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  1. I had the site open and ready to go, then got caught up in a tv show, then saw it was 9:48 pm, so I thought I'd missed out. The site did let me order one, so hopefully I'll get the coin instead of a refund
  2. I think I sprouted another grey hair after I hit the "send" button and it took forever to go! Oh well, mine says 10:01 (eastern time), mine doesn't show seconds either. Good luck all
  3. Very nice! I've really cut back on the coin collecting, but the suncatchers are ones I'm still collecting when I can. Hope to visit the booth when we're at GWS 7
  4. Just saw on the news about the Winter Storm Warning in effect there in Montana, for up to a foot of snow. Looks like Stephanie is in for a possibly rough day. Good luck to everyone this evening! I've been unlucky in all the past sales, haven't snagged a turtle since the very first ones came out. But, I'll give it a try this evening. If I don't manage to get one, I'll look on the bright side that at least I don't have to go out and shovel any snow
  5. Name of coin: 2008 Dragonfly Name of Vendor: AEToys Date Paid: 5/27/08 Shipment Due Date: Who the heck knows Ordered by: 1. yalehockeymom, not received, pd 5-27-08 2. AtlantaGal, not received, pd 5-27-08 3. kehunt64 , not received pd. 8-13-2008 4. Vanelle, not received 5. rivercity, not received, pd 3-2-08 6. fairyhoney, not received, pd 3-2-08 7. GeoKs, not received, pd 5/27/08 8. LionsLair, not recieved, paid 5/26/08 9. RSFish1, not received, Paid 5/27/08 10. pingos, not received, paid 5-27-08 11. Steel City Babes, not received, Paid 8/13/08 and 8/20/08(Don't ask...as you can see I have a problem biggrin.gif ) 12. Sweetlife not recieved and paid for 5-27 08 13. Nashuan - Dragonfly 2008 sets not received. Pd $161.25 on 5/27/08 (also pd $119.30 on 5/30/08 for Pirate Treasure coins - not received) 14. Penny and Kona - Dragonly 2008: 1 set and extras of each not received. Paid: too much Paid when: 27 May 2008, and I still have original email receipts and an order number to prove it. 15. gardengorilla, not received paid sometime in April... 16. hitechman, paid June 1, 1 set, have all e-mails and receipts 17. FamiliaSilvestre, paid 5/28/08, 1 set plus S&H $74.25 18. ThePetersTrio paid for 5 coins on 5/26 for a total of $55.05 and coins were never received. 19. Whitby, not received, paid 6-4-08 $78,80 20. Sunrayers: Order #5008 date 5/27/08 2 sets of Dragonfly coins $107.70 + Order# 4952 date 5/24/08 Pirate coins $60.57 21. Pabloturtle, not received, paid 5/27/2008 22. mickebush77 not received paid 8/15/2008(and for one pirate treasure not received) 23. Geo-Gophers, paid 5/27/08, Paid $34.11 via Paypal (for one "Dragonfly 2008 Blue Wing" & two "Dragonfly 2008 Green Wing" plus $4.26 shipping/handling.) 24. Cache_in_hand, paid 8/13/08, not received *Also from this vendor 2 Pirates Treasure Coins, same date 25. hollora, 1 set = $55.05, not received, paid 5/27/2008 26. IthacaDoodle, not received, paid $22.45 for 2 coins on 8/19/2008 27. Band of Bradys - Paid 11.99 on 5/27/08 with Paypal - one Dragonfly coin - never received added us to the list....
  6. This is a beautiful coin, excellent, love the red translucent color and layered snow flakes on the one side especially! Thanks for the opportunity to get this classy coin
  7. You can get the activation code for the Jellyfish coin at The Geocoin Store/Geocoin Club website....
  8. I just looked at your profile, and it says you did retrieve it, not just discover it. Give it several minutes. Sometimes it takes the site a bit to "catch up" and for logs to be current. I hope you don't give up on moving travel bugs! edit to add, that if the dates are correct, that's weird that it's not showing as in your possesion
  9. These are great! How soon before they're on sale? I'll be checking the Castle Coins site several times a day now hoping to catch them when they go on sale
  10. I guess it's perfect for those that got coins. Once again, I was on the site at 10:07 EST (8:07 MT) and put a coin in my cart, then it said none were available. Disappointed again
  11. Awesome! I've never received or even seen any of the mystery coins, so since we are going to the Bash, there is a teeny weeny itsy bitsy chance we might see one
  12. This very pretty coin arrived in my mailbox today. I wish I could think up a nice way to display all the nice suncatcher coins I have now!
  13. Just can't resist glitter! Put in my reservation for the pretty copper/gliiter and the bn glitter. Very nice!
  14. Never mind - please close or delete - thank you
  15. Me too! Those are so cute.... Will send e-mail, I keep hearing that it never hurts to ask! And no coins in my mailbox at all this week For you Val: You're the best, thank you!
  16. Me too! Those are so cute.... Will send e-mail, I keep hearing that it never hurts to ask! And no coins in my mailbox at all this week
  17. I love my Moon Mushroom that I got in the mail last week. I've gone to Coincodes to get the activation code, but it says it can't find my tracking #. Hmm, are they not loaded yet? Has anyone else activated their Moon Mushroom? I paid out a bit extra for the LE Mushroom, and I'd sure like to activate it. (and there are no confusing numbers or letters in the code that I could be putting it in wrong). Thanks for any help!
  18. The mail has already came today, and again no March Coin/Pin from Geoswag. Just wondering if they have shipped yet. I've been watching the "What was in Your Mailbox" thread, and haven't seen anyone post that they got theirs yet. Just wondering about the status on these, thanks!
  19. I could be mistaken, but looking at the Castlecoins website here in the US, it says they will be having a "version" of the ASTRO coin for sale sometime in April????? I hope so!
  20. Very beautiful coins! I could only order one, and it was tough to choose which one. The Autum Glow won out, I can't wait to have it in hand. Thanks for the opportunity to get one
  21. Wow, I'm glad I chose to read this post. I saw your picture of the mushroom in another thread, and wondered where that one came from. Just ordered me a cute little mushroom!
  22. From the coin in question logs... "hey guy..... .....sorry, i found the code..... i log the code...... thats the geocaching roule...... save your codes and you never have a problem. .....and.....its a game !!!" Geez, where did he dig up that rule? I'll be watching his profile to see if he goes from "premium" member to "banned" member. The PTB will set him straight one way or another, I'm sure.
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