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  1. I know that the Gold Country Tourism (GeoTour organizers) are usually on top of this for their 150+ caches. It's certainly a nice to do, but because the roads into and out of the area are super limited, hopefully common sense will prevail until the CO's can figure out if their caches are inaccessible or may have washed away.
  2. I lived in Coronation, AB for 6 years and definitely know Stettler :). You could look to see who owns the caches around Stettler and send them a note to say Hi. Also, you could host an event and see who shows up!
  3. Hi SeeKGlobe, We would like to donate a few trackables to your Girl Guide geocaching training at Guide Camp. Please send a note to theoffice@sharkz.ca and Christie will package some up for you. /Helen
  4. Here is how rare and collectible things happen… we have this new product that we’re very proud of – these fun Little Flyer Tags. To test out their popularity, we created an initial run of 150 sets of tags. The problem is the factory made an oops. They were supposed to be made as aluminum tags, as most trackable tags are, but they were mistakenly made from solid brass. We were asked if we wanted them re-made in aluminum, but we loved the look so much we’ve decided to offer this first run of solid brass tags to our customers for the same price as the aluminum ones would have been as we didn’t get charged extra by the factory for their mistake. Brass tags would normally be a lot more expensive than aluminum tags, so we won’t be making any more like this! 150 sets is all that will ever be out there of the Solid Brass Little Flyers. We hope you love them as much as we do! We announced these on our Facebook and to our newsletter subscribers first... and they've been 'FLYING' out the door! LOL These tags are trackable on Geocaching.com and are only available in a set of four. Little Flyer Tags in Solid Brass!
  5. We have ordered these and will also have them for sale shortly at Landsharkz in Victoria, BC, Canada. They'll also be at our brick and mortar location called The Sharkz Store in Esquimalt, BC.
  6. Sails, Rails and Tails (WestCan6) was held in Cold Lake, AB on July 9, 2016. We were sponsors of the event and as part of that arrangement, we have a small quantity of the regular edition of the event coin available for sale on Landsharkz.ca. The coin is trackable on geocaching.com with a custom icon. The design for the front of this coin was created by Jim Belliveau who designs the art for the CF-18 Demo Team aircraft each year. Cold Lake is home to Canada's fighter jet squadron and that's why there's a CF-18 on the coin! Cold Lake, AB is known for sailing, jets and also the Iron Horse Trail, a rails to trails conversion that is Alberta's oldest and longest geocaching power trail. Coins are $14.99 each, CAD and available HERE!
  7. Neaders, Here's a link to the geocaching.com brochures available for download. If you can get someone to print them two-sided on a colour laser printer, they'll look best. http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=631 What sort of banners do you want? We have some that say 'Information', 'Registration', 'Trackables', and 'Vendor Area' that you're welcome to borrow for the cost of shipping, if they'd be useful. If you want a banner that says 'GEOCACHING', we don't have one, sorry. Maybe some of the Maritime Mega organizers have re-usable banners they can loan out?
  8. Our new Christmas window display is trackable, plus the largest activated geocache in the region is in plain sight outside this decorated window. Stop by to discover and find both if you're on the island! You'll find this on the main street in Esquimalt, BC... navigate to http://coord.info/GC5Z4N2 Here's a link to a video of our Geocaching.com trackable Christmas Window display coming together! We're wondering if this is the FIRST trackable Christmas store window display?! Let us know if you've seen others!
  9. 2015 Seasons Greetings Geocoin! This incredible design shows Signal on a geocaching adventure where he not only gets a smiley, he also grabs a tree! The color and texture of this coin is truly something that has to be seen to be appreciated. This geocoin will be a great addition to any collection, or is ready to travel and spread holiday cheer from geocache to geocache! This geocoin is trackable at Geocaching.com with a unique icon. Dimensions: 45mm (1.75 inches) in diameter. Plating: Antique Silver (Landsharkz exclusive edition) Coin for sale here for $16.99 CAD (converts to approx $12.99 USD): http://landsharkz.ca/2015-season-s-greetings-geocoin We have the coveted FREE Limited Edition TB with every $25 spent (in CAD!!). If you're in Victoria, BC, you can find the 2015 Seasons Greetings Geocoin in our brick and mortar geocaching store (The Sharkz Store) and we offer the same FREE LE TB promotion in person
  10. Happy Canada Day, eh?! We're caching, exploring historical spots and visiting wineries in the South Okanagan (Keremeos, Cawston, Oliver, Osoyoos) for 5 days. We have been hiding unactivated geocoins in caches (10 to be exact!), to celebrate our 10 year geocaching anniversary. We created our account June 30, 2005 and found our first cache 10 years ago today! It's 37 degrees in the desert but there's a nice breeze. Last night we watched the fireworks in Osoyoos after hearing about them everywhere we stopped yesterday. They were touted as being second only to Ottawa as far as Canada Day fireworks shows go and from the fireworks we've seen previously, they certainly are the best we've seen. Heck I'm not sure that the ones in Disneyland could top these.
