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  1. You mean I'm supposed to keep that other part of my anatomy closed?? dadgum! All these years and nobody ever told me that!
  2. I have done this twice. In both cases, I or someone with me knew the owner and was able to verify via phone call that we had the right spot and it was missing. I don't think it's right to do anything like this to someone else's hide without direct permission from the hider. Having said that, I'll give you an example of where someone did this and replaced a tough cache that was not missing with a drive by micro. Several months ago I visited the location of a micro in a small city park. The description said something about a retrieval tool being hidden nearby. Well, when I got to GZ I found a film can sitting in the top of a pipe in plain sight. While signing the log, I noticed a paper clip on a string hanging hidden up in a nearby bush. Sure enough, when I unwound the paper clip and lowered it into the pipe, I heard a click and raised a magnetized container from the depths. The micro that had been placed there had more than 20 signatures on it so the previous 20 finders missed out on this unique hide.
  3. I'm in the same boat, sorta. I have discovered that I don't enjoy most micros at all when I'm caching alone. If I'm solo caching, I tend to gravitate towards mid-length, scenic hikes (1-4 miles round trip). On the other hand, if I'm out with a group I'm willing to knock out anything that stands in the way. For me, the people I cache with can often turn a lame micro into a positive, rememberable experience. I've also found that some caches that I would say were good but not favorites list material end up on my favorites bookmark based on the group I'm with when I do it. My recipe for fun is group caching!
  4. Hiya Alan, nice to see a local in here. My preferred caching pen is a Pilot G2. However, I'm constantly losing pens and G2s are pretty expensive so I'm just as likely to have whatever I find lying around at home or work.
  5. Wow, you're right. I can't believe I never found that. Thanks!
  6. Per the title, I would like to see a "select all" checkbox on the "View Bookmark List" page to use in conjunction with the "bulk delete" button. I often use bookmarks to make it convenient to dump a planned run into a PQ. When I'm done with the bookmark list and go to delete it, I have to select the checkbox next to every single cache on the list to bulk delete it and eventually archive the bookmark list. As an example, I had several hundred caches in various bookmark lists for the midwest geobash and I still haven't taken the time to delete them because it's so tedious.
  7. We had a case here in western PA where a cache thief was stealing caches. One of his friends at college reported him to one of the geocaching groups in the area. A person who read this report contacted the local police in the area who contacted the cache thief directly and politely requested that the caches be returned or charges would be filed. A day later...all of the caches were returned.
  8. Chaotic Altitude 2 Stage 1 of this multi is on the top of a 140 ft. tower with a ladder going up the middle.
  9. My policy is generally to walk up to them and make some kind of snarky comment like "Hey! Are you guys terrorists or something?" Then I start searching with them. Out of maybe 100 meetings, we ran into one caching group that didn't want help. What was funny about that particular incident is that it was at the Allegany Geobash on a night cache that literally had 100+ people on the trail going for it at the same time. They wanted everybody to stand back while they searched. Obviously that wasn't going to work when there were groups of cachers every 100 feet down the trail all the way back to the trail head .35 away. They stood back and let us go, then the next group...etc. I bet they had to wait awhile.
  10. I agree that here in western PA, I never go caching in shorts. Even on days when we're hitting park 'n grabs, I always throw in a few hikes to break up the monotony. When I saw those legs, it reminded me of a recent experience on the way home from the geobash. Here, for your reading pleasure, are the logs of three of the five people that were on this cache adventure. The other two haven't logged yet. ---------------------------------------------- August 10 by SilverHorse (807 found) This one. This cache. I've been thinking about what to log on this one since we got home, almost a week ago now. There really are no words for how horrible the mosquitoes were here. Going down to the cache, honestly, it wasn't that bad. We stood on a little sandbar in the creek for a moment to decide how to cross. I, of course, decided to be brash and simply jumped across. I sunk in the mud a bit, but pulled myself out. HannahMQ followed in my footsteps. Then came purple_kv. She jumped across, and got herself stuck in the mud. Hannah had to pull her out. At this point, the mosquitoes still were not that bad. One or two, here and there, but nothing to write home about. Then, out of nowhere, the ambush was launched against our unsuspecting group of innocent cachers. THOUSANDS of mosquitoes poured out of the thin air and began an assault upon every uncovered piece of skin we were unfortunate enough to have. At this point, rhelt had dropped a dead log across the creek and began to cross. The moment he stepped foot on our side of the creek, the mayhem increased. We began scrambling to find the cache, more worried about signing a piece