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  1. Fleet millets told me they expected some but never got any.
  2. I dont see why a cache owner could complain, there cache will get decent swag and will attract more visitors. If you did plan to send out goodies to be placed, i would be happy to help.
  3. Instead of making specific sponsored caches and filling them with gear, how about just placing the goods in cache to spread the word? That would be allowed by the guidelines, and you could appoint certain people around the country to send gear to to place in caches on your behalf.
  4. You could post a note on the page for every new micro?
  5. Another showing of great skills when it comes to treating your customers, Groundspeak.
  6. Not quite. Dewdrop didnt find them all, missed about 6 i think, and didnt walk them all. But i think it was 104 in about 15 and a half hours.
  7. Around 80 miles on holiday in the isle of wight.
  8. Trees are stronger than you think..we had about 5 people in the tree where cryptics cache is hidden.
  9. Im no lawyer, but i do know that permission will not be required for the mega event. The law says you have to get permission to video someone in private for example schools, where obviously only a select number of people are supposed to be. However in public, where anyone is allowed, such as the mega event, there's no law saying you have to get their permission.
  10. I really despise TB jails..a coin of mine was not moved very close to its goal just because a cacher did not have another trackable to change for it, per the cacher owners rules!
  11. Wont it be easier to pick two existing people who have put their names forward rather than asking again? Just though it might make it easier for you and therefore people who have volunteered will have more oif a chance incase they dont see the next volunteer post.
  12. Wow didn't know this was stil going, i managed to track one down a few months back. Thanks for the offer though.
  13. If you want more than a drive by, then make a roadtrip or something to somewhere yoiu would like to go and combine that with caching. Grand canyon, mountains etc.
  14. Me and a freind found one whilst we were clearing some nettles and brambles from a perfect dog walking footpath my freind wished to use. Got us into caching and has been a good excuse for a number of things like getting a bit more exercise.
  15. Since im the only one from England, and one of three from the UK hopefully ill get in =D It would be nice to do this with the coin as i never got to buy one myself when they came out.
  16. I would like to volunteer if possible =)
  17. Would i be right in thinking you just have to find a trigpoint and email the number to gain a find?
  18. Could be a anything from 30 minutes to around 4-5 days. Im not sure how quickly they are publiched wherever you are, but around here they are publicshed within 24 hours usually. Sit tight and it should get published soon.
  19. A mystery cacher has set up 2 series with more than ten caches that are mostly micros and they seem very popular still.
  20. Leave it a week. Really curious kids would go check it out in under a week surely. Then when you place it back i doubt you will get them coming again, especially if they have seen it is no longer there(from when u pulled it.)
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