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  1. Excellent help! I found my first geocache of 2015 today and am getting going again.
  2. Also, when I click on a cache listing on the GC.com maps, it offers an option to "send to GPS". It seems to be sending, but where is this file stored in the Colorado? As a geocache, a waypoint, what?
  3. OK, but can I use my Colorado at all with out a membership anymore?
  4. I have several thousand geocache finds, but I have been out of the game for the last 2 or 3 years. I have a Garmin Colorado 400t. Is there a way to shoot a couple geocaches to it without buying a membership again? Also, is there a good android app that helps?
  5. I don't know if I ever registered for the one I attended or not.
  6. Been caching 6 years. Now using Garmin Colorado. Premium membership expired. I am now grabbing LOC files one at a time from caches I might want to visit. Somebody help me remember what I am missing on LOC files that I had on GPX files. Is it the past logs?? If it's significant, I may re-up to premium again today.
  7. Take my advice and don't do it. For those of us viewing cache descriptions on the GPS or on the cell phone, pics just get in the way.
  8. Try pocket queries. You can pick caches in a certain area, pick by size, pick by terrain or difficulty, and more.
  9. I read cache descriptions on my GPS or on my phone. Flashy HTML gets in the way. Don't use it.
  10. You really do a lot better coordinating with the locals a couple weeks in advance for something like this. These forums are not monitored every day.
  11. Go to the parking lot and use your GPS to get the coords there. Then you can get on the GC site and look for caches near those coords. Any nearby caches should show up.
  12. I have found quite a few of these caches, but alas I have little time for caching now and really cannot take on any more.
  13. You might try posting in one of the Texas sites, but it is unlikely anyone will kmow him or her as 4 finds ever is not a lot.
  14. Don't sweat it. You know it is there and people can find it. Give them time. Sometimes a dozen people come the first week, sometimes no one for a month. Maybe everyone is shopping for Christmas presents??
  15. Archiving it removes it from the GC web site.
  16. Why not place it on your ignore list so it won't show up as one you need to find? If you want to see the logs, add it to your "watch" list as well.
  17. Right, but can you get out of jail for free?
  18. Are you referring to GSAK? If so, look under export where you would export the files for PDA use. You should be able to export to TomTom. I have tried but never suceeded to make this work. TomTom and caching are not very compatible.
  19. There is no requirement to trade a travel bug for a travel bug. I understand your feelings about htis, though. Try to focus on what makes you happy in geocaching. Is it the search? Is it the hike to get there? I enjoy being out and seeing new places and things. Don't worry too much about what you can't control.
  20. What kind of GPS do you have? THe garmin 60 series will let you average a waypoint, but with other models you may need to mark your spot 3 or 4 times and manually average.
  21. Mark a waypoint, then edit the coords to the next stage of the cache. The waypoint will not be listed under "caches" in the GPS but under nearby "waypoints".
  22. Trip and Waypoint Mgr is optional stuff I have never bothered with. You need ot buy the additional maps on either CD or the SD card. It is sold many places to include this web site.
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