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  1. Unfortunately I have moved to the Gulf Coast and must relinquish control of my two remaining hides around the Rolla Missouri area. I know there are some very active hiders and seekers around. One of these caches was adopted from another individual and has been around since 2006 - It is in a rather unique location and fun to try and find. Tiney Cave Cache The other cache is at a simple rest stop and needs maintenance (new container and log...). The Cursed Rest Stop (Cursed, because the container used to disappear until I moved the location) has also been in place since 2006 and successfully found over 500 times. Cursed Rest Stop Cache Cheers all!
  2. Dude! That thing is totally sweet and trade worthy. I am always intrigued by new and exciting swag, particularly the kind that has some application to the game...
  3. funny, I just connected my brand new nuvi 760 works flawlessly.
  4. LOLOLOLOLOLOL that is all (so glad I have a garmin now...)
  5. Hope Magellan enjoys its long slow trip to irrelevance, mediocrity, and eventual death.
  6. Can someone (OP) summarize? I dread reading 14 pages of broken gibberish...
  7. With only one update in 3 years of life, my magellan explorist will simply ignore this... why I'll go garmin from now on.
  8. Going to finally shed myself of my old and discontinued handheld GPS's for auto navigating (goodbye maggie - it has been a long strange trip ) and move towards a dedicated in car GPS. I was looking at the Garmin Nuvi 265WT... but then I saw the nuvi 760. the major capabilities and specs appear to be almost the same (except for the traffic inclusion) but the 760 has a few more bells and whistles. for the same price... thoughts?
  9. It appears as if Garmin has acquired Maggie's famous boomerang mode, only it doesn't come back and seems to last a lot longer...
  10. Wow, this thread died faster than a hooker in Vegas - baby!
  11. I thought the unit would shut down if the location didn't change for 10 minutes. I still do the rubber band thing in the truck (sad we have to resort to that) I have the mount sitting next to my computer monitor so I can charge, upload caches, etc... nice old thread. waiting for my 600 to die so I can switch to garmin - finally!
  12. because?!? If you wish to forever have this topic quickly available then you should click the [options] link near the top right of the forums page when you are reading this topic, then click [track this topic] and select how you want to do things. Then from now on you can click on the [my controls] link at the top of any forum page and select [view topics] to SEE all topics that you have so marked. You might have to change the "Show topics from:" date options at the bottom to see ALL if time marches on too fast for you. Just bumping the topic is plain rude. I still say my answer was better - and more succinct.
  13. The filename says: "Filename: Explorist_500_600_2_71.zip" so... you know what I'm asking. Have any 600 owners given it the old college try? I'm willing to brick my 600 for an update nearly 4 years in the coming, if only to go get a sweet new O400t.
  14. and crappy, ill supported and buggy hardware and software. great idea, failingly executed.
  15. You know - google exists right? with one search, I found listings for batteries, and even a you tube video showing you how to replace the battery. 1. You don't need a huge memory card for your palm M515 unless you have a lot of other apps installed, or you are running around with THOUSANDS of caches downloaded from cachemate. I have had a M515 for years and still have no extra memory in the unit. 1000 caches will generally run you under 2 MB of memory. 2. You can replace the battery - but it wil void your warranty. I don't think these things have warranties any more. 3. For replacement batteries, instructions and the tools required: You can go here (what I did last year) Or here, they have a large selection Or you can use my Google search here and start your own quest. 4. Final notes - to open the palm's case you will need two things, a torx driver and a slim blade, like a small flat tip screw driver. Once you remove the torx screws, you will have to pry the back cover off. Also, the battery is held in place with strong glue or double sided tape. Also, when puchasing, I would go with the 850 (original) or 1000 mAh battery. Just my preference. hope this helps.
  16. I thought you were going to say Maggie threw in the towel and was sending everyone a new Oregon or Colorado...
  17. go ahead - its your $$$
  18. Nuvi 500 $500 Nuvi 560 $700 Nuvi 570 $700 Nuvi 5x0W series $700+ The Nuvi 5x0's will come out the week after you purchase a Nuvi 500 I doubt this. They will not want to dig too deeply into thier auto Nuvis or their hand helds so I see these having limited functionality so hard core users will still go the separate routes for GPSr use. You are kidding... right? Have you looked at the automotive list lately? here, let me help: nüvi® 200 nüvi® 200W nüvi® 205 nüvi® 205W nüvi® 250 nüvi® 250W nüvi® 255 nüvi® 255W nüvi® 260 nüvi® 260W nüvi® 270 nüvi® 300 nüvi® 310 nüvi® 360 nüvi® 500 nüvi® 550 nüvi® 600 nüvi® 610 nüvi® 650 nüvi® 660 nüvi® 670 nüvi® 680 nüvi® 710 nüvi® 750 nüvi® 760 nüvi® 770 nüvi® 780 nüvi® 850 nüvi® 860 nüvi® 880 nüvi® 900T nüvi® 5000 I think the discontinued decision maker guy at Garmin quit.
  19. Is the screen vertical only orientation, or can I change it to horizontal for, say, driving along a route? Like the nuvi's... [] versus [__]
  20. my, that was quick! Keep up the good work!
  21. You are correct sir - as usual. I got one of the first 600's when they were released. I remember storming and ranting for months to get a firmware fix. We got it just before Christmas Dec 2005. That's it. One firmware update in 3 years. Thanks a lot! I still want to be a Maggie engineer - you don't have to do anything...
  22. is it me, or is this the final version of the Colorado beta models...
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