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SNEAK PEEK: Earth Turtle Geocoin :)

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This design has been awhile in the making, I finally got some sample pictures back today and had to share :D


QUICK UPDATE: We're going to do some copper coins also, I know that's a pretty popular choice :D 125 Copper/125 Ant. Silver...photos to come soon!


As a few of you know, my designs are all hand drawn and after tweaking/redrawing this design several times to get it just right, here is the final product. The sample coin I'm showing you is my version (AE/LE, whatever you want to call it, lol). Mine is Black Nickel and Gold.


The versions that will be available through The Caching Place are going to be done in Black Nickel/Antique Silver and Black Nickel/Copper, the color scheme will be different from each other. I will post pictures of those designs in a couple of days but they look so cute!


As soon as I know for sure when it will be available for sale, I will post an update! Georgia mentioned sometime next week or the week after. Here is a link to The Caching Place;



A little bit behind the design: Most of my designs have nature/animal based themes and usually there is a reference to Native Americans. I used the turtle as my inspiration because it is the most ancient Native American symbol for Earth. I blended some other symbols for the balance between nature and humanity, and on the back, I believe the coin speaks for itself B)


Coin is '2-layers', the "shell" rises just above the head and legs. If you order one, you'll see what I mean when it's in your hands, it's a little tough to observe in the sample photos. Done in all translucents (my favorite), and is 1.75", unique shape, unique icon, trackable on gc.com. The back of the coin, the hands are 3D!


tsun ;) I hope you like the design!


Here is the front:



The Back: NOTE... The back says: CACHE WITH CARE

I have also added the orange translucent to the "shell" area to better show the wording and to reflect the sunlight, surrounding earth.


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QUICK UPDATE: I know alot of you like copper, so I added copper to the mix today! Stay tuned for photos over the next day or so :D There will be 125 Antique Silver and 125 Copper available, the color schemes will be different from each other.


tsun :D



Ok, you have a turtle, which I like because they always remind me of the honu's (seaturtles) I swam with in Hawaii everyday for 2 weeks, and you now have copper, which is my fav metal. I'm sold! Nice design Tsun!!

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