  11. We have added a new GECKO GEOCOIN to our collection . http://landsharkz.ca/coins/geocoins/landsharkz-caribbean-gecko-geocoin This month they're on sale too! This yellow one is to commemorate the Landsharkz Caribbean Geocaching Cruise that we were on with 46 other geocachers last month. We're almost sold out of this version, but there are more on their way from the factory any day now! This cool Caribbean gecko has the same mosaic and tribal art in translucent, SE, and IHE paints. Make sure and check out the Caribbean Gecko Tag too! https://d1u1p2xjjiahg3.cloudfront.net/493173be-5b23-4960-a3a3-2b2773f0f24d.jpg
  12. This is a little belated, but here's three that we've created for EarthCache events or for geology themed geocoin events at the WestCan series. http://landsharkz.ca/coins/geocoins/3iee-event-coin http://landsharkz.ca/coins/geocoins/spiritosaurus-geocoin http://landsharkz.ca/coins/geocoins/big-bert-geocoin Right now we have them on sale 20% off and if you're buying from the US, you'll be amazed at the final price once converted to USD. The exchange is very much in your favour right now!
  13. Hi We Play Outside It looks like you found an unactivated geocoin that someone has left as swag. If you change your mind and want to activate it, send us a note through our geocaching.com profile and we'll send you the activation code. We designed and produced that coin and our business is in Victoria, BC. I read back through the logs and don't see any record of anyone noting that they left it. It might be unusual in some parts of the world, but not on Vancouver Island because our business is based here and we (and others) sometimes leave unactivated geocoins in caches. Droo said that "the only way for it to be a gift is if the giver left instructions on how to activate it" but actually that's not really true. It's up to the person leaving the coin how much information they want to leave or sometimes it's the result of sheer laziness! I occasionally grab a couple of unactivated geocoins to leave as swag as I head out the door to go caching and I often don't take the time to write up instructions. Chris and I didn't visit that cache you found it in, but it would appear that someone who had a spare Snow Globe geocoin kicking around left it as swag. We had them in some grab bags recently and so it's possible that they're getting to be 'a dime a dozen' around here . So, now what to do? You took a high value swag item not realizing it was swag. I usually use my phone to check on the status of a trackable before I leave the cache. Next time you go caching, you could leave the unactivated coin as swag (with a note!), or keep the coin and leave some other new swag in a future cache that is low on decent swag. As Droo mentioned, the number engraved on the coin is private to the owner and finders. You should edit your log on the cache (and your post here) to remove the tracking number. That's the secret number for people who actually have the coin. By making it public, anyone can 'activate' 'grab', 'retrieve', 'discover' etc. That should only happen when someone finds the coin or is shown the coin, not by seeing a tracking number online.
  14. Something new from Landsharkz - Trackable Dinosaur tags! Take a trip to prehistoric times when dinosaurs roamed the Earth! Check out the tags here: http://landsharkz.ca/catalogsearch/result/?q=dinosaur These tags are sold individually or in a set of 4 - Dinosaur Egg, Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, and Tyrannosaurus Rex. Individual pricing is varied due to the size range. The set of 4 is $22.99 CAD
  15. Toojin, thanks so much for the post! Sometimes we're so busy marketing our new coins through our social media channels that we forget to share the news here. Robbie Craig's artwork lends itself so well to coin design and we're very happy with this partnership. The other coin which has Robbie's art is the Canada 2013 (Cariboo) Geocoin. We have it for sale here: http://landsharkz.ca/canada-coin Nevadanick - shipping went up again in Canada on March 31 (last week). Sorry . We have a US reseller and I'll let them know that we have this one available. /Helen
  16. I posted a direct link to your 'lildorkfish on eBay' on our Landsharkz FB page . Good luck with your sales my friend! /Helen
  17. Sounds like fun, but they both look like private groups that you have to ask to join. Do most advertised escorted geocaching cruises go ahead as planned? Are these becoming popular ways to go cruising and caching? We've cached and cruised twice, once on the Pacific side and once in the Caribbean but we were doing it solo. Our favourite stop was Antigua where most of the caches were hidden (back 5 yrs ago) by the Antigua Search & Rescue.
