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  1. Two early morning sightings (read:no coffee yet so brain not functioning properly to write details down) on the way to the park and ride at the same intersection in Renton -- Puget & old Benson road. Car #1: Silver with a Signal antenna ball Car #2: A dark colored Toyota with a TB decal on the back. If the light had not changed, I would have jumped out to get the number.
  2. Thanks for the kind offers all! I have put the dates on the calendar. Hopefully Mr. B and I can make the drive up from Seattle so we can take you up on the offers! I've never driven a 4x4 before, but I'm a quick learn Yay! something to look forward to this summer
  3. For those of us who live down in the states who would consider coming to this (I'm always looking for a n excuse to load up on Malteasers), what are the dates? Your holidays are different than ours! eta: would anyone be willing to take on a pair of cachers from the US for the 4x4 realted ones? All I can offer in exchange is a really good puzzle solver
  4. Thanks so much for offering to follow up wiht the owner for us.
  5. Hey all! Mr. Brumbjorn and I went to Victoria last week on holiday and we went caching while there. We had great fun exploring the city while caching (got to see some neat parks and found the local library where we could use the computers for net access -- woo hoo!) and we came across a problem. We went to go find this cache: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...96-953e920cf95c which we found no problem (and I picked up an addiction to London Fogs, but I digress....) but when we got there we discovered that almost all of the bugs were not in the cache which was really diappointing. We read the logs a little more closely and discovered that there was a cache across the street as well. We ducked into the likely shop (an outdoor equipment store) and asked if they had a cache. Lo and behold, we get handed a shoebox and most of the missing bugs are in it. Hubby and I look at each other with a "wtf" kind of look and walk to the library to try to figure out what the heck that cache could be since it clearly violates the proximity rule. We couldn't figure out what it could be. We even started figuring out a multi we thought it could be but nada. We went back the following day and talked with the people at the shop about the situtation and they couldn;t give us any answers, so we moved the bugs to the cache they were supposed to be in. The box was labeled "VPO Cache" and I seem to remember the log starting in April. Lots of people logged this cache thinking it was the one across the street, including the errenous bug drops. Any ideas on this? I would hate to see more bugs go "missing" since they were oput in the wrong box. I'm not a member at any other geocaching sites, so I can't check those. I told the VPO guys I would see what I could find out and let them know. They were really cool about it and also wanted to see the confusion straightened out. Thanks for your help!
  6. Pretty cool! I like how they overlay the current map on the images so you can find exactly what you are looking for using modern references. I checked out where my house currently is and there is an old road nearby that I'm going to have to have a closer look at. There are two old benchmarks that were telephone poles nearby but are no longer there, so I'm going to see if they are in the old picture to figure out where they were.
  7. *coughGoGonzaga!cough* note: didn't actually go there, but have lots of friends who did... and they have a great basketball team! Woo!
  8. I hope you get some takers! That's too far for me to walk (as is the tunnel) but I might be able to make the trek of which you speak on a bike, which I hope to do some day. Sorry that Mr. B can't make it...this is shaping up to be a fun event! The breakfast is just the official kickoff. Unless you are an excellent mountain biker, your bike will NOT make it down the Annette Lake trail to the Asahel Curtis parking area. Lots of rocks and roots in the trail. Hiking is fine although you need to watch your feet, but bikes are asking a bit much. **points up toward the top of this page** I'll be hiking the trail with my friends. I don't have a bike so this will work for the walkers is anyone is interested.
  9. What did I do? *snerk* Sorry about that. As I like to say: I can't brain today. I have the dumb.
  10. I'm going to at kleast drop by. I have some travellers that I was supposed to move along last weekned at the Mount Rainier CITO event that I had to miss at the last minute. note to self: remember to grab the darn things back from the cache! Argh! stupid brian cell sucking cold medicine Anyone willing to give lessons? I have not been in a canoe or kayak for about 20 years I will say though: I was one of the first girls to get my "Paddle, Pole and Roll" patch in my Girl Scout council, so I am not entirely hopeless!
