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  1. Thanks for the Cointest Women Canada USA Finland Men Canada Russia Sweden
  2. Nice There should be more nautical themed geocoins
  3. Downsizing my GPS collection. (once done i'll be in the market for a 62sc) I can take pictures if wanted. and can load maps for your area if need be. Got the zumo 350LM as a prize. Have taken it out of the box and turned in on once, its not made it outside. Good for cars, motercycles or handheld. Is waterproof. Comes with lifetime updates of City Navigator road maps. Would like to get $600 and shipping for it. Have 2 Rino 130 radio GPS's. Used once for a hunting trip Would like to get $200 and shipping for each. Have one Rino 520 HCx Don't have the box for this one, power button is a little stiff but works great. Would like to get $280 and shipping for this one.
  4. For a second I was thinking there was a new challenge. Nope, this is the same thread from 2007. Too bad, I was hoping to win a second set
  5. So long as its version 2012.20 your code will work. If you dont find a CD you can always download it as a torrent.
  6. PC-D16, PC-D17 are the model numbers. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Lowrance-PC-D16-NMEA-Serial-Cable-iFinder-GPS-/380367470590?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_BoatEquipment_Accessories_SM&hash=item588faafffe
  7. Not surprised since its a discontinued item. Theres one seller on ebay but asking price is over $70. So do you really need to output NMEA?
  8. And should anyone have an iPhone 5 for sale, please contact me
  9. You might try http://www.gpscity.com/help/educational But im surprised your having a hard time buying. At $75 i'd line up to sell you one. Its old tech and worth half that. ebay is the best place to buy, and for $75 a unit you could get much better models. (Legend CX, Legend C, Summit HC, Venture HC, Vista, Vista C, have all sold for $75 or under)
  10. I played around with them What I liked was that it was noticeably faster to draw maps, and compute stuff then the 60. The feel in my had was different but easy to get used to. Didnt take it into the sun to test the screen though.
  11. Thinking of getting one of the 400's or the 450 Would pay $250-$300 shipped depending on model.
  12. I think I have a second one hiding somewhere.
  13. That sucks Its been to long for paypal to do anything If you paid with PP via a credit card you may have some luck
  14. Interesting The things I miss by not visiting here enough
  15. Very Nice, might have to get one. Guess I should have been quicker about making my own signal flag decoder. Edit to wonder if someone might trade me one.
  16. Well, I was at geowoodstock and got this coupon for $30 off the GC unit at their site. $199 - $30 = $169 Im not going to buy one, so its yours if you are.
  17. where did you buy it from, internet store, ebay?
  18. "Overhauled the preview map" Well thats unfortunate, I liked the old map. but I suppose its necessary.
  19. If the legend has no H after it then its and old unit and is normal.
  20. Any cache by QuigleyJones tends to be awesome. My definition of a quality caching experience would be based on the place. So heres a list of nice parks... Stanley Park (I think every on goes here) Pacific Spirit Park (UBC) (Very big park, Walk by the Beaty museum & see the whale skeleton) Burnaby Mountain (SFU) (The architecture is quite nice) Campbell Valley Park (Perhaps the best park in Surrey) Queen Elizabeth Park (Nice view from the top) Burnaby Lake (Nice walk around lake, to many "simple" caches) Might also want to check out bcgeocaching.com
  21. Should add that your unit does not route thus be sure the box for routing in mapsorce is unchecked. this will reduce the map sizes.
  22. Just found out about these new units. I hope this means we can also expect a GPSMAP 68s
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