  18. Thank you... I'm still not clear how to solve this though. We started geocaching in 2005 at our old address. Where do I go to update these coords if it's not my 'Your Location' coords?
  19. Here's the puzzlement I'm trying to solve... We moved almost 2 years ago and updated our 'Your Location' coordinates to be our new address. It's about 2 miles from our old address. When I'm logged in, I hover my mouse over the Your Location coordinates and the map pops up showing the pin at our new address. So far so good... When I get new caches notifications, the distance shown and direction are from our old address not the new one. I've re-entered and saved our new coordinates a few times over the past couple of years and nothing's changing. Any ideas?
  20. Something new from Landsharkz! These 83mm (3 1/4") tall guitar coins feature the full Dreadnought style body favoured by bluegrass players. Named after the giant battleship HMS Dreadnought, this large body acoustic guitar pronounces the bass notes for a full, rich sound. Like the finest acoustic guitars that use a solid wood body to resonates with the strings, and project the music, this coin will bring geo-music to your ears! This coin comes in a variety of colours, and is hand polished to bring out the grain of the hardwood top and back. Accented by either polished nickel, polished gold or black nickel, you'll be amazed by the fine design and craftsmanship that goes into every Landsharkz acoustic guitar. Paint and Platings: Green - Black Nickel Natural - Polished Gold Black and Maroon - Polished Nickel This guitar is trackable on geocaching.com with a custom icon. Size is 83mm tall x 4.0 to 3.0mm thickness. - See more at: http://landsharkz.ca/coins/geocoins/acoustic-guitar-geocoin-698#sthash.PvxE4jbz.dpuf Coins are $13.49 each CAD.
  21. We're way late seeing this now too. I hope you had a great visit and managed to find some caches. Please come back again and let us know here so we can be better hosts/hostesses: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gcgvcachers/
  22. Landsharkz Signature Christmas Snow Globe Geocoin is back and this time it has a matching trackable TAG! Landsharkz has produced a Victorian Christmas Snow Globe since 2007. Our much-anticipated Snow Globe Geocoin & Tag sets are in stock NOW and they are amazing! This snow globe geocoin has the classic Victorian snowglobe design and shape. The coins are 2" (50mm) tall and 42mm wide. Trackable on geocaching.com with a custom snow globe icon. It comes with a matching tag so you can keep the coin and send the tag out to travel. The coin and tag say: "At Christmas play and make good cheer, for Christmas comes but once a year." The other side features a beautiful winter scene with children playing in the snow outside a Victorian home with lit windows. Add this gorgeous coin to your collection. Landsharkz 2013 Christmas Snow Globe and Tag ($11.99 CAD) and if you want a little GeoBling for your tree we have a matching 2013 Christmas Snow Globe ORNAMENT (non-trackable) ($10.00). 2013 Snow Globe ORNAMENT
  23. Chris and I have listed the following unique coins from our personal collection on eBay. There are two British Columbia Geocaching Association Members Only Editions, an LE event coin and a SET OF THREE Beaver Dude goes to GeoWoodstock VII (Tennessee). The rarest is the set of 3 from GWVII as we didn't sell them as a set of 3 at any time. Coins are new, unactivated and ready to ship. Shipping is listed as Express Post (within Canada) or Tracked Packed (US and International) as they are services which include tracking. If the buyer would prefer to pay less for shipping, we're happy to change to a non-tracked method for a few dollars less. This is noted in our write-up. Beaver Dude set of 3: http://www.ebay.com/itm/200992238888?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Best of the Bad GeoGuitar: http://www.ebay.com/itm/200992236941?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 BCGA Members Edition 2010: http://www.ebay.com/itm/200992235410?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 BCGA Members Edition 2009: http://www.ebay.com/itm/200992230529?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  24. We will have a Christmas Snow Globe coin and tag set next week.
  25. This trackable geocoin features Mr and Mrs Landsharkz as ZOMBIESHARKZ! The 42mm x 3.0mm coin is plated in antique silver and painted with a combination of translucent and solid colours. ZOMBIESHARKZ coin says HAPPY HALLOWEEN on one side and ZOMBIESHARKZ on the other. Of course it's trackable at geocaching.com with a custom ZOMBIESHARKZ icon! There is a matching non-trackable coin that is our October Gift With Purchase. Details available on our homepage! ZOMBIESHARKZ - HAPPY HALLOWEEN GEOCOIN!
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