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  1. Just found this forum thread. We're from the lakes and forest region of Ontario, and have found caches in 18 different countries, in 48 of the USA states (missing CA and HI), and in 9 (missing NL) of our Canadian provinces. We enjoy caching while on commercial bus tours. Most interesting cache finds were in Belarus, Cuba, Fiji and Gibraltar. Hmmmm ! Where to go next - haven't tackled the Caribbean yet ?
  2. I for one, have been reviewing my own souvenir page regularly, assuming that perhaps some day, I will also have souvenirs awarded for Russia, Belarus, and Lithuania, where I recorded cache finds on a recent trip through that magical portion of Europe. I was somewhat dismayed to read through this thread, to discover I may have been searching my souvenir page in vain. Surely, with the looming Olympics, at least Russia should have a geocaching souvenir made available ?
  3. Thanks for the reminder ! I was just headed out to find that elusive FTF in the WGS <geocachingcapitalofcanada.com> and grabbed my fluorescent wool toque before leaving. The WGS is about 80% crown lands. I think bow-hunting has started, and the long guns are coming soon.
  4. Lee Valley Tools <leevalley.com> in various locations in Canada, handle 'rare earth magnets' in a variety of sizes and shapes. I believe they ship internationally; but if you can wait until Feb 6th, We'll be in Auckland, and would consider bringing them to you - over a pint of 'whatever'. We'll be on an 18 day tour of NZ, and have already planned what geocaches to seek, near the various hotels and sites we're booked into. Sure looking forward to the trip, and a few caches.
  5. Perhaps you might find someone, another buddy ? who would trade their GPSr for your ipod for a weekend. Then you'd both learn from the exoerience The buddy would then need WiFi - you won't need it for geocaching
  6. We tried three of the four caches put out by Cottage Life Mag. We were 1st to find on one and 2ndTF on another, I've still got the CL ballcap awarded as FTF prizes, and well remember the Cottage Life geocaching display at the next Spring Cottage show in TO. We didn't venture up to the Kenora region for the fourth one. The CL caches were a great intro to geocaching back then. I don't remember the co-ords being way off, as we were 'newbies' at the time. But those caches were not listed on GC.com. Too Bad !
  7. If they come in, perhaps you could bring up copies at your 10-10-10 event in the 'Geocaching Capital of Canada' ?
  8. On Sept. 14th, we finally completed our 2010 goal of finding at least one cache in ALL regions of Ontario. A Toronto cache was the final one. Time to set a new 'annual goal' for 2011 !
  9. As a Canuck, currently planning our first geocaching route through your beautiful country for February 2011 - I truly appreciate the neat suffix of a province, region or city included with most of your cache titles. AND, I'm especially grateful for the magnificent free mapping available on he 'NZ Open GPS Project'. - Thanks !
  10. Apparently several posters missed the OP's second post that indicated he would be coming into Ontario through Michigan and would do GCQ50V first ? A quick check shows he indeed intended to visit through the 'Soo' gateway (neither Sarnia nor Windsor!). Sad to read all the 'South' bashing - but very nice to read about the positive caches there too. To answer his original post, I'd recommend the Water Tower Inn ! - and then the Wawa Motor Hotel ! From there, he can go further North, or East through Gold Country.
  11. 'Urban' caches in Wawa ? Not recently! - the original seven were archived. But, one of the more prolific Ontario cachers works out of Marathon. Check out his caches (by JLeeCollins) all along the north shore route. His 'Green Caddy' cash at Marathon is quite obvious. And BOTH caches where Terry Fox had to conclude his famous Marathon of Hope run, near Thunder Bay, are 'must do' ones, overlooking the Sleeping Giant. Especially the cache alongside the 'Tranny-Canady', where his recurring cancer actually concluded his 'Marathon of Hope'. Most comments in this thread seem to confirm your initial choice to enter Ontario, from Illinois (and Michigan) through a 'North' gate rather than either Windsor or Sarnia. A wise choice in my humble opinion. But, you might also consider your other North Ontario entrance options through Minnesota. They're great too !
  12. Go North my friend ! There are numerous caches in the 'Soo', and there are many along the most beautiful highway in all of Canada - the North Shore of Lake Superior - to Thunder Bay. We left 'the Big Smoke' of the 'Lunch Bucket Town' many moons ago, and spent 35 years in Wawa. Retired, and then emigrated only south as far as the Algonquin Highlands, of Central Ontario. We recently did a return trip, geocaching through the true Northern Ontario as far as Dryden and Fort Francis - before returning through five central US states (then Illinois) and back to Ontario (5500 km. in all). Welcome to Canada, at least this small portion. Remember we have nine other 'Provinces' to explore too !
  13. Judging by the maps on their profile, 3-Bearss have found a cache in each of the census divisions of Ontario, and are the first cachers I'm aware of that qualify for Juicepig's cache. Quite the feat... congrats! My congratulations as well to the 3-Bearss ! We encountered their logs in the North-west last week on our 5500 km. caching run through Northern Ontario and then south through the Central US States as far as Topeka.. We are now much closer to our Ontario 'goal' and have all of Northern Ontario, with only three more to go in the South. One will go down in a day or so, and then there will only be two left (one of which is Toronto itself).
  14. Bullfrog Eh-Team


    By any chance did you merely indicate somewhere that you were in 'Ontario' ? Remember, there is an 'Ontario' in California !! Perhaps you've omitted the 'Canada' portion somewhere.
