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  1. errm.... it's now 2008. Has anything changed? ... Anyone noticed a difference?
  2. mmo is a propriatary format. There are a few folks working on cracking it, but so far it's not in general circulation. The CSV that my GPX toMM produced can be imported into the desktop version of MM and then use the funtionality in MM to transfer the waypoints to the Mio. I have a P550. I beleive there is a "Pro" version that will bring csv straight into MM on the Mio, but us poor UK folks can't get it and the US version doesn;t work on out maps apprently. I got confuzzled in GSAK, which is why I did my own little app. If you can get your head round GSAK it is a great tool. I am thinking about a straight html output from GPXtoMM but so far I haven't had the time to implement it, or much encouragement. Cust.
  3. If you get Memory Map and Cachemate then I have a little utility that'll transfer Pocket Queries (GPX) to Memory Map with an automatic link into Cachemate when you double click in Memory Map. It also imports Lodelphs Lovely icons as well. Download here, it's FREE
  4. My name is a Manx word which means: Bircher, chastiser, flogger, scourge, scourger, whipper, whipper in. You can draw whatever inferences you like from that! Cust.
  5. Thw whole GSAK to MM think totally confused me with all the macros so insteat I wrote GPXtoMM which converts pocket queries into a csv file that can be imported into MM. It also incorporates Lordelph's Lovely Icons into the csv file so that they show up as well. If your using cachemate, it sorts the links to open that, or you can have it direct to the website. I just had a thought... I know GSAK can export to html files... perhaps I'll add an option to link to those in a specified directory.... hmmm. Anyway, might help you to get the icons into MM for you to use. (best bit ... it's FREE) Cust.
  6. I've a multi-cache at a Church. Every aspect of the hide, even down to the detail of how I intended to camo the hide was discussed with the Vicar. He loved the idea that it would bring more families to the Church which has a very rich history in a very beautiful spot. Will I hide at another Church? ...Absolutely, providing it has some historic value. I think your on a loser with this request! lmao. Cust.
  7. Whoo hooo .... both of mine are listed on HH's list (cheers mate! ) Can't tell you which they are because that would be advertising. However I have at least 3 more devious caches ready to put out, but HH stole my last site in a park near to me. (That's one all HH ) So I need a new location. You'll have great fun caching on the Island, we've plenty to go at and thanks to the various teams over here the majority are well worth the hunt. Cust.
  8. So if you've no GPS signal and no mobile phone signal ... I bet it still doesn't work. Cust.
  9. Not to mention that once the GPS is locked in that keeps going as well, even when suspended. Anyone found a way to turn it off to preserve battery life? I either have mine plugged into the car or switched off at the main switch if it's not being used. It's a pain in the A to get out into the field and get the "battery low" warning. So I try to remember to fully charge it on a Friday before the weekend and then after each days caching. ...operative word here is "try". Cust.
  10. Yes he was ... and I mentioned that. GSAK is definatly worth a look, excellent tool for conversions can't deny that.
  11. That's exactly how it's done in GPXtoMM ... but it's done automatically, so no fiddling about doing each one manually. I believe GSAK scripts do it the same way. Cust.
  12. Hi If you go the Cachemate route with Memory Map then there's my little utility GPXtoMM which will sort out the overlay of LordElph's lovely Icons and provide a link directly into Cachemate from MM. Cust.
  13. Hi Paul Have you got a set of icons from GSAK or Lordelph? All you need to do is point to the folder where they are saved. On the office machine I have a folder "C:\MM Icons" and I put "\MM Icons\" as the path to the icons. I have a similar "MM Icons" folder on the SD card that has Memory Map installed for the Pocket PC. Hope that helps. Cust.
  14. Just had a thought... I could export from my Memory Map the overlay, to get you going. If you still can't see the caches then perhaps we need to look at how you have Memory Map setup. I assume you are doing a "show all" on the overlay menu. Let me have the icon directory location, if you want website or Cachemate and if you want the hints decoded in the comments, and I'll create it for you as a test. Cust.
