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  1. Ok, today I got a waymarkung email at my new email address. Apparently geocaching emails update instaneously. Waymarking emails took a couple weeks to update.
  2. My Waymarking profile is showing my updated Gmail account.
  3. Hello, I have an old yahoo email account that I have used for years. I finally decided to get rid of it in favor of a gmail account. I updated my email address on geocaching.com and I now get all my geocaching emails at my new gmail account. However, I continue to get my Waymarking emails at my old yahoo account. I log in to Waymarking.com and it shows my updated gmail account on my profile, but I continue to get Waymarking emails at my old yahoo account anyway. How do I switch my Waymarking email address to my new gmail account? Thanks, Josh
  4. I love maintaining my caches. If any maintenance is needed, I want a NM logged. I hate the idea of someone trying to 'help' me by doing stuff to my caches. and all but one of my caches require a substantial hike to get to them.
  5. The first cache I found. I'll never forget that experience. Some caches have come close, but none are as memorable as that first one.
  6. I enjoy the fact that Geocaching gives me something to do since I'm currently doing pretty much nothing with my life aside from working.
  7. Listening to music is my #1 passion. I've named a lot of my caches after some of my favorite songs that seemed apropos to the cache location or the hide itself. For example, I had one placed by a really nice fountain so I called it Aqueous Transmission after the song by Incubus.
  8. I'm not sure I understand your question. Basically, I've always been a responsible cache owner (I think thats why I got a new virtual). I've never had a reviewer disable of archive one of my caches. I've always maintained them when I owned them and if there was ever a time in which I wasn't willing to maintain it, I'd archive it. There are a couple of my caches that I'd like to unarchive and maintain, but I think placing a "Cache Name Version 2" or "Cache Name 2.0" is kinda cheesy. I'd much rather have the cache unarchived and continue on where I left off. These caches have been archived anywhere between 3 and 6 years or so.
  9. I've never made one of my caches PMO. Never had a problem. I want people to find my caches. Why would I then limit the amount of people who could find it? I tend to think PMO caches are a little elitist.
  10. I'm trying really really hard to uncheck email notifications when I get a message through the message center. I go in to that menu option. I uncheck it. It says "saving" and then "saved". I go to a different page. I come back to that menu option and the checkbox has rechecked itself. How do I stop this madness? My email inbox is getting spammed like crazy even though I already get the notification through the app. HELP!!!
  11. This post pretty much sums up my feeling about the modern game. I placed a cache or two back then that have been engulfed by many other caches. I used to want to tell those people who began placing caches along the trail after mine that they we encroaching on my trail and should go find their own. Now it's as if my cache is encroaching on their trail. I would be more than satisfied finding that one cache along that trail. I don't need a 'series'. I don't even really like the idea of stopping 528 feet while on a hike to stop and look for a geocache. "Then why do it?" you ask. Honestly I have no idea. I just can't walk within a couple feet of a geocache and not try to find it. It would be much nicer IMO if that 528 feet rule was widened to like 1,000 feet or 1,500 feet or more.
  12. One benefit to being a middle of the night cacher is you don't have to worry about avoiding muggles at caches that are placed right in the middle of muggle town. The muggle cops do get really annoying though.
  13. I do this all the time. Quite simply, nobody cares. I'm not that interesting.
  14. I started reading this thread last night. got about 1/2 a page in so far. It appears as if Inmountains was suggesting he/she had logged finds on caches when they were well outside of being 50 feet from the cache. The part that offended me was that he/she included me in that group by not sticking to 'I' and 'me' statements and instead using a 'we' statement. ("we all....") I'm definitely not part of that group. Maybe he/she logs caches he/she was not at, but I have not and will not. I'd appreciate it if I was not lumped in to that group as if logging caches you are not personally at is some kind of generally accepted practice..
  15. We who? I've never and will never log a find on a cache I was not personally at. Doing so makes no sense to me whatsoever.
  16. Is there a point of time in which a reviewer will not unarchive a cache even if it meets guidelines and all that stuff?
  17. Sounds like a good question. Do you want speculate on an answer?
  18. I totally agree with that. I mean if you don't follow the posting guidelines in the forums they take away your right to post for a while. Seems only right they do that with cache ownership as well.
  19. Yeah the ability to create a formula to decide who is deserving of the reward is there.
  20. No it won't unless Groundspeak were to announce ahead of time that they were going to give a reward for this. If one day they just gave the reward no one would have know to boost their word count ahead of time.
  21. I'd like to see an additional option when building PQ's that works just like the "Are not on my ignore list" option, but that allows you to choose which of your lists you do not want in your PQ. I don't really like the ignore list, because I want all caches to show up on the website, but I have a "Presumed Missing" list and I don't want caches on that list to show up in my PQ's.
  22. Throwdown caching just baffles me. There is clearly a DNF log. Yet people do not find the cache and instead of logging it appropriately, they place their own and still log a find. That's just wrong to me. It helps no one and does nothing for the game. In the last month I've found one cache that had the real cache and a throwdown at GZ and I've been to two other geocaches that were throwdowns. When I get to a cache with a throwdown, I don't even know how to log it. Log a DNF and a NM? Remove the throwdown and log a DNF and a NM? Sign the log and log a find? I really don't know how to approach this situation. I really don't understand this phenomenon. It's a real dark spot on the game right now.
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