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  1. What's with all the people wearing animal suits at the convention??
  2. I just caught it by chance. It made me smile.
  3. I believe you were thinking of the picture taken by the Ventura Kids. Its on their profile page: http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=a0...55-93db6617f727 That's hilarious!
  4. Route? What is that? You mean some people do this is an organized manner instead of wandering the world semi-aimlessly?
  5. People are pretty quick to call others lazy around here, in my opinion. Take a look at the pic of stickers further up the thread. Stickers allow a cacher to add a bit of fun originatlity to his/her log. I think he nailed it. ^ Just something to add a touch of flair to my logs. And yes, I actually do write a log entry to go with it.
  6. I actually still write a log entry, then use my labels to "sign" my log entry. Unless it's a micro as gpsfun pointed out.
  7. I did mine on Word, printed them on sandard Avery return address labels. Then printed then on the color laser printer at work they've since moved the color printer.
  8. Krylon Fusion is made specifically for plastics. We did some of those white resin lawn chairs (painted them bright red )a couple years ago and they haven't a nick on them.
  9. Like a lot of ideas, they can be good. I've found a couple that were located at interesting bridges and brought you to a good viewing spot for them. But guardrails for the sake of just putting a cache there, I agree. After all, we've all seen guardrails. They don't get terribly interesting. So if you're bringing me to a guardrail, please give me a good reason.
  10. I live in an area of smallish towns and have nearly 300 within 10 miles. Of which I've logged 9, and only 1 or 2 of those since actually moving to the town. Funny hting about buying a house. That first year really cuts into your geocaching time, and any other time for that matter. I'll get busy caching again in the spring and perhaps, maybe, just maybe hide one or 2 if I find a good place. I've got one spot on the radar already. Here's hopin'!
  11. Beat me to it and yes, from what I've seen a large number of waymarks are like this. I add the category to my ignore list and whittle it down to those of some interest which ends up being few.
  12. Congrats! I think in this case we can make an exception to the no sign/no find rule.
  13. The King makes a good point. Allowing them to be searchable would make it easier for us to clean up abandoned geolitter. Besides, sometimes caches that are perfectly functional get archived because the owner loses interest, or the ability to maintain them. This would give somebody the chance to adopt or relist it. But like some other things many wish would happen, I fear such things shall fall on deaf ears.
  14. Cool histirical info about the site/area are definitely a big draw for me, as is an interesting and/or unique location in and of itself. As for long write-ups, I look at them like long movies. I'm fine with them being long so long as there's a good reason to be and aren't just dragging on.
  15. I don't mean to imply space flight is in itself insignificant. I was just wondering what made this particular mission stand above others. Yes, the lab is a big one.
  16. Out of curiousity, what makes this particular launch significant? Sorry, I'm a bit out of touch with what's happeneing in the space program these days.
  17. I think the trickiest part is getting the landowner's permission
  18. Same here. I also like to keep my digicam handy. I usually will take one of my log entry to refresh my memory later, in addition to the usual pictures I like taking along the way.
  19. I like that idea! Might have to use that sometime.
  20. Perhaps out of guilt, they'll self destruct them.
  21. As if the lead and GHB laiden beads weren't enough?
  22. I just bang my head repeatedly on the logbook until I leave some sort of imprint.
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