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12 Days of Caching

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I'm putting the final touches on an upcoming 4-coin set celebrating 12 days of caching to be offered in November.... a brilliant idea born from the mind of Damenace (many thanks to him). The coins will combine to form a single 4" "coin", and they will be GC trackable and offered as a complete set - more details later!


But first I need a little help from the forum.


I have the first 11 days, but I need the 12th. Post your ideas here and the winner gets a set of 4 coins :unsure:


1st day: A new GPS for my car

2nd day: Two trekking poles...

3rd day: Three Geocoins...

4th day: Four Travel Bugs...

5th day: Five First to Finds!

6th day: Six ammo cans...

7th day: Seven hours of sleep...

8th day: Eight bottles of water...

9th day: Nine redirects...

10th day: Ten gallons of gas...

11th day: Eleven puzzle caches...

12th day: ?!??


Keep in mind the object(s) should be able to be rendered in a space approx 1"x1" in size since there will be a pictoral representation of the objects of each day on the front of the coins.


I'll select the winner from ideas posted by September 15th.

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12 Thorns in my backside...




12 Bandages... (for those who don't want someone's backside on a coin!)

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12 bites now itching,


12 bugs a' biting,


12 Friends a phoning,


12 new caches to find!



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12 months of Premium Membership...


12 cans of bugspray...


12 stage multi...


(but actually, I kinda like the 12 DNF's myself)

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Twelve satellites !!!


Can't geocache without them.



Someone got there ahead of me. :blink:

Can't think of anything better. :unsure:

This has to win. :blink:

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Twelve months of Caching!


This was my thought as well. :blink:


If you win, can we share the coins? :P:unsure::blink:


D-man B)

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9 redirects? huh, what's that mean?

You know, redirect... as in legs of a multi...

The 12 satellites one should include the word locking... 12 satellites locking

Hmmm... can one even get 12 satellites locking? Oh I guess some GPSrs can lock on up to 12. Not a bad idea.

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12 FTF's


12 Geocoins! OOps, i see you already used this one :unsure:

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in the order they came to my mind I got so far


12 finds per hour

12 hours driving home

12 multi caches

12 mystery caches (or 12 unkown caches)

12 caches per quaremile

12 2nd attempt finds

12 muggles (I like this one best now !)


(I first thought 12 hours of sleep and 12 DNFs myself, but then noticed those are already used/proposed)

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How about 12 Geocaching shirts??


I was going to say Geocoins but GBOTS has already suggested that.

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12 Micro Nanos

12 Miles of Caches

12 Coins a Traveling

12 Coins for Christmas

12 Cachers caching

12 Smiley Icons

12 Logs for signing

12 Cammoed film cans

12 Green Jeep TB's

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Instead of Twelve Drummers Drumming like in the original,

How about Twelve Satellites Humming!

Or 12 satellites spinning

Or 12 satellites orbiting


along another theme...

12 itchy ivy spots

12 mosquito bites

12 thirsty ticks



12 Happy cachers

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12 stage multi :laughing:

11 faces smiling :)

10 puzzles puzzling <_<

09 Cachers Caching :D

08 Damp Logs Logging :huh:

07 Evil Micros :blink:

06 Did Not Findings :P

05 Golden Coins! :blink:

04 4 miles hiking :huh:

03 3 travel bugs

02 two hiking boots :P

01 and a GPS in a tree... :P

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