  15. How odd... it worked on the gpx you sent me and imported into MM just fine. I'll have another look for you. could you send me the csv it created and I'll comapre to the one I have created. Sorry mate... Cheers Cust.
  16. Hi Just letting you know that I've updated GPXtoMM to version 1.0. This is after I ironed out a couple of little bugs that were showing. (Thanks for spotting them Paul) GPXtoMM takes a pocket query (gpx file) and converts it into a CSV file to import into Memory Map. Why bother, MM can read the GPX file just fine? Well it also puts links to Lordelph's lovely icons or GSAK icons if you would prefer. It can also make the links in MM go straight to CacheMate. Useful to some. It also tags the Motorway Mayhem series differently. Yes you can do all this with GSAK and some of the scripts that have been developed (good work guys) but I decided to do this for fun and perhaps you'll find it easier than the scripts. It's free!!! Nearly forgot .... Get it Here! Cheers Cust.
  17. "The wife said I need to bring the kids home for a proper funeral" "I'm searching for a digital camera my kids dropped while blackberry picking the other day" The second one had the effect of the old chap fetching a strimmer and scyth clearing it all back for me. Cache wasn't there though. It was 10m further down ... flakey signal. Cust.
  18. PPC version of CachMate Click Me I'm working on generating offline Web Pages from GPXtoMM..... just because I can and not to compete with GSAK, which is a brilliant product for converting anything to everything. Cust.
  19. Hi I use Memory Map with Cachemate and enhanced with Lordelph's Icons on my Mio P550. Found it a pain to get an auto link from MM to cachemate and do all the icon stuff using the scripts available. Okay, I just couldn;t get my head round it, so I wrote something to take a pocket query and create a CSV file that does it all for me when I load it into MM. GPXtoMM <- linky thingy. Have fun going paperless! Cust.
  20. If you need any help on a trip to our wonderful Island, you cvan always give me a shout. Always happy to say hi and point you in the wrong right direction. Cust.
  21. Hi I came a bit late to this thread to help, never mind. This might be useful to you: GPXtoMM It's a little utility I wrote for myself to do what your trying to do. The imported CSV files have a link in them so that when you click them it loads the correct cache into Cachemate automatically. Have Fun, glad you got sorted, sorry I wasn;t quick enough with this alternative solution. Cust.
  22. The best non-micro ... for me size doesn't matter. It's the attitude of the "hider" that I find important. If I feel that the hider has gone to some effort to hide the cache, or scout out a location, then I'm a happy cacher. Chuck a box in hole and pile some slates in front of it, or stash it under a pile of twigs. Worse ... just chuck it in a bush. Unless there has been something else memorable to get me to that spot that the hider has thought about and planned, then it's not a good cache to me. It's just a cache, and greatful though I am, it's not going to hit my favourites list. Cust.
  23. Of course! ... I've made a few people jump with a a cheery "Have you found it yet?" I've not spotted anyone with a lapel pin, badge or sticker yet. However if I do I'll adopt a "village nutter" persona and approach them .... "psssst ... wanna buy a 35mm film canister, or an ammo box" Cust.
  24. I like micro's... yes it's true! However, I only like micro's that have been used in appropriate places and some effort has gone into camoflaging and hiding them. I plain 35mm canister, with perhaps a sticker under a rock is not going to float my boat. A 35mm film canister whch has been textured with silicone sealant, and sculpted so that it looks like part of a branch, or blends in with the ivy... now your talking. I take great pleasure in finding those and appreciate the effort the hider has made. If the micro has been "made" by the hider, a fake rock, fungus or other item that blends in then I'm happy as well. Provided we're not looking for a rock on a scree slope, or a log in a wood pile. Give us half a chance! A micro in a hole that could of contained something larger, again, not impressed. The hider hasn't thought about their location and it's potential. On the whole though, I like micros. Perhaps because on the Isle of Man we hide then in sneaky ways! Cust.
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