida, attribute Dogs allowed: Pocket query = 464 caches - only those currently active Search = 1422 caches - all active and archived
  7. The puzzle cache/ mulit-cache idea has a problem, neither type is shown to Basic members on the Geocaching app. I expect finding that cache is going to part of the fun for the troop over time, so it needs to be a Traditional with D/T of 2 or less. A short paragraph about one of your topics would be my suggestion. And it wouldn't be cookies ;-) because no matter how you write it, the cookies are a fund raiser.
  8. ALL published physical caches "take priority". You own a couple of multi-caches. Anyone who tries to place too near their finals will be disappointed. See nirad's post above, with the link to the coords checking article - it shows the best way to do a first check on coords. Near a Multi you own, N 43° 39.700 W 073° 04.100 Pretend you're in that area, and see a spot for a new hide. Before placing, put those coords into search https://www.geocaching.com/play/search?lat=43.661667&lng=-73.068333&origin=+N+43°+39.700+W+073°+04.100&g=-1&utr=false It will show you that there's a PMO cache way too close. What it won't show you or anyone is where are the stages, where is the final? Mary Wells --My Guy # 5--Hercule Poirot Multi-Cache | GC6MH2T by bellyrot 91ft NE3 This is a Premium-Only geocache. Upgrade to Geocaching Premium to find it. Edited to add that because the cache is PMO, you can't see it to find it. This is true of all staged PMO caches for Basic members. But it's a small part of published caches in most areas. You can use search to work around PMO traditional caches.
  9. Hi Y? O! - "Changing the color to red for your own caches .." Unspoken is WHERE this red color happens? I'm going to guess an app? be sure you know about owner tools on the website 1) cache owner dashboard https://www.geocaching.com/play/owner 2) any cache you own with NM attribute set https://www.geocaching.com/play/owner/published?filter=needsMaintenance 3) caches you own, a list that shows the last 3 logs and can be ranked in various ways https://www.geocaching.com/play/owner/published You can use Search for caches you own with NM set. And from there get them on a list. Which is easy to load to an app. https://www.geocaching.com/play/search?radius=10mi&g=-1&ot=4&owner=Y%3F+O!&o=2&att=42 Thanks for hiding.
  10. Windows Firefox (current) LIHP search no longer offers placed date; find date instead. Find date appears to do nothing. Map search does offer functioning placed date.
  11. WORLDWIDE 0,000,000 March 2000 ;-) 0,500,000 Jan 2008 1,000,000 March 2009 2,000,000 Feb 23, 2013 3,000,000 April 18, 2017 3,151,415 March 23, 2019 3,198,358 Oct 03, 2019 3,337,499 Oct 08, 2021 FLORIDA 0,000,001 September 2000 0,002,000 (aprox) Sept 2003 42,954 Jan 09, 2018 41,927 Oct 12, 2018 a 1000 loss in 6 months 40,559 Oct 03, 2019 a 368 loss in one year 39,303 Oct 08, 2021 Covid has impacted geocaching, like everything else. March - April 2020, there was a quick spike up of new finders and new hides in my area. Few of those players or their caches remain.
  12. I noticed those recently. I needed to solve a couple, as I figured they were near trails where I was placing. i was right. Yeah, if I'd found them, I'd complain about NOT wanting fake ratings for fake stats. It's obnoxious. Original owner certainly did a nice job there, including appropriate ratings.
  13. There is an algorithm which automatically sends an email to the cache owner about cache maintenance. I don't believe the algorithm basis is as simple as "3 consecutive DNFs", though on a D 1, that might well trigger the algorithm. Here's a link to the Help Center article on this. LINKY Other than the email being sent, nothing is automated.
  14. You may well have had trackables marked missing by cache owners, reviewers or admins, but when the "bot marks missing there is no log, no email notice. Really. Nor has this has anything to do with stealing trackables. If someone takes it, they have it. The logged status is irrelevant. Trackable owner can mark missing to get a trackable out of the cycle of endless "visit" logs. They can grab back, and they can lock. But physically, when it's gone it's gone.
  15. I think your TB was automatically Marked Missing by the HQ 'bot. This does NOT generate a log, which looks to be the case here. See the article in the Help Center 3.8 Missing Trackables LINKY A trackable may automatically be moved to an Unknown Location if all three conditions are true: The trackable has been in the same geocache for more than one year. The trackable has not been logged in more than one year. There have been at least four finds on different days on the geocache in which the trackable is located.
  16. https://wiki.Groundspeak.com/display/GEO/Wisconsin Geocaching policy for Wisconsin.
  17. After more DNFs than 1 or 2, I'd expect either a disable by reviewer, likely with request to check and enable within a certain period, or at least respond on the cache page of future intent to fix, or a Heath Score email. LINKY Or if you a disabled it, then after some months, the reviewer note reminding you to please fix. If you disabled to archive, it may be possible to unarchive, by asking an active reviewer in the area. LINKY Covid has altered expectations about how long it can take to get to a cache. Might be okay for unarchive, if even if it's been a while. Looking at your more recently archived hides, looks like you made the right choice, can't get back, may be missing -> archive.
  18. You're describing placing a throwdown. My signature line is my response ;-) IF you're heading to a remote location, you could look at the caches before leaving. Then, reach out to any cache owners about possibly replacing a missing cache, only after a thorough search of course. I probably wouldn't do that either, unless the c ache owner was known to me personally. And, if I did replace, I wouldn't log a find on it.
  19. The cache owner has logged on recently. You could attempt to reach that owner through the site. They can transfer ownership of the existing cache page to you. ONLY the owner can do that. www.geocaching.com/adopt/ The page is self explanatory. IF you can get the cache owner to respond, they can make the transfer. If not, then working through a reviewer to have this archived (permanently retired) and then place your own is the other way to go.
  20. A quick form of the URL for going from state to state is from Old Search (for however long that works) https://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?state_id=60 that's all Alabama caches https://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?state_id=2 2=Alaska, and then on alpha numerically 3=Arizona. 8=District of Columbia... 51=Wyoming
  21. If I wanted a link in a list description, i'd just copy the URL. Say I wanted to link to a place to look up hunt dates. For me that would be https://myfwc.com/hunting/wma-brochures/ it doesn't work as a link, but it's easy enough to copy/paste
  22. None of them have the attribute. Apparently it was not brought back for events with lackeys in attendance. Rather like the partnership attribute, or cacti, it seems to be retired.
  23. Only unseen on a phone app. All caches that are not PMO are available to basic members from the website. Admittedly, most new players are only using an app, and don't seem to see the site at all, much less understand how to use their ability to download a gpx file from any cache that isn't PMO.
  24. This morning I discovered the same set of broken links if looking at some other player's profile. So if I'm on the Hynz profile page https://www.geocaching.com/p/?u=Hynz#profilepanel same set of non-functioning links as if I'm on my profile page
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