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  1. I think you could rework that movie based Challenge to fit the standard constraints of a Puzzle/Unknown cache. Maybe I am wrong, but it sounds like a fun cache.
  2. In my opinion something like this is the best solution. One set of worldwide challenges that are curated by some entity (perhaps a new tier of reviewers) and these would be gained or unlocked much like video game Achievements. It could even be integrated into the Souvenir system to make that actually have meaning finally. Examples: Completed Fizzy D/T Grid - 73/81 Completed US States - 13/50 Completed Louisiana Parishes - 32/XX And you could look through a listing of all the current challenges and toggle On/Off those you want to attempt or opt out completely if desired. This would integrate your Find stats, Souvenirs, and Statistics.
  3. The text is so large and the borders around everything are so wide. It reminds me of my legally blind mother's phone setup.
  4. Event and CITO are down below the Create a New Geocache button. Keep scrolling... too much scrolling IMO....
  5. I tried two searches today: Covington, LA returns results for Covington, Alabama. Mandeville, LA returns results in England.
  6. So no movement on this issue since May? I've started moving all my caches to PMO to combat this issue I guess I will have to continue to do so.
  7. As I've said for years now the trackable concept is dead. With the addition of the Introductory App that doesn't event make a user register an email or visit gc.com there is no way to communicate with new cachers that don't understand trackables and think they are swag or lose interest after a handful of finds. Geocoins are relagated to collectors items only and all TBs are doomed. It was fun while it lasted.
  8. Looks like you got it published. Congrats!
  9. WoW factor or leave em dead!!! Do you have any idea how many virtuals were published after the wow factor was introduced? Very few. If they come back under the wow factor, guess what, they in effect won't be back. But instead of the weekly "bring back virtuals" threads in the forums we'll be back to the weekly "Waaah, the reviewer didn't think my virtual was wow" threads. Wow factor, but instead of that "wow" being determined by the reviewer I would like to see it done by the community with some sort of thumbs up, thumbs down system like what the Challenges had. If a virtual received a certain number of thumbs downs it would then go to the reviewer. I'm not sure on the particulars but there has to be a way to leverage the community that is finding the virtuals and relieve the strain of reviewers having to decide "wow" on each one. And in regard to the National Park arguement. I may be in the minority but I don't beleive physical caches need to be in National Parks unless placed and maintained by the rangers. They just ask for too many vacation caches with poor maintenece being left uncared for in the wild. Virtuals and earthcaches more than satisfy my cache craving in NPs along with the occasinal park sanctioned cache.
  10. Yep I just got back from a multi day backpacking/geocaching trip and was very disappointed the topos were gone right when I needed them. I resorted to physical paper copies from REI, but I hope this gets fixed so I don't have to hand plot the locations of caches on future hikes...
  11. That's GC1D3Q8 two Lackeys found it on the 22 and replaced the log in the nano while filming their video according to the logs.
  12. Yeah no maps for me, not even a checkerboard
  13. Well my near-misses caching have luckily been mostly First Aids. I have learned especially well that kudzu in the southeast has a habit of growing right over holes and briers with no problem, in that case the apparent lay of the land may not be the actual topographic lay of the land. Plain ole pine straw can do this as well to a certain extent, but I've never seen anything like kudzu anywhere else in my travels. In Alabama I actually walked into a 10-15 ft deep abandoned gravel pit because it was completely canopied by kudzu, luckily those vines are fairly strong when one grabs handfuls of them as they fall through and I ended up suspended about 4 ft off the ground tangled in the vines. I had to walk through a blackberry bramble FOUR TIMES in Louisiana because of rain and because I dropped my camera when I fell off an upturned trees rootball. That was a five or six foot drop onto my back that could have been pretty serious. Here's my log: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=9064ba5e-5369-4575-bb68-9172e8aa401a Also, once I was walking around in an area that had been used to discard lumber looking for a cache. I felt pressure in my right foot and looked down to see a large nail sticking through the TOP of my shoe. After a quick freak out, I sat down (carefully) and jerked the board and nail out of my foot before the endophines wore off. I was lucky to be current on my tetnus shot, but as you can imagine that foot was worthless for several weeks. Still have a nice scar on the top and bottom of my foot.
  14. Geomate JR is dead, the company that makes it has gone under and they are no longer giving updates. Too bad all it's cache loading is blackbox.
  15. Based on the response from an ex-Apisphere employee (they were all laid off in December) Geomate JR is dead and if you can get a refund somehow, I would as soon as possible.
  16. Thanks for the timely response Moun10 bike! Since it is an API fix that means it could be resolved without a new version of the app being needed correct? I will await the resolution eagerly. It has been broken for quite some time now.
  17. Great update, my biggest grievance has still not been addressed however. When will Ignored Caches be ignored in my iPhone app again? There are a lot of inactive caches near me that are not Disabled and they clog up my nearest unfound searches.
  18. I like the avatars in the logs, but I totally agree the dates need to be corrected. About... days ago will not cut it.
  19. Cool. I also like that my own caches are now marked with a yellow star in the list and map view. Hm, this does not seem to be working for me. Going from the List->Map->back to List->back to map does not preserve the zoom level of the previous map viewing. Also, when viewing a cache, choosing ->Go to Geocache->changing zoom on map->going back to cache listing or to compass view->go back to map also forgets the previous zoom level. Still, you've added some long missing features, so I'm glad for the update, thanks a bunch! The Map Zoom works for me. If I view a cache description then go back the map doesn't zoom all the way out!!!! Yay! Have the same problem on my iPhone with the new update can not open the favorites it crashes when I try and ends up crashing when I even try to add a new cache to a favorites list. Ditto I don't use this feature but I am getting a crash when I select Favorites as well. Yes this to me needs to be a top priority. Disabled and Ignored caches shouldn't show up in my search or at the very least I should have the option to toggle them on or off. This worked for the longest time, how did it break?
  20. My first Challenge: CX3A http://www.geocaching.com/challenges/view.aspx?cx=CX3A You will have to climb the highest point in Texas, Guadalupe Peak, and take a photo with the stainless steal pyramid at the summit.
  21. I would really like for the caches on my Ignore List to not show up in my searches. It functioned this way for a long time, why the change? Also, when I am done looking at a cache listing and go back to the map, or when I am loading more caches into my map, I really wish the map didn't autozoom all the way back out to show all the caches.
  22. Here's the cache http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=351e5a94-d54f-4d41-8dbc-6193bcc5f846
  23. This is the digital age, nothing is secret, there are no spoilers anymore. I think you have to look to Wikipedia on this one. They discontinued the use of spoiler tags on entries years ago because it is impossible to monitor. The Reviewers already have enough on their plates. Also, Bill and Ted save Rock n Roll and the Wyld Stallions win Battle of the Bands to save the future.
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