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  1. We have had MANY of our coins that will not go through. We are selling our collection out of need through E-bay,and this problem is messing up our feedback. We have sent several messages to Groundspeak about this,starting SEVERAL days ago and STILL have not even got a reply! The least they could do is return our message and give us an idea what is up,and what(if anything) they are doing about it.Being ignored really is a bummer. This is a VERY poor way to handle long time PAYING customers! If anyone has recieved any info.from them we would like to hear about it. Have a GREAT day! (At least better than ours,LOL!) R3&BH
  2. Thanks for the help! Better Half usually takes care of these things, but has been unable to, since her stroke. We are sorting through coins to sell, to help pay medical expenses. Thanks again!
  3. Do not worry about this as we have been doing biz with Eric K for years. You will be taken care of in our experience. As a matter of fact,if you do not want the coin we will pay your purchase price and shipping. Then just send it to us.
  4. Do not worry about this as we have been doing biz with Eric K for years. You will be taken care of in our experience.
  5. We have 2 Geocoins we can't seem to find ANY info on: The Joy of Geocaching:The Treasure Boys 2002 (numbered,non-trackable) The Green Man 2005 (numbered,non-trackable) We have had these coins in our collection for an EXTREMELY long time. Both of these coins have certificates of authenticity, but we can't seem to find any info on them. Thanks for ANY help!! Ryder3 & Better Half
  6. Hi! I don't know if you remember us, but we traded you for a set a LONG time ago. Currently, we are selling off some coins, to raise money for Better Half's ongoing medical expenses from her stroke. We gave our word that we would NEVER sell this set, and we won't.
  7. Yes, coins #3 & 4 are also activated. They appear on our owned list, just below the Evil Micro icon. Thank you so much for your kind words and your interest.
  8. Hi! As most of you may know, we were quite active on the geocoin threads. We haven't been on here for a long time, because a little over a year ago, Suzie (Better Half) suffered a stroke, which left her paralyzed on the right side. She is recovering well, but will be permanently disabled. Prntr1 was understanding enough to give his blessing for us to sell an entire set of Shiny Gold Special Edition Civil War coins, to help raise money to pay her on-going medical expenses. These coins are activated, but will be adopted out to the purchaser. As you may know, these are the rarest of the series. We will be putting other older coins up periodically, to also help pay for the medical costs. We really appreciate any help with this. Suzie remains in good spirits, but is disappointed that she is no longer able to geocache. We send a GREAT BIG hug and kiss to prntr1 for his kindness and understanding. Thank you to all of you for any help. Ryder3 & Better Half (Mike & Suzie)
  9. A TRUELY beautiful coin, with very inspiring words! What a wonderful combination! Congrats on your find!
  10. CONGRATS on your wonderful find! The coin is really nice! It is GREAT to have another mystery out there!
  11. We also like a mix of both A & B. Crazy huh? We kind of like the adrenaline rush you get trying to get your order in on time! LOL!!
  12. GREAT design! E-Mail sent to be added to the list! Sure wish we could make it to the event! Sounds like ALOT of fun!
  13. BUMP!! Keeping Tank, Tracy, and their family in our prayers.
  14. Thats a REAL beauty! Can't wait to hear more about this one!
  15. Tank, Tracy, and their family remain strong in our hearts and our prayers daily.
  16. BUMP!! To keep Tank and his family in everyone's thoughts and prayers!
  17. Thank you for the update Tracy. We are keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers.
  18. Tank, Tracy and their family are still in our thoughts and prayers daily. Stay strong, and keep praying. Prayers and lots love will work miracles!
  19. We haven't been to the forums in some time, and tonight I read this terrible news. Tank and his family will be in our hearts and prayers daily. We know what you are going through. Three years ago, my father suffered a devistating stroke. The doctors didn't give us much hope either. Our faith and our prayers remained strong, and though it took quite some time, through the grace of God, my father recovered. He was left paralyzed on his right side, but we learned how to help him live a normal life. He had a happy life, until he suffered a massive stroke almost a year later. We brought him home, where we cared for him, until the Lord decided it was time to bring him Home. There are some doctors who will admit that the power of prayer can work miracles that they can not. To Tank's family, I would like to offer a poem that gave me strength during our trying time: Where there is prayer... HOPE is heard, Forgiveness is found, Laughter is shared. Where there is prayer... Work is worthwhile, Sadness is softened, FAITH is deepened. Where there is prayer... Trust is cherished, PEACE is present, Hearts are at HOME. Where there is prayer... God WILL be. During trying times, my father used to tell me "Let go, and let God. He hears you, and he ALWAYS knows what's best." God Bless all of you! Better Half (Ryder3 & Better Half)
  20. You will get my fairy geocoin when you pry it from my cold,dead fingers.
  21. You know you can count us in for a few in EACH metal! We can ALWAYS use more wood screws around here! Our deck has a loose board!
  22. REALLY COOL!! We will be waiting to hear more!
  23. Got our coins! They look GREAT! Thanks!
  24. WOO HOO!!! YES YES YES!!! THANK YOU! This will be the new crown jewel of our collection! Now we must think of COLORS!!!
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