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  1. are you serious?...don't you think that comment is quite rude? First that was about an unknown cacher so how can I be rude to someone I do not even know who they are? It was a rhetorical question meaning what is the point of dipping it in x number of caches someplace else and then bring it back to where you picked it up from?
  2. If you are asking me directly if you are using ONE to track where you have been that is no necessarily a problem. Personally I would not log it in caches I did not have it with me or did not own it before I found the cache but do not see a problem with others doing this with ONE trackable. If you do backlog do have the courtesy to delete your note after drop and retrieve it (another pet peeve). If you delete the note it will not take away the trackables history. Your point about the Mexico is exactly why people should not dip someone elses caches a hundred times. I can see if you dip it on a road trip and you stop in 5 states but when you get to the destination put it in a cache. Why would you bring it back with you? So that it can lead the same idiotic life as the person holding it?
  3. I am perfectly fine with someone that uses one coin as a tracker for the caches that they visited but what is the need to do that with hundreds of them. Furthermore, they do it with other peoples trackables that they have in their possession. My person thought is that a travel bug should be picked up at a cache and dropped at another cache and not dipped in 100 caches along the way. I don't give a flip that you picked up my TB and stopped in 100 parking lots along the way before dropping it somewhere else. Personally if they did it with one of my trackables I would ask them to just place it in a cache and nto dip it in every cache for a month or two before dropping it. I think that once you stop and think objectively about this situation, and listen to what others who own trackables think about it, you'll find that you're in the minority on this one. I have several trackables that I've now held for well over a year, and have dipped into probably around 100 caches or so. And I continue to get others asking me to do the same with theirs, and I continue to get thank you notes from those whose coin I'm already carrying. If someone who has interesting travels grabs my coin and wants to give it a ride, I'm all for it. Nothing wrong with that at all, in my opinion. So because I am in the minority my ideas do not count? I think you are the one that needs to objectively think about the situation. I have never seen anybody's trackable say they want to travel from cache. Without looking I am going to guess that you have at least one Jeep Travel Bug in your possession on your online inventory.
  4. As I have written before, I am a huge fan of the way that tracking numbers create a history. If the history is not accurate, it harms the whole system. What is the point of tracking numbers anyway, if they are just lies? I'm making the assumption that the cacher dipping the coins actually has them and that would be their history. I do not know these people so am not sure. I am going to venture a guess that they are not going along to the caches. The one with 375 trackables is a micro and the one person dipped 300 of them give or take and I am guessing he is not walking around with that with him. Also the other cache that the person dipped all the coins in is my cache and they did a loop of my caches that day that is I believe 8-9 miles. If they did carry them that far all day long for what purpose?
  5. I am perfectly fine with someone that uses one coin as a tracker for the caches that they visited but what is the need to do that with hundreds of them. Furthermore, they do it with other peoples trackables that they have in their possession. My person thought is that a travel bug should be picked up at a cache and dropped at another cache and not dipped in 100 caches along the way. I don't give a flip that you picked up my TB and stopped in 100 parking lots along the way before dropping it somewhere else. Personally if they did it with one of my trackables I would ask them to just place it in a cache and nto dip it in every cache for a month or two before dropping it.
  6. Well I guess I should just log finds on your caches because what is the harm? It is my cache page and I do use the past inventory from time to time. Furthermore I would not mind so much if they were actually dragging 100 trackables to each cache and putting them in (dipping) and taking them back out. With that said I will tell you that I have a coin that someone is going to immediately pick up from a cache that I physically put it in the cache and make them take it out as it becomes there decision whether to take it or not. One the few ocassions that I have dipped a coin/TB through a cache I have physically put said trackable in the cache container and taken it back out. Dipping caches without physically even taking them with you to me is the same as logging a find on a cache that you did not sign the cache log.