  15. Totally agree with 'ky.m.guy'. The most interesting caches we've found are those that had a description that almost forced us to go and see what the location offered. Waterfalls, views, and historical locations like abandoned villages tease us the most. 'Dying to be Memorable' (GCGQ9E by Amazon Annie) up near Huntsville has been the MOST intriguing cache for us to date. Challenge caches are great too; but some can be done at the kitchen table, and the actual hide could have been in your backyard. Take the time to research your hiding place, and tell the cacher a story of the significance of your chosen location Make your cache appealing to everyone. Personal locations, like 'George's second birthday spot' or 'Our anniversary picnic' may not be significant to others. Imagine you are visitor from another country. Would they want to search out your particular cache ?
  16. So It's 'the world' (i.e. perhaps a non-cacher') that posted the solution (on line ?) that has committed the geocaching error that you disapprove of ! I see - 'someone asked for on-line help, and received it on-line'; and you object to their technique. I guess it was slightly different than you admit doing yourself. I understand - you've already walked the mile in his/her mocassins; so you have the experience required to criticize his/her behaviour.
  17. I'd suggest you do a Pocket Query based on the co-ordinates of the campground, and start geocaching from there. There are hundreds available in south-east Trawna et environs.
  18. And who could possibly pass up the cache at the mid-point of the entire Trans-Canada highway between the Atlantic start and the Pacific finish. It's at a small parkette, beside a picturesque water falls, about 70 km. (??) north of the Soo.
  19. Been there, done that ! Same parameters. But, without enough time to look up the actual code letters for these caches, I'll just suggest - in order from the Soo to Thunder Bay - 1. A real 'must do' is the cache at the Alona Bay outlook. 2. Check out the cache at Sinclair cove. 3. Two caches at the village of Michipicoten River, Silver Falls, and the nearby Bethune Cemetery. 3b. Don't forget the cache at the Big Goose, There's a few more in Wawa as well. 4. Of course, the famous minus 74 degrees thermometer at White River. 5. The Cadillac car along Hwy. 17, just before Marathon. 6. Haven't done it, but there's an antique car in Marathon with a roving TB attached. 7. A couple of highway caches in Terrace Bay. 8. A railroad information car at Schrieber, 9. A couple of highway caches at Nipigon, and then 10. OF COURSE, you'll do both the Terry Fox caches just before you arrive at Thunder Bay - The actual spot where Terry stopped his famous run; and the then further on to the monument to his run, at yet another great overlook of Lake Superior. You're on your own after T.B. We headed south-west to Duluth, et al, after that. Hope you enjoy the north shore of Superior as much as we did.
  20. Seems like this is a time for a 'Reality Check!' Sounds like you DO have an opinion for the 'optimal cache density (with 'differing types of caches') for enjoying the day without having to use a tank of gas - 'in your area'. We all face the prospect of completing most of the originally selected caches within a reasonable range from our own abode. At that point, we must alter our own parameters, perhaps to - 1. Expand our area of operation, or 2. Expand our choice of types of caches, or 3. Expand our selection of mode of transportation (so as to comsume less fuel ?), or perhaps 4. Seek others who will accommodate our own personal parameters in geocaching, by creating more acceptable caches for us, in our area. Ourselves ? - we elected to expand our area of operation, and are now closing in on our own personal goal of caching in all 52 jurisdictions of Ontario. We still believe our monthly gas bill is less than a golf/curling club membership ! I guess it's all in how you chose to enjoy your own leisure. Two happy old farts in the Algonquin Highlands of Ontario.
  21. We just looked out the window, and estimate that we have about 6 geocaches in our single square km. of 'bush' , and then the 'rest is bush'. In the nearby Geocaching Capital of Canada <geocachingcapitalofcanada.com> there are likely the same stats - i.e. perhaps 6 geocaches in their one square km., centred on the 'Crossroads'; and then perhaps another one in each square km. beyond that. We sort of figger - that's 'about optimal' - jest the way we like it. But Trim Queen Flora adds a few more whenever the chores are done, jest to keep the Peterborough crews, the Various Barrie COGgers, and Shelley's Crew intrigued. We don't have ANY skirt lifters here (cause we don' have big boxes) only decent bush walks to spectacular scenery, and of course the 'Crossroads' still serves fantastic 'Geoburgers'. Lotsa city folk cache in cottage country, and the Black Flies luv the fresh meat!
  22. Is anyone else trying to cache in all 52 jurisdictions (Counties, Districts and reg. Muns.) of Ontario ? I've just reached 45, with 7 more to do, 4 of which are in Northern Ontario. Guess I'll have to finally get brave enough to get one each in TO and Peel. Can anyone recommend one on the south side of Steeles Ave. ?
  23. My basic Canadian university degree (Queen's) was a major in Physical Geography, and a minor in Geology, earned after I had already entered the teaching profession. I always incorporated the 'outdoors' into all aspects of my teaching at both elementary and secondary classes; such that I was appointed 'Outdoor Education Consultant' by our local School Board. I started formal 'Outdoor Science' credit courses and 'Geology' at the secondary level, and encouraged the interest in those courses for a further 14 years as a Secondary School Principal. I added to my own related knowledge with a MSc diploma course in 'Conservation' taken while on a one-year sabbatical in England in 1973. Upon retirement, 'geocaching' became a natural hobby, with a specific interest in ECs.
  24. We are still hoping to come to Spain - But, the volcanic ash has stopped all the airplanes ! Our GPS is loaded with caches to try in Madrid and elsewhere. We hope the volcano slows down.
  25. We are sorry to hear that caches are disappearing from Madrid. We have been saving Madrid for a special find on April 25th. We are coming from the forests of rural Canada for a bus tour of Spain. We want to find our number 1000th cache in Madrid before the tour starts. Perhaps we must wait for another bus stop on the tour.
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