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SNEAK PEEK: Earth Turtle Geocoin :)

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It dumped my cart twice, loggin me out of the system. I kept getting system unavailable errors big time. I *think* I got my order int (I got as far as the paypal screen and paid) but I keep getting an error on the confirmation screen


and too boot, I got an error when placing in my cart and wound up double ordering balck nickel ones, If I get them, they are up for trade


ETA: now it is telling me that they did not get the payment

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double ordering balck nickel ones, If I get them, they are up for trade


FYI: There were antique silver with BN and antique copper with BN. There was no BN by itself.


Whoops - meant silver. That is what you get for making me order before coffee. SOrry if that caused confusion.


Cachingplace.com gave me a message that my payment did not go through, but I have an email from them and one from paypal that it did and it is in my history.


** crosses fingers **

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Had them in the cart - then did not - then back again. Cart was good to go. Added another style coin that was there before too & then lost. Got to last page of checkout and only the other coin was there. No turtle at all. And now it tells me my session was lost - lol. Oh well. Amother not meant to be. I think they be gone.


Man - between us we should be able to crash the best protected computers in the world. :mad:

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I got them into my cart twice and then got kicked out. They show in my cart after I logged back in but when I hit checkout it says my cart is empty even though it says they are there on my screen. I got as far as pickeing the shipping method before it crashed the other times. buying for three too.....

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I figured out that you MUST be logged in BEFORE ordering...or that's how it worked for me! Go to the menu on the left and login FIRST!!


Actually when I have done this in the past at TCP, the cart gets emptied and I get logged out. As a result, I always login at time of payment.

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