of paper then saving our precious blood. I made it to the cache site, called out the find, and then was left to my lonesome as rhelt RAN back across his log-bridge screaming for everyone to save themselves. I stuck our BACON sticker to the logsheet as fast as my hands could, and replaced the cache to it's spot. There were no thoughts left in my mind other than to escape the flying menace. I slid back down to the creek, and got to watch purple_kv run across first, using a stick to keep her balance on the log. She turned to throw the stick back to HannahMQ, but only managed to whack Hannah squarely in the forehead. At this point, Hannah staggered a bit and managed to swipe her hand across a stinging nettle. She screamed a bit more and ran across the log without a thought. I proceeded to FLY across the log-bridge, and hurried back towards the vehicle. purple was having trouble getting up the hill, so I placed both hands squarely on her behind and pushed with all my might. She ascended the hill, and I scampered up behind her. We entered the cachemobile, threw it into reverse, and escaped the carnage. An itch-killer was passed around the vehicle quickly, and it was finally over. All told, I think that the blood bank has taken less out of me over the years then those little bugs. But hey, I got a smiley. TFTC! ------------------------------------- August 10 by Kf4oox (512 found) Was on the way home from the MWGB with Purple_KV, HannahMQ, ***THE SilverHorse*** & Rhelt100. When we stopped by this one. It was fun getting into it as US-24 is closed so we had to divert and TomTom lead us down this back road. Purple_KV parked the car and we got out and started to go down to the stream. I started by to the car for DET but they keep on going so I ran and cought up to them. We got down to the stream and the mosquitoes found us. (I wish I had got my DET) but we kept going. 3 of the team crossed the stream then Rhelt100 found a dead tree to us as a bridge. So I followed him over and the mosquitoes really got worse. ***THE SilverHorse*** then found it and all I saw was Rhelt100 running down toward me (I just got out of the way) and him yelling "Save yourselves" The rest of use then made our way out as fast as we could as Silvehorse work the cache as quick as he could. I know I swatted my one elbow and got 6 mosquitoes at once. Their was allot of them. We then got into the cache mobile and took stock and moved on to the next one. Thanks kf4oox - Paul ------------------------ August 10 by rhelt100 (2814 found) I don't know that any approach to this one was right today. We took the close parking approach. I bushwacked down to the stream with the others following and this was about the time that we realized the mosquito situation. It got frantic as everybody started panicking as we were receiving dozen of mosquito bites per minute. ***THE SilverHorse***, purple_kv, & HannahMQ waded across the stream and started searching. I ended up tearing down a dead tree that was about 15 feet long, dragging it across the beach, and standing it on end where I needed to cross before letting it fall in the water. This gave me a dry route across. Once we got over there...the mosquito situation intensified even more. ***THE SilverHorse*** spotted it and as soon as he said he found it...I literally ran for my life. I went backwards down a hill and got snagged in some branches. I didn't care so I kept running tore a hole in my shirt. All the while I'm yelling "SAVE YOURSELVES!!" We were a sight once we got back. Everybody's itching and scrathing. purple_kv was in minor shock, blood loss I think. Not much more I can say besides...WOW. TFTC
  11. I second this...or rather 7th it. It was nice to be able to see if my friends were active without opening their profile and checking find counts. Removing this feature is going to increase site traffic if anything as I'll need to open up the profile of each of my friends now to see if they've been active.
  12. I've seen TB hotels with anywhere from 0 to 15 or so. I guess average would be 1-3. I think you'll find that if your TB hotel is in a good location for a TB hotel (an area where travelers are likely to stop) it will fill up on it's own.
  13. I've only ever not had a pen at one cache so far, believe it or not. In that case, I took a nickel out of my pocket and "wrote" my name on the page very hard. A little mud smeared on the page and cleaned off and the lines I scribed were very clear.
  14. Yeah, it's broken again. My new file uploaded with the same number of finds as my last upload.
  15. I'm sure we'll be back up your way at some point. Several of us came up to Punxy for groundhog day this year and had a blast roaming around the shadow trail all night.
  16. I went through two explorist 210s and I loved them both. Unfortunately, I'm a little rough on GPSrs and I broke the LCD screen on both. The second one had a dick's sporting goods break/replace warranty and since they no longer carry magellans in my area I'm now a garmin owner. I like it too. Let's have a garmin complaint thread. The 500 waypoint limit sucks...I had thousands in my magellan and it was ready to take as many more as I wanted to upload. My venture hc seems a little squirrely at close range, the arrow doesn't like to adjust. Still gets me to GZ though.
  17. It's the AGT (Allegheny Geo Trail). It includes most of northwest Pennsylvania. So far only the first 10 coins are out, the 11th coin which can only be obtained by getting all 10 is due out shortly. Here's a picture of my 10 coins.