  7. For all you geocachers out there that like angst I am guessing I am getting ready to see a few emoticons eating popcorn and such but anyway. I live in an area where cachers get finds at all costs and do anything to get numbers of every ridiculous thing you could ever think about. However, the latest one seems to be effecting my caches and there isn't anything I can do about it. Some people have started dipping their entire inventory of coins/TB in every cache they find. Beyond the fact that they are not carrying the trackables to the caches as some of them would not even hold them. What is the point? My issue is that at times I go and look at the coins and bugs that travel through my caches to see where they go from there. Here are a few examples: GC2KYW4 past trackables and this is a good one (GC2X3AK) a micro with 9 finds with 375 trackablespassing through. Should there be a limit as to the number of trackables someone can dip and if so how many? Or should it be a cache owners perogative whether or not to allow the dipping of coins?
  8. Were the numbers that visible before? I can't say for sure they look about the same. They are sometimes hidden (not visible looking at the cache page itself) depending on the length of the page from the shown cache logs. My issue is that you can see the stuff written in the white space on the cache page.
  9. Hovering works fine for me. Mac OS X, Firefox 4.0.1 Did that pop up when you hovered or when you clicked? On mine (PC Firefox 3.6.17) you have to click a cache to get the bubble to pop up.
  10. I am going to post a few of the things I have already found that I do not care for with the upgrade: On the map page the 2 features I liked the most are now gone as you can no longer hover over a cache to see the name of it. Also I go out of my way to search for old caches and now without the caches listed on the map (at all let alone in order of publication) it will have to be done laboriously through pocket queries and will be difficult to quickly find old caches in an PQ if you do not have access to your usual tools (GSAK) when not at your home computer (I do not have cell phone capability). On the map if 2 icons overlap it will not bring up the cache information on either of the caches. If you zoom all the way in and they still touch then you can not bring them up (check out GC2FQCV and GC2EP2G). On a cache page the background image is now different in appearance and it has revealed part of one of my mystery caches. I have writing in the white space that is a decoy but since there is a background image that is not white it shows the hidden text (GC1XQZY). I like the location of the cache stages and the idea behind the cache so now I will have to figure out how to rehide the text. Incidentally I like that feature on one of my other caches where there is not hidden information (GC2NFZV) That is what I have seen so far on first glance (10 minutes).
  11. I see you are from the Cleona, PA area. I am a local cacher and get my ammo cans at The Green Dragon flea market in Ephrata. You want to look in the back corner for a place called "Lou's". They sell some hardware and also military surplus. It has been a while since I bought some but think the small ones were $5 and the larger ones $7. At times they have some larger artillery containers if you want even bigger ones.
  12. I have 4 of these right now and I wnat to place them, but haven't yet because of a concern. Recently I held a special closed event (leadership/teambuilding) for some college students. I used one of these containers as a hide. Unfortunately during the event it became a casualty. The latch on the side broke off. Upon inspection the latching mechanisim doesn't have much durability to it. The plastic on these is also fairly brittle. I suspect that with a nice camo paint (read: Krylon Fusion) that they may not get more brittle or fall apart, but I don't think the latch will hold up long term. I may still deploy mine (since I still have 2 that are camoed, and one bright yellow) but do worry about durability. The caches in that link are not waterproof. I bought 2 of them and the one I placed began filling with water from rain within a few months (I say fill with water versus damp logs as a point of their poor quality). I did not even bother to put the other one out as a cache.
  13. I have a cache that has been in the water for nearly 2 years with only minor leakage. I have a lock and lock container that I used Vaseline around the rubber ring on top to make it water tight. The one time that it had minor leakage I just went and relubed it with Vaseline. As for the flotation problem I put some nuts and bolts in the cache to weight it down. Like I said it has served me well so far. For what it is worth the cache is in a small river in the northest (Pennsylvania) so itgoes through some changes in water temperature throughout the year.
  14. I currently have 3 such caches. One problem is the elimination of additional logging requirements does not allow one to force people to CITO to get their smiley. For the most part it seems people are still picking up the trash as requested. My caches are: CITO Cache #1, CITO Cache #2, CITO Cache #4 (#3 has been archived)
  15. I have a gallon size ziplock bag that I has about 50-60 that I have removed from caches I find them in. I hope to fill it up.
  16. Took about 15 minutes to try and figure it out and unless I overlooked something it is not one of the normal type of puzzles I have seen. Incidentally I got sidetracked during the time and figured out one of Harry Dolphin's Puzzle caches in about 5 minutes that I now have bookmarked in case I ever end up in that neck of the woods.
