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  1. It looks like a Legend H , I found the screen hard to read in daylight so I stuck with the Legend C
  2. Sorry to do this but can anyone point to where it s possible to download templates for logbooks ? , I did have some but lost/deleted them and just got a friend into geocaching so every bit helps
  3. Mrs B , surely thats "the original South Wales " you guys are famous for us in the North West , keep it up!
  4. I bought an Axim as well but have found that I cant connect because my comp cant see it now , although it will recharge I cant do any updates because the docking station doesnt seem to work after 3 years (X3i model) I got cachemate for paperless caching , I had to go back to printing out stuff, I find this site very helpful but I`m not racing against anyone to get more than them .And I do a bit of lurking ( hehe ).
  5. i want to be able to put a geocaching logo on my cache calling cards . is it ? A) possible B) allowed C) where can I get/download said logo ?
  6. can I use the geocache logo on my calling cards which i leave at caches ? quote " Archangel_UK was here"
  7. who`s badgering you Hazel ? i cant believe you stand for that!
  8. my prob is worse , had to re-install windows and lost evwerything !! gotta start from scratch
  9. They just do, besides we do have certain amount of armed coppers should someone be foolish to use a weapon
  10. Well in UK , we dont have those sort of probs with cops, they may ask what you are doing and where you are going ,but no weapons involved ! However using handheld devices are big no-no and attract fines and points on licence
  11. Indeed, but France does seem to be doing rather poorly on the "caches per variety of cheese" metric. All unfavourable statistics can be turned in one's favour using the power of -1. In this case, I think you should count the number of varieties of cheese which you can enjoy per 100 caches. That's at least 8 for France without having to import anything. You have a dodgy pedant there (oo-er missus). The inhabitants of Oregon would like a word with him. I do hope nobody here has ever accused Americans of being geographically ignorant. that would be hard considering that all the Americans i have spoken to do not have a good perception of world geography........... more along the lines of "i am blonde " sorry ladies
  12. Why have you got caches on an ignore list ? I didnt know there was such a thing ........ was wondering why ?
  13. Could it be something as simple as trads are larger therefore more easily spotted ?
  14. October 2007 myself ,Wirral (near HazelS) know what you mean about elusive nanos
  15. Can I just mention that having had syncing probs with geocaching.com and unable tosee my stats I am really happy that Teasel/Ian has sorted it out and I am up to date Big Thanks to Ian for his help in the midst of all his probs gold star work all round and apart from numerous typos in this post which I had to correct once I`d posted , everything seems to be going excellently
  16. Unlike my TomTom which just goes off when its battery decides its finished after 2 hours
  17. The battery life is given as 2 hours max on most satnavs but as has been stated excellent to get you to the parking area but not if you have a longer than say 1.5 hours on foot. Its working out which is the best method for you that counts ; go for it but remember that the TomTom especially just dies when the battery is finished
  18. geocacheuk.com is now geocacheuk.ORG which is why some links don`t work ,Teasel did mention this on the thread I believe
  19. Yep totally agree, have dropped my 60CSx three times with no problem in just over a year of use. Working outside, (Mobile Phone Industry) I'm on my 5th Mobile Phone and 3rd PDA, Mobiles/PDAs don't like being dropped or water. The HTC device is really nice but not for a techno-idiot like me, who works at height and gets wet, well very wet!!! I have actually had a "play" with an HTC, cannot remember which one, but it was about £450 and did everything. Have to agree it is a great device and as posted does EVERYTHING, BUT!! The company I work for did think about buying them (x10) but we stopped when we tried to find out there IP (Ingress Protection) rating, we were told they were tested for "normal use" which basically means use it in your bed with plenty of pillows around and make sure your roof does not leak!!! Don't quote me but I seem to remember that a 60CSx can withstand full immersion, in water, for 5 minutes. I think Garmin use an IPX rating not the EU IP rating so cannot remember. In the end my company thought better of the "all in one device" and settled for a GPS (Garmin 60CSx), TomTom (PDA or Standalone), Laptop (for Internet Access/E-mail/etc) and a very cheap mobile phone!!! As for five mobile phones in one year!!! 1) Dropped from 30m while on a tower!! 2) Dropped from 150m while working on a tower, (small hole still in the ground)!!!! 3) Left on roof of van, drove off, found by mate who drove over it!!!! 4) Fell down the loo, the phone not me!!! 5) Dropped from 60m while on a tower, BUT, luckily the Astra van below broke it's fall!! Cheers Nick you do seem to like dropping phones off towers don`t you
  20. Why not just install Memory Map on the PPC and don't bother with the Garmin? Either get a PPC with a built in GPS, such as a Mio p350/550 a701, or my HTC Kaiser/TYTN II or get an even cheaper PPC with Bluetooth and get a GPS mouse. The Garmin unit that you have all recommended so far does not do half the things the OP asked for. Does it play mp3s? Connect to a PC wirelessly? Does it do turn by turn satnav (may do I'm not sure)? Can you get full cache info from it like you can with Cachemate? Do you get a display like this below? On which when you select a cache you get this: In addition to the things the OP asked for, he would also be able o send & recieve email, make phone calls, send SMS, have full HTML internet access via 3g, Edge, HSDPA, GPRS or wifi, play games, edit MS Office documents, sync his outlook calender & contacts and install whatever different apps or games he chooses. Well Ive looked and they appear to be about £450 quid + (can`t seem to find one at 275 ) ok if you `ve got the disposable income but hang on ! doesnt the new garmin do the paperless caching thing as well .... and unless you are a gadget junkie ; most folks will have changed their mobile for something small and discreet, not a blinking big lump like this , hmmmmmm and if they`re on Ebay (cheap) that says to me that people are not too happy with them, if they were that good you wouldn`t be avble to get one for love or money , Hmmmmmm
  21. they are both tools to be used where appropriate;besides carrying a compass and map for rural areas is just good sense .
  22. I made up a calling card then laminated them in an A3 pocket which cuts up. makes them waterproof and if someone wants to collect ,who am I to argue
  23. I`ve heard the phrase " big is beautiful" but a 4 foot plus cable(56 inches) is a little large to connect to a PC/Laptop don`t you think?
  24. Thats because the Legend C onwards are usb connectors ,handy for those with digital cameras and for me to connect my TomTom 1 , same usb cable Etrex H and Gekos are serial cables Its too bad that Garmin don`t supply the cable as well ,all those potential upgrade customers !
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