  18. I found a cache in my area recently that was a fake mushroom. It was incredibly well done, it actually looked real. The funny thing is that I found the cache first and I actually removed leaves from around it without disturbing it because I was trying to "tread lightly". Another cacher with me made the find a few minutes later. I didn't think much of it at that moment. The next cache we did was about a mile away and it was plain to see that every fungus type growth within 30 feet of GZ was shredded. I made a comment in my log that it was great camo but it encouraged destruction and it was ignored. Oh well.
  19. So what was your point anyway? This thread is about LEOs caching and LEOs discussing caching not some lame story about getting stopped by a LEO. What was your motivation for posting your horrendous ordeal to this thread?We have no idea what happened on your stop other than your side so we have to take you at your word. However, there's always 2 sides. I was just pointing out what LEOs have to go thru everyday from the "experts" who can't wait to tell a LEO where they screwed up even tho most of the time what the "expert" recommends would probably violate some law or violate policy. Well excuse me for posting in your thread, SIR. I saw LEO and I posted since I had a recent LEO encounter. Regardless of what your intent was, you responded directly to my post and made assumption after assumption about me which had little to do with what was even being discussed. I don't fit into this "template" you're trying to shove me into. I respect the police. I have, however, noticed that a small percentage (maybe 1 in 10 from my experience) of LEOs I've run into come into the conversation with a chip on their shoulder. I've also been the vicitim of "good cop, bad cop" on one occasion so I know that the movie representation of that is at least pretty accurate. I understand that you have a job to do and I understand that you're just doing your job. I also understand that I have no idea what it's like being a police officer and, to be completely honest, it's a job I would likely fail at if I tried. I do know from experience that most officers are more than willing to be nice and respectful in return for the same. This is why it's so easily noticed when the opposite happens. Regarding this situation, I did come to realize later that it was prom night in several high schools in the area so she may just have been dealing with young kids being stupid most of the night and assumed this was another case of the same. The fact that she turned friendly once she ran my ID seems to lend some credence to this theory as well. Regardless, I apologize if I somehow offended you as that was not my intent.
  20. Perhaps you misunderstood my post or you just are looking to argue. My issue was not that the officer put me in the spotlight, it was not that she took my ID, it was not that she stopped in the first place to question me. Believe me, I can't count on both hands the number of times I've been confronted by an LEO while caching just in the last few months. With the exception of this incident they were all very friendly and I ended up having a nice chat with them. My issue was that she tried to enforce a non-existent curfew on me. In no way, shape, or form did I try to tell her how to her job (or any other LEOs who happen to be about).
  21. Speaking of LEO, I had an interesting incident with a local police officer last weekend. Another cacher and I were doing a "benchmark helper cache", a micro right next to a BM so that you could get both. It was around 1am and we were off the side of the road on the other side of the guardrail with headlamps on. The officer put us in the spotlight and hit her lights so I sauntered over to see what was up. She asked what we were doing so I told her geocaching and had to explain what it was because she had never heard of it. This is when it got interesting. She said "You know it's one in the morning, right?" I simply said "Yeah...". Then, she took me completely by surprise when she said "You can't do that at one in the morning". I stood there for a minute contemplating the fact that she had just told me, a 32 year old ADULT, that I wasn't allowed to be out caching at 1am. My response was simply "Is there some kind of law that says I'm not allowed to be out at one in the morning?" Her attitude stopped when I said that so she must've realized that she was a little out of line trying to enforce some non-existent curfew on me. She ran our IDs and drove away. I've had a lot of encounters with LEOs when caching and I can happily say that all of them have been positive except for this one. This is also the first time I've actually been offended enough to snap back. Hopefully next time she sees a couple of idiots out in the middle of the night with headlamps on she won't be so quick to assume the worst.
  22. I can confirm that ticks are very bad this year, at least in western PA. About three weeks ago, I emerged from the woods and found 6 ticks on my clothes. Found one embedded in my stomach a short time later and my wife found one embedded in my back at home. About a week and a half later, another cacher and I got swarmed by them in Erie, PA. Picked 11 off total I believe. After these experiences, I bought my first can of DEET for the year. Last weekend, another cacher spotted one chilling on my shouder. I think he was not quite right from the DEET because he was just sitting on my shoulder. Take precautions. This is the worst year I've seen in my area.
  23. You can't really compare it dollars for dollars. Imagine it this way. Take your current gas price and triple it in just a few years and you'll understand why were hurting. I've gone to caching in groups to share the gas fee as others have stated. It hurts a lot less to go through $40 of gas when the people with you throw you $30 back at the end of the day. It's more fun caching with friends anyways
  24. I did a full firmware update 2 days ago and tested it out on a long cache run yesterday. It seems that the firmware was the issue with mine. The arrow started updating every second or so like i was used to. The factory firmware that came with the unit was 8 updates behind current.
  25. I second this. I used to use a 210 and I uploaded the software that came with it when I purchased it. After I discovered GSAK, I never used the magellan software again.
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