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  1. Does anyone if The Geocoin Store and The Pathtag sites are down?
  2. Was The Pocket Decoder coin supposed to be available today?
  3. What a beautiful coin! We would love to trade with you.
  4. We have 3 pathtag designs! Please put me on your list too!
  5. PayPal payment sent for 1 coin. Thanks!
  6. We have had a great time in The Balloon Race, and have finished in 8th Place! [8D] Many thanks to all the cachers who helped move our balloon along it's journey. And thanks for all the great pictures! The Dream Cachers
  7. Geo-Bingo is a good game for getting folks to mingle. Each cacher is given a sheet of paper with squares on it. In each square is a statement about caching. Examples: Cached from a canoe Got questioned by the law Got injured while caching Went night caching etc. The idea is to approach the other cachers, introduce yourself, and ask if they did any of the items mentioned. If so, they initial the square and the first to have all their squares initialed, wins!
  8. We're very sorry to hear this sad news. Please know that our prayers are with you. The Dream Cachers
  9. Hey Boots! Received your wooden nickel today, and it's great! There's a lot of great artwork there. Thanks for the trade. The Dream Cachers
  10. We searched for a bit, and it was in the last place we looked!
  11. ¡Gracias por la diversión! (Thanks for the fun!)
  12. We would also like to buy one of your coins. Please add us to your list and keep us informed. Thanks!
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