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  1. I saw dorsetgal on the tv this evening with her doggie we were watching the news and a program about the torch after and i said to my hubby im sure that lady and her dog are geocachers and came on here to search were you number 87?
  2. from a few years ago GCK21K Aira Force
  3. i very rarely take anything out of a cache except maybe a TB or geocoin but always leave a phone charm thing and a pokerchip or if i have really enjoyed a cache an unactivated geocoin. i always think that if a child gets to the cache and there is nothing in it they will be so disappointed. i was reading about a cache near home where the owner had been to check on it and restock it to find a dirty servete had been left who would do such a thing?
  4. I have just moved to Dorset and think i am going to pack my bags and leaving your infested down here and I HATE SNAKES think i am packing in caching ..................... there horrible
  5. thanks for all the well wishes im just home from the osteopath and things are improving. glad so many coins are being found they look like a fantastic coin from the pics ive seen
  6. therewas one sat in a cache 40 miles rom me the worst of it was i had dropped some coins in it the same day but CCC hadt been there then and i couldnt go back because ive been laid up for weeks with 2 trapped nerves and it nearly killed me on the visit nice to see the coin in the uk though and its been picked up so someone is lucky
  7. mine have arrived over the pond thanks
  8. oh well done............ I always love reading your logs and that of tasha and spencer the trusted geohounds ............ its such a pleasure to read your logs onwads and upwards
  9. mines arrived over the pond they are so cool and different in s many ways to the 1st batch. thanks Jim you did an ace job
  10. 145 out traveling al over the world some have gone awol but if you cant stand the thought of loosing the coin dont send it out. i had one which was held onto for over a year but it is now back and moving
  11. contact the golem its his neck of the woods im sue he would help out
  12. mr postman pulled up this morning, i think haven't ordered anything strange then i notice usa potage tape and my heart starts dancing. Thank you so much Accordiongal for everything its fab. I got a lock n lock box and note book ready for a new cache, Hand sanitiser, 2 appalician train coins and pin a george cross pin some post cards a lovely duck sig item also a lolly stick sig item and a geobash cd and a pathtag tooooooooooo Thank you thank you thank you i love it all
  13. just chill out it used to bother me when i first started caching but then i realised that its a tupperware box (or similar) its not worth getting stressed over
  14. I am a farmers wife living on a farm in Cumbria (2001 Cumbria was more or less wiped out) so i do know what i am talking about............ Just calm down go about your caching sensibly and dont jump on the meia hype band wagon. This is a terrible situation I know having been through it but just be sensible
  15. im really worried as i sent my mission 10 days ago and no sign from the recipient hasnt posted a recieved
  16. ok Mrs farmer here!!!!!!!!! at this time of year they are prone to charge especially if you have a 4 legged friend with you, they find them a threat to calves even if they arent in field with calves. As for farmers with sticks not coming to any harm dont be to sure. People think oh there harmless but there not and yes we do give off phenamones (spelling) Please be very aware of your exit route if you can run the length of a field in 30 seconds you bet a cow can do it in 20
  17. very nice. very easy to navigate around thanks
  18. arrived over the pond this morning they are way cool i adore yor coins dorkfish they are outstanding in quality thanks
  19. just checked i use avery 38.1 x 21.2 mm mini inkjet lables
  20. http://www.rubberstampz.co.uk do personal rubber stamps for my stickers MBFace did my first lot and printed them off for me but since then i have bought some and print my own
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