  11. Ok, Mr. Brumbjorn is not going to make it (he's out of town for the weekend) but I'll be there with a friend. Can I toss an idea out there -- Mr. B suggested this: Would anyone want to meet at the Annette Lake TH, leave a car, and then carpool over to the Iron Horse TH? We could cache as a group, keep going down the trail to the Avalanche Shack and Annette Breather caches, then head down the Annette Trail back to the parking, picking up the Asahel Curtis and Walk It Off caches. The car that was left at the TH would then bring people BACK to the Iron Horse TH (Remember: you would have made this drive anyway!) to retrive their car. just an idea
  12. Ok, my husband and I are interested in going to this, but we don’t own bicycles and have not ridden in years. A dark, damp tunnel probably isn’t the best place to be reintroduced to a two wheeler. Is anyone planning on hiking the trail to the cache? We’d hate to walk alone
  13. I second the vote for the Fear This series. We've only done one (claustrophobia) and it was AWESOME! A group of us are planning to drive down and do the rest in one fell swoop soon.
  14. True story: Last summer at GenCon (a large gaming convention back in Indanapolis) my husband was asked to judge at the first national SPAM carving championships. The sponsors? the game company that put out the "Redneck Life" game. There were some AMAZING carvings there. I'll see if I can get some photos to post. I've got some "Spamalot" (bunny puppet, offical coconuts) items I'd be happy to donate as prizes. I can proably get you some redneck life games as well (email me if you want 'em so I can put them int he mail just in case I can't make it for some reason -- or gas gets to $9 a gallon...) -brumbjorn (who is relieved she is not "it" for this )
  15. Ther serson who was going to go with me bailed out. I don;t want to drive alone and can only go for the day. I live in Renton so if anyone wants to carpool, drop me a line! I really don;t want to drive 80 miles by myself.
  16. It's your idea...you get to host it. I vote for a spam carving contest instead **toddles off to post her "wouldn't miss this for the world" note**
  17. Seth, I work in Bellevue Square and can take some down to the CITO event at Rainier if you want! email me through my profile -- I'd love to help out!
  18. Thank you everyone so VERY much for checking on this for me! I thought it odd that the cache was visited by several people and the coin not taken - where I live, I've seen coins disappear in less than three hours after the drop, so I was a bit worried it was not there. I'm just a bit excited about following this coin since it has traveled so far
  19. Hi! I'm sorry to bother you, but I need some help. Can someone read the logs of the cache below and tell me if any mention of my coin still being in the cache is there? There have been 5 logs since the coin was dropped and I'm wondering if it is gone http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...6d-8d58c355e390 Thank you so very much in advance for any help you can give!
  20. Hey all! Just got back from my trip to the midwest. For some reason my email would down load to my laptop but I could not send out email while on my trip. I popped into kinkos once to send a few urgent ones, but I am so beat, I am NOT going to deal with them tonight (lets just say it took two days, three airlines and four airports to get home from Indanapolis. An 8 hour trip took over 24. Avoid Minneapolis at all costs right now) as I am severly sleep deprived. I have to run to the grocery store (my milk is gaining sentiience) and to the PO box to get my mail. **rubs hands together in anticipation of goodies in there** For those people who asked about GPS maze coins: I didn't make it there . I went to Indy for GenCon to help with my husbands event and we were severly short staffed so I didn;t get the time off to go. What time off I DID have I drove the 2.5 hours ech way to go have dinner with my 90 year old dad that I had not seen in 2 years. Some things are more important than geocoins. I'm also backed up on emal from the week before I left as well -- a friend's husband got in a bad car accident and I was watching her kids after work so she could be at the hospital with him. (said childres were kind enough to share a cold with me. Flying with a stuffy head = NOT fun) So if you are waiting on an email from me, give me a day or so. If you don;t hear from my by EOD tomorrow, email me again and give me an e-kick in the butt on whatever it is we were talking about. -Evon
  21. oooh! I'd come! Dibs on the couch!
  22. I never got my newsletter either and now they are all sold out. I am NOT happy. Someone order me one of each if hey manage to go back up. I'm going away for a week nd will have really spotty access.
  23. 1. Participating - EMAIL SENT! 2. Received Name -- WOO HOO!!! **starts researching** 3. Mission Complete -- Sent on Saturday to go overseas! 4. Package Received! I didn;t have anything on their seeking list, so i hope they like what I sent.
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