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  1. Thank you! I'm finally getting around to looking through my packages. What a cute little surprise! Thank you for thinking of me. It made me feel special. I know this has been a tough year for some. Today starts a new year & I wish the best for all of you! I need to spend more time here. Y'all always make me smile! THANKS!!
  2. These are awesome Jim & Paula! I hope we will see a 2008 version next year! As soon as I got mine, I put it on the tree. I hung it in front of one of the lights. It makes a very striking addition! Great Job!
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! These sure did brighten my day. I hope they brightened your day too!
  4. My antique copper "CachingCoins" is for trade only. I sold the satin silver in pairs, with a few singles traded, but the AC is trade only. Thanks for the thread!
  5. WOW!! Thanks!! I have a new postman & she has been asking about Geocaching & coins. I was standing there talking to her when I noticed this big white envelope. I wasn't expecting anything, but it felt like a coin. The 1st geocoin she got to see was this one! What a great coin to show her as her 1st coin. I have a feeling she may be getting a GPS for Christmas!!
  6. Oh my gosh!! I just saw this post. Hugo & Ana just sent me an e-mail. I am shocked, amazed, speechless, overwhelmed, etc, etc (I had all the appropriate emoticons posted, but it wouldn't let me keep them all.) What an incredible caching community we have! We are so lucky & so blessed!! Thanks you guys! CachingCoins aka Sandy
  7. Look at: The Cachebug Sergio does a great job of keeping up with the new coins coming out. In fact when I decide I'm going to stop buying, I have to stay away from his page & ebay.
  8. I guess great minds think alike! Great questions HB! Not really the answers I expected. 1) Yes & loving it more & more. 2) I want to. I'm am trying to. I am determined that I am going to stop buying so much! 3) As I think everyone else has said, "It's about the coin."
  9. Thanks for the update & good luck with the sale!
  10. Nice coin! My brother-in-law is greek. I have some traveling coins that have made a visit there. How would I qualify to get one!
  11. WOW!!! That is just totally awesome!! How did you pull it off? What coin gets the honor? I hope you will be able to get a picture! Way to go!
  12. I only activate coins after I have drilled holes in them. I like to trade & buy unactivated. But, as RK said, activated is better than nothing.
  13. Just now getting a chance to really look at these coins. Very Nice! They are heftier than I expected. I LOVE the little fishes I also got! But, then I everything dorkfish!
  14. I've been trying to get the codes. It has been very time consuming. I do it because I sure do appreciate it when I get a coin with the code. I also know of at least one coin company that has gone out of business. I still wonder if it is worth my time. Most of the coins have the tags from the mint company, so you know where to get the code. I may change my method & just retrieve the codes for those coins that don't have tags. It will be interesting to see what others have to say about this subject.
  15. Those look beautiful! I can't wait to see what they look like in person! Reservation placed!
  16. What do you guys use to hold your tags on & where do you get them? My next batch, I'm going to use something more substantial than those little chains that come with the tags. They are too easy.
  17. !!!!Oh YUCK!!! That made me squeemish just looking at the pictures!! I don't think I could get close enough to it to squish it!
  18. I think as a collector you evolve. When I started I didn't know other coin people, I didn't know the coins, I didn't know their meaning. For me, when I started buying it was trackable with Icon only! Now, the coins mean more to me! They have become more than just a shiny, cute, pretty object. I will buy a non-trackable (never, never would have done that at first! ) or I'll buy for other reasons, like a charity or because I know who it is etc. I'm just getting into trading. Now it is more fun than ever & more addictive then ever! I can't wait for the next coinfest!!
  19. Is there any chance that we could get a donation receipt for taxes. Tsunrisebey did this with her turtle auction for Big Brothers Big Sisters & I think the total bid was much higher because of that. I know I bid higher than I normally would & I think others did too!
  20. What coin buyers want to see: - Picture of art and then coin when coin samples are available -Size and weight of coin - Metal (finish) - Enamel (hard, soft, translucent, glitter) - Price and shipping costs (worldwide or local only) - Expected Delivery date -Total quantity made broken down by metal and enamels if there is a mixture, including AE, XLE, LE, SE etc and what these abbreviations means to the seller -re-mint possible, no re-mint. If reminted in what metals and enamels and information as above -purchase only or some for trade -how to purchase and date of sale
  21. I had more coins made in a different metal. I guess we did say up front how many coins were minted & in the original sale. (Even if it was a bit different.) I had more made in the new metal purely because it was much easier than going through the whole process again. I needed something to give as gifts & to trade, if people were willing to get the same design in a new metal. I do make it clear that it is the same design, just a different metal. If I was buying #20/300 of a "Disney" print that was signed & they came out with another 300 EXACTLY the same, I would think that was wrong. But, they could come out with the exact same picture only signed "Walt Disney" & the art world would be OK with that. A lot of the great artists have original hand sigs, hand stamp, machine stamp, original sigs & #'d all on the same "picture". They do it so many different ways it can really be hard to tell the true value of the piece. As far as how I feel about coins. I believe that if you say this is a LE of 100, it is for that design & that metal. If you change ANYTHING at all about the coin it is a new version of the coin with it's own value. And that's my humble opinion.
  22. I'd really like to see the quantity of coins that are going to be made. - Size and weight of coin-I think it is important that it be specified up front, but it doesn't determine if I buy. - Metal (finish)-I think it is important that it be specified up front, but it doesn't determine if I buy. - Enamel (hard or soft)-I think it is important that it be specified up front, but it doesn't determine if I buy. - Price-I think it is important that it be specified up front, but it doesn't determine if I buy. - Delivery date Now this does matter to me. I don't like paying for coins way in advance. Now, I know things happen with minting etc, that can't be helped. As a buyer what I like best is the reservation option. IMHO
  23. My lawn ornaments tend to stay in groups & are mobile.
  24. Great job MC!! I volunteer doing hippotherapy. And some of our kids have autism. I didn't know anything about it until then. It seems to be really showing up more & more. I hope & pray that is because the testing has improved! The research needs to done. They don't know what causes it & they don't know how to treat it. I will buy!
  25. I've got another question for you. What determines if a coin is a geocoin? The non-trackables that is.
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