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  1. I am looking for a long sought after KITKATT1960 geocoin. I have a couple of nice traders and some cache (sp). If anyone every thinks about trading one please let me know.
  2. I am clearing out some of my un-activated geocoins. I will sell by the time stamp on e-mails, first e-mail = first buyer. I will try to update this list often but no guarantees. $8.00 Moun10Like First To Find obsession BN Geoswag Coin and Pin Club June 2007 Alien Golden Gate 5 Benchmark Keeper of the Mountain Cache AS Geocaching around the Planet Merlion silver Cache Critters TXGA Black Sheep Cachers silver 9Key Bottle Cap $10.00 2007 Slo Trekker AS glow Deadliest Cache AS Blue/Red Tethys C C-side Girl Early Jurassic Geocoin Club 2008 January Rot 13 Bottle Opener Birka silver Frozen Buns silver 2008 Landsharkz Shark Attack Grey $15.00 Highland Geofairy White/Blue Highland Geofairy Purple Highland Geofairy Orange/Red Earth Turtle 2008 V1 Green/Red Earth Turtle 2008 V2 Blue Earth Turtle 2008 V2 Green $20 Pocket Decoder with additional spinner $60 4 Musketeers set of 5 geocoins in antique silver All geocoins are un-activated. Paypal only. US and Canada shipping is $2.00 first coin and $.50 each additional. International shipping is $3.00 first coin and $.50 each additional. I am not eBaying these geocoins to save you from the high bids of some of the geocoins. Please e-mail with any questions. No PM's please.
  3. I am Mr.Explorer3 and I approve of this geocoin, of course with all politics aside.
  4. I prepaid for my order about June of last year. Do you have 14 months of excuses and poor communication?
  5. It has been over a year since I was ripped off by socal for the "fire" coin that was supposed to come out in a series that I have never received. I am surprised that with that long of a history of scamming people that they are still in business. Maybe their motto is "There is a new geocoin addict (sucker) born every minute". Might be that newbies are not getting the word about the reputable geocoin companies and only hearing the occasional bad egg stories after someone gets screwed. I have accepted the loss of an occasional geocoin out in the wild but not before I get them to release. I guess as long as TPTB gets paid for the tracking numbers, they will continue to sell those numbers to dishonest companies. Yes, TPTB this can be a reflection on you. If you sell a gun to a non criminal and they turn criminal and use it, that is on the person. If you keep selling guns to criminals and they use them, it is negligence on the company. Rant over...see you next week.
  6. If I could get to a Geocoinfest Event and a Flames vs. Avalanche hockey game in the same week, I would go for it.
  7. I prepaid for my coins over a year ago. I guess this person had fun with the money rather than worrying about their reputation.
  8. I am still seeking a kitkatt1960 geocoin. My trading list is out of date. Please e-mail me with your wants. I will trade better than 2-4-1 for this coin. I am also seeking the Domehead geocoin set.
  9. I have traded from 1:1 including LE for LE and such up to 26:1 for a VHTF geocoin. I guess it depends on how much you want a geocoin.
  10. I am still seeking a kitkatt1960 geocoin. My trading list is out of date but I do have a Nocturnal, Pocket decoder, Groundspeak Lackey, as well as a few others.
  11. HA HA Thanks for the joke of the day. There is no way to stay within a "geocoin budget".
  12. I am seeking a kitkatt1960 geocoin. My trading list is out of date. Please e-mail me with your wants.
  13. I had just left my shift at work and decided to grab a cache on the way home (8am). I pulled up to the area near the cache and began to look around when a couple of guys doing landscaping on a new dentist office decided to ask me what I was doing. I quickly told them that I was checking on the fire hydrant for proper flow pressure (I was still in my fire uniform). They stayed by me for several minutes asking about what landscaping they could put near the hydrant that would not interfere with it and how much ground the fire department owned near all the hydrants. After fending off several questions, I reverted back to my geocaching persona and found the cache. Keep up the mystery GSA. Mr.Explorer3
  14. I would not like to have to add two or three additional shipping charges just to get a coin to be "complete" if I ordered it from the maker in the first place.
  15. I do collect pins. I would purchase one if that were a possibility.
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