  17. Not sure of your area but in mine I am in the land of FTF hounds. The puzzle caches always take longer for people to get to. Add to that is that it published on a Friday nearing Christmas. People will already have their plans for the weekend (including Friday Night) including holiday parties and shopping. Also, your checking out of the puzzle now shows their is one person that has figured out the puzzle. A FTF hound might not even try figuring that they won't be FTF anyway. You know you can go to geocheck.com, login, and clear your trial run of the coordinate check. That way the cache will show that know one has figured out the puzzle and used the checker yet. I am not advocating clearing it if in fact you cleared it and somebody else has figured it out. I will take a look at the puzzle and see if I can figure it out.
  18. Not sure of yours or the exact definition of Monkey puzzle as I had never heard of one before today but I have a cache that may qualify. I have one of these with a key around the ring and another ring on the back (so the key will not reach the lock) of an ammo can that the lock is on the front of the ammo can.
  19. I work in private industry, but we're working four day weeks. I like the three day weekends, but miss the pay. I've taken the opportunity to hide Grumpy Dolphin caches on Grumpy Dolphin days. In my first five years of geocaching, I hid 30 caches. Since July, I've hidden 21 Grumpy Dolphin caches. Cache-22 was supposed to go out last weekend, but the wind-chill was 9º. And this weekend the blizzard is coming through. Oh, well. I may have to put out three for New Years! Hee hee hee. Some evil ones that have other cachers cursing at me. Hee hee hee. But lots of nice easy ones. I have been planning my 5000th find for 2 months deciding exactly what one to use and changing my mind. i finally decide on the day and cache and mother nature dumps a foot of snow on me. I even changed my plans last night to use a different cache for 5000 but it snowed there as well. On top of that I have a cache that has been in the works for about 2 years and the space I needed to place the cache opened up last month. I have been working on getting it up and running and twice have run into proximity issues with another cacher who was placing caches in the same area at the same time. I am still planning on puting it out tomorrow unless that 12 inches becomes 24. I guess mine is a matter of enough time but not weather.
  20. Here is a DNF that I thought a skunk was the cache at first. The cache was on the other side of the rock that the skunk was under.
  21. Link to the Series Final with all the individual states listed
  22. Really, the real Ken Jennings. When I read the name I said no it can't be. Actually saw you 3 times last week on the Jeopardy 25th Anniversary special 5 show week. Not sure what type of information you are looking for but here are some things I have done while geocaching. I have found caches in every county in 5 states (PA, MD, NJ, NY, DE). I have found 117 caches in one day (by no means close to the record). I routinely plan my vacations around geocaching/hiking. I do not ever go to a new place without finding at least one geocache. I have found a geocache of ever difficulty/terrain rating (known as "well rounded cacher"). To date I think I have found caches in about 20 states without looking at my map. I am also hopeful in my lifetime to complete the Cache Across America cache (find a specific cache in all 50 states to get the final in DC). I currently have only found 7 but hope to get 6 more on my vacation next week. Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but I can give more details if so desired.
  23. As mentioned previously it can cause problems when people look for old caches. I like to try to find the oldest cache and/or older caches in as many states as possible. I almost did not notice the date on this cache: GC17NR7 when I was planning on my upcoming trip to New England. I would have been very angry if I did not realize it. I remember one in PA being listed for a while that was "older" then the oldest active in the state. After a few weeks it was either archived or corrected. I was aware that it was not the oldest because I had already found the oldest in PA. Therefore, to me it would only matter in regards to where it is listed in the states chronological list (especially if they use 1900 as on the search page it would use "00" as the year and I would initially thing 2000 and therefore think it was accurate).
  24. GC1R4DA: 51 Finds and 1 DNF GCC64C:242 Finds and 3 DNF Just 2 of my most recent
  25. In addtion to all the other concerns already mentioned I wonder what the USPS (AKA US Government) guidelines have to say about using their property (the cache labels and incidentally all the priority mail envelopes I see converted to waterproof logsheets that you can't write on) for other then the intended purpose. I would surmise it pretty much equates to theft in their eyes.
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